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Panties by Candlelight #SinFulSunday

Sinful Sunday


as always, the idea of Sinful Sunday… it is always about the image

though this time around our dear friend Molly has shaken things up a bit and given out a prompt…

an idea to what we should be showing in our pictures

plotting for a few hours…

how to best seduce my young lover.. my beautiful boyfriend

first leaving these cards in his drawer, in and among his underwear and socks and other manly bits he keeps in the closet


i always knew the best way to have romance in my life is to inspire it

with this picture i am hoping he will bring his belt

and i will wear my corset panties

there will be candles

and music


sorry to leave you like this but my ass needs a spanking

Yes… i am satisfied… for now

written 2010

note: i never did write the second part to this, how the night ended but this really did happen

but later i will want more i will become greedy and need to be satisfied again and again… i am fine with this, pleased with this, i want this….

i have been unsatisfied for a long time and no amount of words or actions had changed things until i talked the hubby into bringing home the riding crop he had bought at a tourist shop in egypt when he was 13 and with his family

that crop was calling for attention, it needed lotion to be rubbed onto it to make the leather soft again but ohhh did it shine like it woke up from a long sleep

the handle, the head of Nefertiti, the goddess demanding sex, demanding pleasure, demanding pain and demanding it NOW!

how could either of us refuse…

since bringing Nefertiti home she has been enjoying us, keeping us up late and making me have to stifle my screams of pain and pleasure… and i have loved every second of it

last night was the best of all the nights, oh how the hubby is learning to let go and have fun with me, to enjoy my groans of pain my screams of pleasure and the moans of ecstasy

i was at the kitchen table, playing on the net, twetting… he sidles up close and reaches into my pants and fondles and gropes my ass, then unzips my pants and pushes them down just low enough to get his fingers wet between legs

i was curious how long he would play with me so i sent one last twitter message.. “eppp!!”

he started to touch me more, squeezing my butt in his strong hands making the red from his dry skin, pulling my pants lower and having me step out of them completely

he reaches into my shirt and takes off my bra then pulls each of my breast out so they are held up by my tight shirt, my nipples hard and cold. pulling on my nipples hard making me wince in pain then massaging away the pain just to tease me.

he leaves me standing there in the cold and comes back with the oil, letting it drip down cold on my lower back so it slides down over my butt making me shiver with cold and excitement

rubbing the oil into my skin he is excited, i can tell from the way he touches my clit with his oiled fingers and the change in his breathing, he has not said a word and i simply cannot due to the pleasure of his attention

he stops suddenly and i feel empty as he walks away, i want more attention, i want more warmth and then it comes… he hits me lightly at first on the ass with the crop ..oooo it feels so good, then he goes harder and grabs my breast.. even better and i am biting my lip

grins evily the rest for the next post

note: this is the crop he used on me 🙂



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