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2nd day of x-mass #NSFW

sorry my lovelies

no turtle doves either

but more feathers!

i loved looking over my images and seeing one that reminded me of the way to describe a large breasted woman

“she had HUGE tracks of land”

living in the french country side can have some advantages

you see the world in various colors, tones, shades and textures

i love when you have a parcel of land with one sort of crop growing and in the next area over the earth has recently been tilled

or watching the sky cast shadows over an otherwise sunny field.. that one puffy cloud or collection of small clouds sweeping past

so i found it amusing that an image, taken from below, was able to capture this feeling…

i present to you

my “huge tracks of land”

IMG_6704 a

tread lightly for my breasts are tender these days

lacking hands to massage them and help me relax

what (naughty fun) would you like to see for the 12 days of X-mass

i need your ideas

your naughty mind

you know i don’t like porn, so please keep your thoughts pure while dreaming up naughtiness…

i was thinking that the holidays are coming and there are many of us who think BAH HUMBUG when it comes to christmas and the holiday season

there are so many reasons to hate this time of year

being poor is one of them, often my main reason for hating the holidays…

i am a giver, i LOVE to give to others and put a smile on their face

but being poor means i can’t do all that i want to make others happy

so i was thinking…

i could blog stories and images…

add some erotic affection to your cold and grey days… except for you brats down in the warmer countries! you need to send me some warmth haha

so i thought i would do a photography challenge

the 12 days of X-mass

and the 7 days after that bring us to the new year

so i am asking that you write in with ideas of pictures you would like to see

or give me a theme or idea for writing short erotic fiction

yes… please.. share me with your friends

the more ideas, the easier it is for me to make this happen

the more people write in, the more motivation i have to create some happy and naughty memories for you and me over the holidays

help me put a smile on your face and keep me too busy to remember how much i detest the holidays

lots of love





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