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my post for #TmiTuesday #FashionPolice

Note: this is in response to the blog TMI Tuesday
and inspired me to start writing again. I do hope to get back into the swing of writing for my blog but I have been having some issues of late and lost interest in a great many things… I still lack interest but am trying to bring it back by forcing the issue.

1…What is the most revealing thing you have ever worn in public?

Aside from the time I was nude on the train tracks in rural France… and yes 3 trains passed as I was taking pictures of said nudity… so it does count as being revealing in public…. *blush* the best part being that the first train must have warned the second to be on the lookout because that second train “honked” at us during the impromptu shoot

In December of 2012, I went to xmass parties in different parts of London, the best experience was when I went to the Kink VIP bar for their party. Lots of good friends, some twats but that is expected since no one is perfect 😉

The following outfit was warn 😉

As you can see, leather underbust corset, goth tutu, stockings and nipple covers made out of heart shaped nipple adhesive with fake pointsettia leaves


2…Have you ever unwittingly shown more than you intended in public due to a wardrobe malfunction?

No but a cop in London and others in Soho thought I did. Same outfit as above but a different party and I had been getting ready to change and leave but walked out after a friend and had taken the pointsettia leaves off so the flesh color of the pasties covering my nipples, at first glance, seemed as if I was fully topless

3….Are you more likely to arrive at an event over or under dressed?

That depends on the event, if it is a kink event I will determine if I want to show off or just be myself… after all if you aren’t interested in seeing me for who I am, why should I show you the rest of my natural wonders

For the most part I like to play dress up, show off the beautiful corsets and accessories I have bought but if I am traveling to an event by plane… then I am limited to how much I can bring with me

My leather underbust corset is heavy, weighing nearly a kilo and if you add in all the other things I have to bring, flights like ryanair just don’t give you much to work with 😉

4…Tell us about a time when you have arrived at a venue and immediately wished you could leave because you were dressed completely inappropriately?

I do admit I felt overdressed at my cousins wedding, a vanilla setting for sure and I warned her I was going to wear my corset, one of them, I didn’t know which but I was told this was ok

I get there and yes… I don’t fit in… I really am well past the “black sheep of the family” and on to the …. “Ooo look at me! I’m a pink flamingo!”

I did try to class it up and used my lovely black silk waist cincher with red oriental flowers but really, there is only so much you can do when going to a vanilla wedding 😉

I reminded myself… this is my family, I love them, they know I am odd and write a sex blog, was a sex therapist on the radio and that I have never truly been “normal” and had a great time anyway


5…What is the one thing that a lover/man/woman wears that you love with a passion?

A smile… seriously

As for clothing, I love a man in a kilt… hell I know a sexy lesbian that can rock a leather kilt and knows how to wear it properly *evil grin* getting on my knees and reaching up as I watch her face while I kilt checked her and then masturbated her in public… very briefly…

Otherwise I love a man that can rock a good pair of jeans with a t-shirt and if he can just as easily wear a suit and collarless shirt… mmmm that will make me purr

Best right now is my male sub… I call him my dog, I love it when all he wears is a black apron and cooks for me


6….What is the one thing that a lover/man/woman wears that you hate with a passion?

I don’t like dirty… now I am fine with a guy just in from a run, the garden, a garage… but there is a difference between doing something vs just not giving a damn about their image and wearing underwear with holes, looking like a slob and making too much money to be a hobo

You don’t have to keep up with the current “fashion trends” but for the love of all that is holy… have some pride in yourself

Bonus: You and your friend are going to a special event and you know that he/she has spent a lot of time and possibly money on their outfit and are very excited about what they have created. They refuse to show you their outfit until you are both ready to leave for the event and you find that they look awful. What do you do?

I always give honest answers to questions and if they look awful I will tell them but never in a painful way. I know how personal something can be and you want to get it just right, some things have special meaning. Any criticism I give will always be constructive and offer ways to help but won’t force the issues

I am NOT the type to humiliate and put others down

On a side note, I love how my 5 year old says I am “vachement jolie” which means very pretty… and of course I have to show up at his school dressed to the 9s so I can compete with the other French moms… he is a riot

One month and a fetlife question answered

Note: One gentleman on fetlife asked the following question and I not only replied there but felt the need to post it on my blog.

