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day 22 #FebPhotoFest2015 #SinfulSunday #SundayResolution

you ever have one of those days

where everyone around you (real life, web or what not) seem to open their mouth

and their words just seem so stupid you want to tell them

“oi, you, roll your brain back up and put it where it belongs cause right now it is hanging out your mouth”

yeah i have weird days like that

checking my email just now and title of Fetlife post

“I’m a christian and conservative in Dallas…”

i did this weird face at my screen

blinked a lot

pursed my lips and lifted one of my eyebrows

literally my first thought

“yah… ok.. so like, ya want fries with that spankin’?”

of course you have to imagine that in a midwestern twang

something off saturday night live parodies

or the mom from bobby’s world

of of course… fargo!

yeah hi, i’m from wisconsin




i did the whole good girl thing yesterday

i went ice skating

i was all giddy and bouncy and all kinds of brainless fluff

the kind of high you get when you havent done shit in 10 years and you just pulled it off!

so i get up this morning


so i made them

yessiree bobski!

and then i lost all my energy

all my pep

and all these plans that TinMan and i had been dreaming up

ya know… more scavenger hunt ideas

cause it was sunny today….

yeah fork that!

we went treasure hunting instead


i did try but damn just going up the stairs and my hips went “you stupid…get your ass back in bed”

ok ok slow going

so here is our treasure hunt for you lucky lot of misfits reading my madness

IMG_1389 a

it was rather zen like, laying in the sun as TinMan drew all over me

PicMonkey Collage treasure hunt 1-4

a closer view of 1… 2… 3… 4… !!!

PicMonkey Collage treasure hunt 5-7

and here we have the rest!

5… 6… and 7!!

at first he was going to write the words with the images

but hell! why forget to draw on my back too!


why not!

IMG_1407 a

TinMan had been talking about a comedian who was comparing their body to that of a map

with so many things happening over a life time

each trace of life, a mark on the map

thus a treasure map

IMG_1408 a

though honestly when he showed me this image!

i wasnt exactly sure if 7 was…

that my booty is the treasure or that my boobs are the treasure

i know he STARTED with the idea of my heart being the treasure, after seeing this i just dont know


and the reason i add this to my sunday resolution list

accepting that my body is not me

it is the case that holds me

i am making changes

bettering myself

but as number 3 says

“escape hatch”

i had kids and that adds marks to the map

not good or bad

just more adventures crossed

i accept this

ok off to watch movies and relax!

enjoy your sunday

ps… kilt bear rum is awesome! and i normally hate rum

Sinful SundayPhotofest2015

Happy February #SinfulSunday #FebPhotoFest2015 #SundayResolution

as part of my on going resolutions… this sunday i am starting something new, no matter how much i wanna just go back to bed and read my books and enjoy the warmth… less fear and even less procrastination

i am starting to participate in the FebPhotoFest2015
the idea is to take an erotic image and post one a day for the entire month of february
so here goes!

….and as this is sunday!!!! i am also taking part in the Sinful Sunday meme, today there is the theme of abstract and i had to find an image which spoke to me

since i have hundreds, if not thousands, of images i never show… i hunted back to 2013
i don’t feel i am cheating the FebPhotoFest2015 idea as i need to build up confidence in sharing my images and not just storing them away to rarely (or never) be seen… another part of my resolutions…

so as with always, click on the lips to see who is being sinful this sunday

Sinful Sunday

and click on the camera to see who else is taking up the FebPhotoFest2015 challenge


so… here is my entry

IMG_7582 a

remember to “like” or comment, we all love the attention 😉

getting out and about #SinfulSunday #ScavengerHunt #SundayResolution

as with all the sundays… time to be sinful and enjoy life!

capturing it with images

best way to do that is to follow molly and the rest of us by clicking on the lips
Sinful Sunday

being a good girl is hard but i try!

keeping up with my personal resolution to devote the majority of my sundays to explaining my resolutions and participating more with molly’s meme “sinful sunday” and other upcoming memes

today is about “getting out and about”

i have been in france for 6 and a half years

most of that time locked away in the middle of nowhere with no car, friends or family (outside of my soon to be ex husband and my children)… being that i love photography, one would think that being in the middle of the country side as a wonderful thing…

it can be but not when you have cops called on you by passers (driving) by… lovely experience when all you want to do is capture the morning dew on the plants and spider webs

or being chased after by the “neighbors” dogs

not to forget the pack of wild boar or the hunters that chase them…. through your yard

so getting out and about has become something extremely important to my gaining Independence

being a REAL person

today i am with new friends and old friends

taking a tour through the loire valley

stopping off and posing for pictures above a movie theater

more cinemas should have a lovely garden on their roof!

IMG_0724 a

hope your sundays can be fun and an adventure towards your own independence or personal growth

what is love #SinfulSunday #SundayResolution

as with all my sundays it is time to be sinful and take a picture for the meme
click on the lips to see who else is participating
remember to comment and join our fun

Sinful Sunday

since the start of the year, sunday is also about posting my resolutions
this time it is about love

what is love
to me
to you
to him
to her
to us
to them
what is love

IMG_0509 a1

how much love
how to measure it
what is love

No Fucks Given #SFWvideo #SundayResolution

as with the theme i created for myself… sunday resolutions… i am posting another thing that i want to stick to in the following year

— i have no fucks to give you at this time… live with it! —

basically everyone has been using me

either because i enjoy being a giver or because they think so little of me that they just cant understand how hard i work to give them the small things or the big things they desire

i got into a fight with my 17yr old this weekend

it is not the first time and it wont be the last

but i am tired of being viewed as his older sister or someone he has the right to treat like shit or ignore the rules but then gets pissed off when i lay down the law and state what i need from him and the house

he isn’t the only one to treat me like nothing

there are a number of men out there that label themselves submissive and then get bitchy at me when i tell them

no sorry hun, it is too much work to give you the pleasure you are saying i should give you

they treat me like i have no choice but to add them to my skype or to tell them what i would do with them if  i was their mistress, they behave like little children demanding attention and acting like dicks…. then getting upset when i say no candy for you

i will not be used

i will ot be treated this way

it is another form of victimization and i fucking wont have it!

so… no fucks given at this time

now… on a humor side

i have seen this video before but i forget when

recently @gentelclown showed me the video again and it stuck with me

the humor, the sarcasm, the wit and the weirdness of life

so i think that when it comes to giving to others

i shall shrink down a part of my brain and pretend to be a koala…

you want something? thats nice… watch me sit in the rain not giving a fuck


i hope this gives you an idea of what my year is going to be like… more about me and less about being used

i am not egotistical, i am not greedy… but i think it is about fucking time people give back to me

i will not be used


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