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#SinfulSunday oops! did i flashed the cops?

so yesterday was another hot one in france

i had company coming over and wanted to clean up the house a bit since my boys went back to my ex

my room was last on the list to organize and since it was so hot i decided to be naked and sweat as little as possible.. hard to do with the sun shining full blast into my bedroom window

i really do try to avoid flashing the neighbors as my room faces the road but i heard a noise outside hahah

seems a helicopter was circling the area and by the colors and flight pattern i could tell it was not one of the machines from the hospital.. so that left cops or military

either way i was standing at the window, completely nude and showing off my pale skin to any who happened to look my way


which i am pretty sure they did as they circled back a few times and angled so they could get a clear view but from a respectful distance


i found the whole situation extremely funny

then again my style of humor is often a bit naughty and i really can’t help but tease the poor french men who seem to have a serious affection for large breasts


so i’m off to check out who else is being naughty this lovely sinful sunday

click on the links and see what pictures others have been posting, as sinful sunday is all about the image.. please like and share and comment as you can for all of us




Sinful Sunday

something old & something blue #Sinfulsunday

as with all sinful sunday posts… it’s about the image
this weekend is also carrying along the theme of “from below”

click on the lips to see what the other lovelies have been doing

Sinful Sunday

it’s been a while since i joined in the fun for sinful sunday

the move to the new house took up a lot of my time, helping my old neighbors move, having the kids for the summer and the god awful heat…well it has been a bit hard to be inspired or have the time to post

but i liked the idea of today’s challenge and decided to do a mix of pictures

for something old, i have some pictures i took in november 2010

IMG_1182 asm

i’d been in london and came back with my cute goth tutu skirt, i wanted pictures to show it off… along with my new rock shoes

IMG_1203 asm

at that time i was still married and very high on my sex drive but no outlet… part of why the divorce..

IMG_1244 asm

i like looking at these pictures and remembering who i was in that moment.. i want my sex drive back, i want the fun i found in london and i want to feel sexy

IMG_1198 asm

but lately i have been lacking in libido and longing for comfort, affection and cheesy as it is to say it.. love but not just any love.. something magical

so to turn the camera to that end.. we have the blue


i bought a special light a while back, it changes colors via a remote and adds a lil something special to my moods

i hope to be around more in the future and maybe explore the forest near my house


I found my Prince #SinfulSunday

so i am celebrating

i found a new rental house and i got it!!!

i sign papers next week and i move end of may

i am so excited and can’t stop smiling

moving will change so many things and help with my depression and anxiety

it means i can move forward with my life… haha and this blog

i know i had hopes for the house i am in now but those all left me disappointed

and i am realistic that this future house could still let me down… but i choose to look on the bright side… and there is a tub!!!

so, like i said, i am celebrating

the other day i went shopping for weekend supplies and found an interesting bottle of wine Prince de Saint – Aubin a 2014 Sauternes…

IMG_1370 a.jpg

lol a sweet golden dessert wine

when i saw the name i could not stop giggling… i found my Prince!

no frogs needed for kissing and no worry about my Prince being charming or not haha

and now i am sleepy

no one to cuddle, no real sin to be had but many good books and happy fantasies for the future

so raising my glass to this new chance and to you my pervy friends on this sinful sunday

IMG_1480 a.jpg

for those who don’t know, sinful sunday is all about the picture and supporting those of us who post… so click on the lips, see what everyone else is up to and please leave comments, like and share as you feel moved šŸ˜‰


Sinful Sunday


yoga pants #SinfulSunday

yayay another sunday rolls around!

click on the lips to see who is being sinful and sharing their images

promote, share, comment and all that good stuffs!

Sinful Sunday
so less words this week, more pictures.. ya know since sinful sunday is all about the image
a while back i bought some yoga pants at the sports store
not those wannabe things that are more like tights and show every detail the wider your ass or the more you bend
i found soft ones that can be worn with less fear and more comfort
the fun part is i can flip up the grey area, that stays on the hips, to cover my breasts when not wearing a bra
IMG_0187 a
the down side of this is the fact that i have very large breasts and if i move too much my breasts try to escape!
IMG_0084 a
when this happens, if TinMan is near.. his hands always find their way to my nipples…
not that i’m complaining
IMG_0086 a
i hope your sunday is full of fun and pleasure
now that i have made an effort to post something
i am off to kill shit on Destiny!!
*happy dance/butt wiggle*

gamer chic #SinfulSunday

as always sinful sunday is about the picture

support the fun by clicking on the lips to see who else is participating and leave comment’s, likes and tweet about us.. share share share


Sinful Sunday
first off, happy valentine’s day to all… many hugs and kisss
now down to business *grin*
a while back my boys yammered on and on about playing destiny on the ps3
they got hooked and kept trying to talk to me about it
i wasn’t in the mood to play games
i used to.. nearly 8 years ago
i used to do rpg table top too
but my marriage sucked the life out of me and i sunk deeper into depression
with the divorce i have been finding myself again
i set up a safe zone in my room so i could try out the game
i needed to learn how to play again and not feel judged
or feel attacked for taking my time
and it turns out i like playing destiny
there is a sort of dream like zen to the maps
i choose to walk more than run
it calms me
and the killing of monster alien things is also therapeutic
my boys are proud of me for trying to find myself again
to be happy and to learn the game’s jargon so they can tell me stories
i’m also making gaming friends
i still feel like a newb even though i spent years as a gamer
i’ve lost my confidence and skills
but i’m getting those back
all that being said i thought i would show you how i like to game
nude except for my soft black robe to keep my shoulders warm
it’s comfy
IMG_9180 a

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