He asks: What’s the most romantic thing someone has ever done for you?



I have been with my sub/dog for a month as of yesterday…

He tells me last week that he has a surprise for this weekend and wants to know how long I can stay

I HATE surprises, too many times disappointed and hurt badly by ex’s and husband, only so many years of that kind of mental abuse to were you have ptsd of getting a gift and feeling worthless

But I can tell this means so much to him, I tell him why I hate surprises and don’t do well with gifts but allowing him to try this one time

I get there late Friday night (leaving hubby with the kids) and because it snowed over the weekend I ended up staying till this (Monday) morning

The fridge was full of tasty but health treats that lasted the weekend, he planned well just in case

but his gift was that he went out and bought new sheets, cover for the duvet/blanket (one fits over the duvet like a large pillow case, not something I am used to in the states and changed how the whole bed looks no matter what covers you use) and pillow cases

The pillow cases in beautiful deep red of some sort of material I don’t know the name of in English and the bedding in black ribbed satin… I don’t know what it cost for everything but I found a way to sneak a peek at the pillow case container (he was showing me material and tying to translate) through the blacked out price I saw that one pillow case was 17€

It was a simple gift, nothing flash/big but very elegant and made me feel special

I don’t get gifts, I get excuses, disappointment and trash

I don’t have high standards to meet, I have been beaten down so many times by lovers/bf’s/whatever for the last 19yrs and longer if you count family and friends

Because of all of that I am no longer selfish

So his gift is partly what I have told you but the other part is him helping to repair myself worth… I KNOW how wonderful I am and how great I treat others and lives I have saved and changed for the better blah blah blah… but I still feel the abuse long after it stops and keeps me awake crying at night

So yeah… really it wasn’t the stuff he gave me… it was him… he is my gift


i took this picture of my dog, on the new sheets, drugged on lust… passion…affection… something that will never be manufactured in a lab or sold from a shelf


#SinfulSunday January 6th 2013

Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday January 6th 2013…

Dear diary, it is now official, my life as a housewife is complete…

I have just received my first order of Tupperware and will begin the long journey of making tasty good things as is custom of those suffering from “housewife’itus” …

I never signed up for this kind of thing

I was never meant to be a housewife

Hell I don’t even know if I was meant to stay married this long considering how things have turned out in my marriage… I still have yet to have the official wedding with the dress and all that crap we associate with marriage

I have been with him almost 12yrs (this April) and married 10yrs but the last two years have been open and with good reason… I want out and can’t have it…

(so you make the best with what you CAN have 🙂

Owning Tupperware and having to mingle with the neighbors like a good lil wife just deepens the desire to say “fuck off” and leave but I am trapped till my health is in order and a proper job is squared away

Till then I act the part of a proper wife… that is I cook well, bitch often and don’t get much sex… *grin* or is that some other job, I forget

My Sinful Sunday is that I am actualizing the role of princess by day slut by night but I have taken that and added a twist…

Normal house wife at home… Mistress and lover to my dog when out of the house…

Since I no longer have my monthly visits to London, I have to keep up my dual natured life and my dog helps me with that… missing him today as I behave well and spend time with the family on the last day of vacation before school and work starts

Home life:

fresh baked banana bread 🙂


and tupperware O.o


Vs life with my beautiful dog:


My lovely “dog” & my toes :)

I have many friends that have a foot fetish… sadly few have ever explored that side with me and i have very nice feet… though maybe not in these pictures lol

It is hard to focus the camera when you are being pleasured *blush*

my dog…



Is it wrong..

written 2011

note: we moved the current toilet and added in an extra one, to do this meant having a plumber come in. he couldn’t be bothers so he left his 19yr old assistant there to do all the work of adding pipes, installing things and damn he was hot

i mean honestly i have never wanted to see plumbers crack before but ..god…whimpers

is it wrong that i want to molest the young plumber?
he has this lean frame that cries out for bondage and being pinned down and molested in so many fun ways

i have never wanted a strap on so badly as i do right now



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