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yay another rant, part political

Some people really piss me off…

Ok I know that we have become a nation (speaking for USA mainly) of people that try to make everyone equal and give out trophies for people that show up to participate instead of only to those that actually make the effort to win

I know that we have become a “no child left behind” kind of bullshit world, where everyone suffers because the school system is told to dumb down to make sure that all the students pass… instead of forcing everyone to rise up and be their best and offering extra help or alternaitive means and ideas for those that need it

With that said, I have to say that I am physically ill at the idea that there are still fuckers out there of all ages, that try to say that women are not as good as men…

Now, hear me out on my rant before you blow a gasket

I am not a feminist…

I believe in a utopia that makes everyone a better person, better quality of life and better overall world… I am not a hippy or any other label you want to try and put on me

I am me…

Now here is the way I see it…

Men have always tried to hold the power, be it through religion and leadership (royalty/government/etc.), sports, military and all of that…

Men “have” to be in control and because the largest percentage of the population is either Asian or white… those have been driving forces for the longest time and it has usually been the Whiteman trying to control everything and everyone

That ended to a point and in the states, people of color got a voice… not without a battle for it. Women got a voice, not without a battle for it. You see my point… the men in power did not want to give up that power and it is still like that now.

Those in power tell us who is important, whether it is true or not

Media says that only males can be powerful athletes and rake in lots of money and get tons of air time and go on to better and bigger things… why? 

Do women not perform just as well?

Are they not also winning gold’s at the Olympics?

Who controls the media? Those in power

Does the media tell us about what is happening in the world? or do we just know about latest fashion, video games, consume more and think less

Do you know the full truth behind an event or do you just take what sounds good at face value and act like cows being herded around and later led off to slaughter

Can you even think for yourself?

Did you ever learn how?

The reason I am so pissed off today is because I am tired of everyone dumbing down and not thinking!

Everyone IS equal… why?

Because we are human and let me give you proof

Ok sure… the average male is stronger than the average female

Who is average?

Ok so let me explain how everyone is equal… it is our passion, our desire and our need to prove something to someone

Sure… with my bad health I am not able to go into the military and become a seal… I admit that… but if someone raged into my house trying to kill me and the kids, you can be damn sure I would fight like hell to make sure things ended my way!

That is my passion

I have the will to live

Now if people would get up off their ass, try and teach people to do something with that passion instead of telling them that they will never amount to anything…

I am not saying pat them on the head and give a damn trophy for trying…

Push the best to be better and TEACH THEM HOW to encourage the rest to step it up as well instead of teaching them to bully the others and make life hell

Those that learn fast and early need that extra stimulation to get them into the population and helping to build a better society

Those that learn slow need that extra help to find ways for them to become stimulated and do well for society

Just because someone is a different sex, race, religion or special medical condition does NOT mean that they have less or no value!

We are all the same… human!

We all deserve the right to a better life than those that came before us

That does not mean something needs to be freely given, it means we need to work for it, together! Instead of bitching, pitching a fit and stopping people from being their best

I fucking hate people and their selfishness, their “me first” mentality and the “oh god no I didn’t do it” attitude that has to “point the blame” to someone else

I am not a feminist… I do not agree that the feminist party has been right all along and done well for women… we are still thought of as a different race, still treated like crap and what is worse…. Think about this

Since the feminist movement families no longer eat properly, are no longer healthy, children and young adults are no longer the same quality over all because people are not around to raise them correctly, manners are gone, social values are gone and no one is teaching in school what was taught in the home or in the community

We need to unify as a race… THE HUMAN RACE… and treat everyone better, teach everyone what it means to be alive and how to live… not just how to live day to day but your whole life and how your life impacts how others live

Now all of this was brought out of my head because I happened to see one thread on fetlife, a question asked and a reply forcing its way out of my head.

Today I am suffering a flare up from my autoimmune disorder, which means I have been feeling ill and in massive amounts of pain for days and today I just can’t take it, I just can’t tolerate the stupidity of others and their blindness to the real problem

The question was asked, I made a short simple reply and then I saw some typical male be a typical ass and it set me off into writing this long intro and another long reply on fet…

The question is:

What’s Your Take? (Women in Combat Now Allowed!)

So by now you have probably heard that women will partake in combat and will train to be Seals and other groups where high risks are expected. So what’s Your Take? Is this a good decision? Opinions wanted!

My first response:

people are people
if they have the passion to be someone great, then give them the chance instead of standing in their way

Reply from male age 47:

If women are just as capable as guys, then why aren’t there any of them in the NFL, NBA, or MLB? Physically, they are not just as capable as men.

My second response triggered from male aged 47:

Money…. women are not allowed in the male sports because of money and power

Sports, military and a number of other things have been male orientated for a long time, women not being good enough, women not being qualified, and women not getting the publicity when they do prove their worth

The people in power choose who gets well known, how much fame they are allowed and who can play…

Sure… NOT ALL WOMEN are as capable as men, nor are all men big bad beefy stud muffins that can join the military, be a seal, play pro sports and win the Olympics without doing drugs…

My point is…

In passion, in motivation we are all capable of being the same… that is doing well at what we choose to put our mind and thus our bodies to whatever challenge is out there

what we need to do is stop giving a damn about gender, race, religion and all that other crap that stops us from being amazing people

Everyone is equal in one way or another…

My passion for healing others is just as strong as someone else that becomes a seal to protect/defend or the passion of someone else to play a pro sport or someone else to fight for the rights of others around the world…

Am I as strong as a guy?

That depends, which guy? How old? What weight? What is their health?

In general… we are all the same

We have passion, we have desire, we have something that motivates us

Find those people and make them the strongest at their skills, train them in other things so they gain more skills

Those that are weaker, help them find their passion and make them strong

I am not saying give them a god damn trophy and a pat on the head for showing up or participating… I am not saying that I personally, with all my health issues should be in the military but I am saying that I have the passion and I can kill to defend those I love and those I protect

What a lot of people forget is motivation

I have maternal instincts… yeah I can be all gooie and soft at the site of a new born but I can also rise up and stop at nothing to protect those that cant, to protect those new borns I was just going gaga over

The lion may be king of the jungle but where does he get his food from? Who is it that hunts for him? Who is it that protects his cubs? Who is the one that has his back should trouble rise up?

Yeah… the lioness, not one but a pack of them

So before anyone says women are not strong enough… bull shit

Stop and ask, how strong do you need to be when a fucking child in some other country is being taught to pick up a gun and shoot… 


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