11 of 31 March photography challenge

Today’s challenge was “contentment”

I did part of that

During the parts I was awake

I cuddled with the dog and played Diablo III

Fighting off a sinus infection

Really just want to be pampered and game with someone and drink beers

But can’t do that any time soon

So mildly content

Tomorrow’s challenge is “your name”

I have absolutely no motivation while feeling ill


5 of 31 March photography challenge

Today’s challenge is “feet”

It was a lazy day

No matter how I tried to be productive or what I actually did…

Just no energy

The winds are high and causing horrible migraine pains

But not letting that stop me

Starting out with staying in PJs for as long as possible

Nomming on oven baked sweet potato fries… Tasty and healthy

Though not exactly sexy haha

But there’s no law saying I have to be sexy everyday, all day…

Eventually forced to go out into the world wearing real clothing

Uggg hoomans haha

Was able to steal some alone time and get comfy in one of my soft robes

It’s a very long couch and I’m a very short lady

Would love a cuddle buddy or few

While my libido is still asleep, meaning I’m currently demisexual…

I’m very much in the mood for affection, romance and snuggles

A number of submissive guys keep trying to talk me into allowing them access to my feet

But it’s been years since I practiced BDSM and part of me has lost my confidence

The other part of me views it as work that I won’t get any sort of reward from

I don’t really trust the way people practice BDSM in France

The concept of “safe, sane and consensual” seems to mean nothing to many

I also need a connection…

Friendship, communication and respect are vital to any relationship but more so in BDSM play

It’s hard for me to find the quality I need, not only to play with but to stimulate me to a point where I crave them

I don’t want to have to slut my way through town or websites to find what and who I need

So I’m going slow

Working on myself

Tomorrow’s challenge is “happiness”

So tomorrow I’ll try to figure out what makes me happy

What brings me happiness

Images of Christmas past #sinfulsunday

The holidays are always empty for me and the 24th of December left me bored with nothing to do and no one to see

So I took some pictures and had thought to post them but I was mildly disappointed with the results

It’s harder to take the style of pictures I want because my body is changing

Losing 30kilos makes a huge difference on how to pose, how to feel sensual and seductive

I’m in a transitional phase and happy with the new shape but not as much with the new nude look

I know I need to tone up and that will make many of the positive changes I’m looking for but I haven’t been motivated

It’s also extremely difficult to feel sexy when going a month without proper heat and hot water

Lacking a muse to inspire me doesn’t help much either haha

Unfortunately many of the people (mainly men) contacting me have predominantly inspired me to hit the “block” button

But I’m still hoping to find better inspiration

I hope you enjoy my selfies

Sinful Sunday

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all about the base #SinfulSunday

once again sunday is brought to you by the letter S for sin

and the number “awesome”


what do you mean “awesome” isn’t a number


be that way

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Sinful Sunday

now… on to my post

i have been staying with TinMan this week

he was hurt on the job and can’t drive

so i have been nursing the poor boy to health

granted sex has also been on the healing menu

and it should go without saying that we need to pay more attention to the shutters being closed vs seeming to be closed

it is very likely that someone watched a very naught exchange while i was practicing my oral skills

but today was slightly more innocent

he was playing fallout 4 while i was fucking around on facebook

i was sprawled out on his bed

wearing a tank top and panties

teasing the boys online

as one does

and when he was done gaming

i had him snap a shot for you lovely lot


i hope you like my ass

normal “granny” panties

will go for lace later

maybe nothing at all

he has a great shower

oh and at some point over the next few days i simply MUST show off my new strapon i bought from Sh! in Hoxton, London

so many stories to share and pics to make

love you fine fuckers

happy holidays

and remember to keep inspiring me to write and take pics

i need it


book time #SinfulSunday

i like the cold better

it is easier to warm up and relax

tonight i was cold but after getting comfy in my robe and fuzzy socks


i discovered the blankets were too much

slowly stripping as i read my chapters


more than one person this week had requested i tease the camera

hint but not show

i almost always show my top

but rarely my bottom


hope your sunday has had some sin

that your monday start on the right side of the bed

remember to check out who else is being sinful

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Sinful Sunday
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