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News of the day: #InderjitSinghMukker that poor man! #AllLivesMatter

i just posted this message on facebook and link to the article about the horrible beating of Inderjit Singh Mukker

what i have to say on facebook applies here and twitter as well

if you racist

get the fuck out of my life

this is why i keep say ALLLLLLLLL lives matter

but no, i get bitched at and told black lives matter and accused of being racist
seriously people
wake the fuck up!

this man was beaten! why? because some asshole didnt like the way the guy looked

racism is all over the fucking place!

dont you dare fucking tell me one race, one religion, one any fucking thing counts more than another!

get the fuck off my friends list any one of you who have racism in your hearts or wanna give me shit on this!


HEY STUPID!! no i wont fuck you

if you have been following my blog

you know two things about me

1…. i have no problem posting pics of my breasts, talking about sex and writing erotically


2…. i am intelligent

those two things are very dangerous


because i will fucking bitch slap your ego back to when you were 5 and just discovering what you can do with your dick while you take a bubble bath

why do i say this

cause 90% of the guys contacting me are fucking retarded

i have multiple profiles on sites like okcupid, adoptunmec, alt, fetlife, seeking arrangements, on va sortir, rent a friend, adultwork, and have been on other “dating sites” … in each profile i explain who i am, what i want and what i need from other people

sure the dating sites are for dating…

i like going out on dates, doesn’t mean your cock is gonna end up in my mouth and sure as hell aint ending up in my pussy just cause you promise to give me an awesome orgasm

promises don’t mean shit

why am i on dating sites if i only want friendship?

duh stupid

one day i might find the perfect guy for me… he sure as fuck better be a friend

everything starts as friendship

i have so few friends in this country and i want more!

dating sites seem to be my only choice to make friends and instead i find fuck nuts thinking they can change my mind

‘srisly i dont fucking think so

i would love to meet more women

i would love to explore women and gain experience and change some of what i write so i focus on sex and not sex with men only

but women are even harder to meet here

gahhhh i want to smack the stupid out of people

if i am on a kink site i expect more people trying to meet for sex and kink

thats a given…

but again

i am fucking clear as all hell with what i want and the type of respect i demand from others contact me

want to be added to my friends list, send me a god damn message first you twatwaffle droopy dick

what to seduce me?

yeah saying you want to smell my farts may not be the best opening message

ok you are submissive… you sure as hell aint MY sub

fine be respectful but be a real fucking person!

i have no time to spend looking through each diminutive statement to find the hidden personality that will tell me if you are even worth my time in the first place

should i like your voice but you cant follow a simple request…

you then blow up my phone with stupidity that you later say is “miscommunication”

when i asked in the first place “do you understand what i want from you” and you say yes


youz retahded!!

if i am on an adult site to escort.. no i will not fuck you for less than the amount posted

why? cause you don’t fucking merit my body, mind or time to get a fucking freebe or discount

sex is an art if done correctly

and artists of any kind should not learn to create their art, become proficient at their art, spend huge amounts of time maintaining their skill level and then give free shit just cause someone “asked nicely”

fuck you

work is work

pay ya lazy craptastic fucktard

if i am on a sugar daddy site.. what do i want… something special

i dont want to be a princess but i sure as hell want to be treated as i deserve

and that means i want money to better my life and i will make your life richer for making your bank just a tad bit less full

i am not greedy but i am a sure thing and worth every cent

if someone asked me to be theirs exclusively, i would… but it has to be worth it

no one has made it worth it

…. i am smart, funny, expressive, intuitive, empathetic, i am genuine…. i am awake! i am evolved!!

i am not better than others, i am different…

but dammit i am sapiosexual

if you are too stupid to stimulate my brain… i dont want you in my bed

if i want a guy just to fuck and not think, i can go find exactly what i want…but that doesnt interest me

i want brains!

i am like a zombie… STARVING HERE!!!

where the fuck are the brains!!!

i mean srsly! dude! what the fuck!

