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i am the water… one of my many profiles


Who I am:
I am the water… free flowing and full of passion, able to heal wounds and seduce you with tender ripples of affection
I am the water… calm on the surface but so much activity hidden from prying eyes

But … I am the water… what is added to me will also pollute me and make me change, beware of how you behave with water

I am the water that gives life or takes it… I am the balance of everything
I am the water… the distorted version of yourself, reflected back

Where I have been:
I have been held in loving arms, held so protected that I was the center of his universe

I have been beaten and battered in one form or another… a victim turned survivor
I have been a teacher, healer, guide… a mentor and a giver of unconditional love
I have been empty and waiting to be filled…. lost and hoping to be found

I have stood before royalty, presidents, dignitaries, cosmonauts, the rich and famous
I have been an angel to soldiers, a passionate fantasy for men and women alike
I have been a muse to inspire
I have been likened to a succubus in human form
I have submitted and I have taken control
I have been a sex therapist on the radio
and I have been so much more
Where I am going:
I am going to where I have already been and avoiding past mistakes
I am going forward with passion in my body and lust simmering in my mind
I am going towards a brighter tomorrow

I am going to be “me” again

Toes Water …lost in la la land

ok i wasnt really lost

but it is france so i can still get away with calling it la la land haha

i am still in pain

horrible migraine but it is fading

only 2.5 days

so i am trying to show off the beautiful area that my son showed me

he is often getting lost on his bike rides and later comes home

“omg i found this beautiful place to catch salamanders”


“there is this amazing cave and area where they used to wash laundry in the old days”

and many similar things

the weekend was lovely towards the end and i had enough energy

so we went for a walk

i was in the wrong shoes but who cares

we both had cameras and snapped many pictures

the turn around point was the cave and laundry stream

IMG_3009 a

i sat for a bit and splashed my toes in the water

IMG_2990 a

the air was warm

sun was golden through the trees

and the water was chilly but perfect

and then i had to dry my feet

IMG_3006 a

put on my shoes

and walk back to the car

so here are my pictures



IMG_3090 a

i love these trees

IMG_2961 a

the cave where the water comes from

IMG_2967 a

and the area where i sat to dip my toes in the water

the migraines stopped me from doing more this week

but hopefully i will see shooting stars tonight


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