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No Fucks Given #SFWvideo #SundayResolution

as with the theme i created for myself… sunday resolutions… i am posting another thing that i want to stick to in the following year

— i have no fucks to give you at this time… live with it! —

basically everyone has been using me

either because i enjoy being a giver or because they think so little of me that they just cant understand how hard i work to give them the small things or the big things they desire

i got into a fight with my 17yr old this weekend

it is not the first time and it wont be the last

but i am tired of being viewed as his older sister or someone he has the right to treat like shit or ignore the rules but then gets pissed off when i lay down the law and state what i need from him and the house

he isn’t the only one to treat me like nothing

there are a number of men out there that label themselves submissive and then get bitchy at me when i tell them

no sorry hun, it is too much work to give you the pleasure you are saying i should give you

they treat me like i have no choice but to add them to my skype or to tell them what i would do with them if  i was their mistress, they behave like little children demanding attention and acting like dicks…. then getting upset when i say no candy for you

i will not be used

i will ot be treated this way

it is another form of victimization and i fucking wont have it!

so… no fucks given at this time

now… on a humor side

i have seen this video before but i forget when

recently @gentelclown showed me the video again and it stuck with me

the humor, the sarcasm, the wit and the weirdness of life

so i think that when it comes to giving to others

i shall shrink down a part of my brain and pretend to be a koala…

you want something? thats nice… watch me sit in the rain not giving a fuck


i hope this gives you an idea of what my year is going to be like… more about me and less about being used

i am not egotistical, i am not greedy… but i think it is about fucking time people give back to me

i will not be used


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