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    June 2021
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5 pics for #NationalNudeDay

This was a last minute sort of thing

Stepping out of the shower

To dry off in the garden

While I took 110 pictures

Only 5 are being used for the nudity

Then again

Not all the pictures were taken with this in mind

As my hair dried

I felt a touch romantic

Wanting something more sensual

But …

Those images will simply have to wait

For another day

I’m feeling good in my skin today

So …

First setting the stage

Adjusting the doormat

Making sure the tripod was reasonably level

Testing my flexibility with the lotus toes

No matter how much weight I lose

I’ll always have a shapely bum

Not in the mood to show it all

Rather tease a bit

Hope you enjoy

The simple things

Note: feeling a bit melancholy today, not that I am actually sad, just that the medication the Neurologist gave me is blurring me around the edges

Can’t be sexual all the time



The wind was picking up

I went to the back door to look out across the land

Far off in the distance the sky is bright with big puffy clouds but the rest of the area is in a light fog

I can tell the distortion in those areas is not due to fog but falling rain

I can smell it coming

I go back inside and wait

Just a few minutes later the rush of water can be seen out the window

…and heard on the roof and in the gutters

So relaxing




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