him: “hey want to meet me”

me: why? be honest

me: you read my profile?
him: “yes”

me: you understand i dont want sex? you think you can change my mind?
him: “yes”

me: ok you have one chance, good luck
him: “i promise to give you an amazing orgasm”

me: yeah but no! you have to convince me to meet you in the first place, not give me a reason to want to meet you a second time

people are stupid

this day has been stupid

i mean, how many stupid people does it take to convince me to fuck them?
i honestly dont know but they keep trying and i had 5 in the last 10 minutes

more venting ..body shaming and stupidity

So, tonight i saw a friend venting over the fact that her kids had to deal with body shaming..

they are preteen girls and they eat more healthy than a lot of people i know

they are active and smart and behave the way kids should

but because they are girls they fall into the category of crap we as a society seem to find acceptable

i am all for exercise and eating right

i know i NEED to slim down so that my body will hurt less and i will have more energy

yes looking more the shape i want is part of it

but i know there are a good number of you lot who read this and love my curves and softness

i don’t want to be “stick skinny” that isn’t how my bones or body type are meant to be

but on that same note, if your bones and body type ARE meant to be stick skinny, there is no shame in that!!


i want to be stronger and more defined in my shapes, my curves and softness

i want to be tempered and solid but still comfortable for snuggles

but i want this for me, for my healthy, for my well being

for me, slimming down is not about being more confident or giving a shit what others think of me

and not because society says i have to fit a mold and look this way for others

I am confident in who I am!

but everywhere i go i see all kinds of shaming and victimizing

TV people telling women “hide your pregnancy to get a job” ..this from another woman!!

commercials making women the butt of jokes or victims or implying that they can only be shopaholics with less than 2 brain cells to rub together

i look at the teens my boys go to school with and i cringe… OK so that covers the kids in France

then i look at the ones in the UK. the states.. i keep cringing

everywhere i travel you have morons leading the packs

worse than any hive mind or clique mentality that i grew up with in the various schools i went to


people scare me

when i look at the choices the governments are making in all countries and i look at what is on TV and what is being shown as acceptable thoughts and behaviors

i cringe

I am all for the happiness of others, the well being of others but not at any expense

it seems that every place I look, people jump from topic to topic and do the bare minimum to really make a change

and then people bitch at you when you point out this flaw

sure I want gays to have the right to marry..now they do… but they sure as fuck should have the right to not be persecuted for being gay in the work place or anywhere else and they sure as shit should have had that FROM THE START! But no… that is something they still have to fight for

which is bullshit

and I am all for black lives mattering.. as in I do not want victims being made out of innocent people … but I don’t want people focusing only on the “black” part of that statement!

And no mater how many people tell me that no one is saying it… they are.. people are focusing on the “black” part..and the “gay” part..and the “female” part and there are thousands of other ways we keep dividing the statement to fit…instead of focusing on the main issue

ALL LIVES MATTER (and I don’t mean human only!)

and not to forget


yes there will always be morons who shame others and bully and treat people like shit

it isn’t right that they exist but it happens

what shouldn’t happen is letting those kind of behaviors run rampant and become acceptable!

I should not feel bad about myself for being female!

I should not feel like I have to be an object for men to pay attention to me!

now don’t get me wrong I love the attention I get from posting ARTISTIC or thought provoking or funny images that are also erotic and I love knowing I make others sexually stimulated ..it is fun and I like it

but I don’t want the crap that a huge majority of the guys give me when I say no!

I will not take a pic just for you or I will not go on cam just for you or I will not compromise myself and my ideals just for you

I have value!

I have been raped by my HUSBAND!

I have been raped by my boyfriend of 3 YEARS! Who everyone expected me to marry

I was almost raped by two boyfriends and one sex friend

never at any point was I “asking for it”

in each case I trusted these men, loved deeply some of them and was reduced to nothing in a matter of seconds

the one time I was almost raped by a completely random stranger, it was simply because I was female and there and he felt he had the right to take what he wanted

I was not wearing slutty clothing or asking for it in any way

I was made to be a victim but in his mind he was just being friendly and trying to have a good time

we as a society constantly say one thing and do another

when are we going to stick to one idea and get it done all the way

no more half assed behavior!


we fought to have equal rights for “women” for “children” to end “slavery” for “gays/lgbt” for the “handicapped” for “animals” for “religious freedom”


you name it and we fight for “insert x type” of equality

and we gain it on a piece of paper and in partial action

but not fully


women still don’t have equal rights no matter what is said

and children still don’t have equal rights

and on and on

and we shame people and segregate people and keep encouraging people to stop thinking

hive mind mentality

“do what I want”

“think what I want”

you puny humans don’t need to think for yourselves

bah so sick of all this

so disappointed in people

stop being stupid #rant #SendItToCalifornia #water

i wrote and posted this on facebook

i am so sick of people being stupid and happy in their misery instead of standing up and making the world better for everyone


rant (to those in california but also the rest of the world!)


dear people in california….

i keep seeing people i know or friends of friends on here or twitter of wherever who say “send it to california”

seriously? why?!!

ok you need water

what about the dessert countries do they need it any less?

do you think of them?

you may have less but you have it and its usually clean

what about kids/families that have no stable source of clean water

if you want water


why? cause you live next to a huge body of water!!

the caps are melting adding MORE water

there happen to be other lives doing that thing called living in the water..

purifying it might kinda be a good idea in general but more so if you want to keep doing that thing called eating them

the price of gas is high cause oil is omg running out and fuckers are greedy

you want water?

be mad fucking max and make water a high commodity

yes money can be made on investing in taking care of people and the planet!

making fresh, clean water means investing in other supporting technology which causes this thing called a chain reaction of jobs!

creating more jobs means a better quality of life!

and if you do it right, there is no reason it couldnt be implemented in other locations that have poisoned water due to stupid humans/businesses or natural disasters

and there is also that future point that if any of you fuckers want to leave earth for some other far flung world

it might be nice to have this type of technology perfected first

if you cant do it at home why the fuck do you think you could survive elsewhere!

as for people in flooding zones or high snow zones

well fuck, if we had better purification systems in place

maybe we could collect a portion of the run off and help avoid so many disasters that happen from over saturation

why leave huge mini mountains of snow to block people off

adding toxic chemicals or salt to the roads to keep the ice from forming

all of this causes over saturating an area from the water and other things that kill the flora and fauna and eat away at cars, roads and harming our health

if we could shovel it up, haul it off to a treatment plant, process and store it

well hell… maybe there would be less drought going on

and more jobs to help boost the economy

but ya know

all of this is a moot point if the majority of people keep focused on ….omg send it here or omg look at how big my/her tits look in this/that or omg this reality tv show is so worth all my time!!

not enough people are thinking

not enough people are doing something for the future

our priorities are fucked up (fuck “race”, religion, gender, stereotypes etc)

we are failing as HUMANS

we let petty bullshit get tagged onto situations and then they spiral out of control

we stop giving a damn about other people and what they go through

we pass blame without knowing all the details, can’t be bothered to learn the truth and refuse to do anything to make it all better

stop bitching

stop whining

stop doing the pity me song and dance

stop pointing fingers!!

all of you get off your ass and make a difference!

push this world to a better future instead of running it into the ground and being callous fucktards!

utopia is like perfection

something to strive for, the act of working for it makes everything better

but perfection and utopia are a myth

you cant have it but you can still make a difference and up the quality of life!

and that is the next best thing!

so get smarter

stop doubting yourself and make a difference

even something small helps

blog rant due to Manti Te’o being in the news

I am so irritated with the stupidity of people

Bad enough everyone gives a damn about having the best fashion or the coolest music or even going green in support of the actors getting screwed over by Hollywood

There are people all over the world, they are on the edge because they can’t get a job, are scared they will lose their job, have health issues that doctors ignore or misdiagnose…

There are people all over the world that will go to bed hungry tonight, there are so many more important issues going on …


But… ya know…

He might be gay… *mock horror* …

*mock excitement* omg this is so exciting! we have to share it with everyone!!!! *eye roll*


Where is all of this coming from and even better… where am I going with all of it…

Well, aside from the fact that I support the idea that E V E R Y O N E should have the same equal rights of the bare minimum to common courtesy, respect and the pursuit of happiness


It personally bothers me that there are people up in arms over “Christian values”, “LGBT rights”, “racial equality” … blah blah blah…


Who gives a fuck… WE ARE HUMAN…. So let’s behave like it and treat others and ourselves with… respect, common courtesy and go chase after some happiness


As long as we forget that we are all human, that we are all the same in that one specific area, then we forget what is important and treat everyone like crap… thus NEEDING to make people feel special and giving them rights that they should already have

It’s all bullshit

We are human, we are all related, we all want to be happy… so why are people wasting time being bigots, fear mongers and instigators of misery   

This isn’t the first time I have felt this way and it won’t be the last… which scares me and makes me angry

Growing up in America I had to deal with all the crap associated with being a redhead, literally having an entire school making fun of me because I was different… yay

Then having to be forced to learn about black history month… this one really pissed me off

Even at a young age I knew that to end segregation, you have to END SEGREGATION!

Giving one month a year to a group of people that happen to have darker skin due to how evolution decided they needed to be based on environment… seriously?

Ok… where is my month? Being that redheads/gingers are such a minority, in part due to being murdered for being potential demon spawn and or having a relation to witch craft… yay ignorance, fear and bigots *head desk*

Or what about the Native Americans… when do we get to learn about them?

Aside from the EXTREMLY minor part that the history books will allow us to read during the involvement of stealing their land and using them during the wars in America… or other wars later on

What about having a month for building awareness about medical issues or mental disorders or maybe we can have a month where everyone learns to bake… can you bake? What about balancing a checkbook… do you even know what those words mean?

We shouldn’t HAVE to have a special time and place for those who are “different”… we shouldn’t HAVE to… but stupid people in power dictate it and other stupid people fight against it, one subject at a time instead of fighting for equality… for all


So, what started my rant today?

The lovely Manti Te’o


I have nothing against him but he is being hunted by the news

A normal event due to the fact that he is young, very attractive, plays for the NFL and thus must be part of the public eye

Oh and that minor detail that people are insecure in their own sexuality and personality… thus concerned that … *gasp in mock horror* …he might be *whispers* …gay


Who the fuck cares?

As my friend put it …

“WHO CARES!?! Can he PLAY? Yes? Then again, WHO CARES!?!”

Of course, being who I am and how I see the world I had to reply back with the following comment…

“Mmmm gay men in sports…. I care… why?

Because some of them are still way more manly than the straight guys and since I can’t have either… I know where my lust and fantasies are going 🙂 ”

As it stands I already enjoy Rugby as my source of porn, most other sports really don’t excite me… it’s the primal nature that gets me stimulated

I really don’t enjoy American football or European football/soccer … ok ok from time to time I will admit to drooling over hockey… usually after I have yelled at the screen and cheered when someone got hit or there was blood…

If past lives really do exist, I was probly one of the blood thirsty people in the crowd at gladiator events… *blush*


Anyway my point being… we are not still 5 years old, playing in the sand box and having to fight off bullies who want to steal our bucket or pour sand on our heads

Grow up people

Grow into better people

Remember we are all human and just want to be happy, so stop being a douche

Stop caring so damn much about your own insecurities and projecting them onto others in the hopes of making them feel like shit, so you can hide your own problems and fears

Grow up

Be better


This is the article that pissed me off, I am sure there are others and I am not going out hunting for them because I like being happy and not wanting to smack people for their stupidity


Te’o Is Gay





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