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Back in the race #SinfulSunday #ScavengerHunt

as always

sinful sunday is about the image

click on the lips to see who else is being sinful

Sinful Sunday


went with my kids and a certain sexy man…to the car show and race being held in Angouleme

spent a lovely day …can’t think… sexy man is discra…distract…yeah he is being sexy

so… car race
old cars

tank like thing
he didnt think i could climb in but HAHHHHA i could

made sure the owner knew ahead of time what i wanted to do
ya know, cause i am polite and it is fun whispering to a good looking guy that i soon plan to expose my nipples

so… two pictures that show me in the lovely repaired vehicle
in the middle of town
with tons of people around hahah




and one picture of the vehicle alone




night folks, off to be with sexy man

Happy MILF Day #SinfulSunday

Note: As with all Sundays… I dedicate (when I remember to participate) my blog posts to the Sinful Sunday meme run by Molly as much as I love to tell a story, sinful sunday is all about the image click the badge and see who else is sharing their photos, posting their sin *naughty grin*

Sinful Sunday

Mother’s day is something special and wonderful, or so it should be but as with all holidays…

it has become more about buying items

The major problem for me is that, I don’t live in the states and that means mother’s day is never the same date as I expect it to be So.. in honor of French version (today!) I am changing it to MILF day… that way my boyfriend can .. well… give me something special to celebrate *evil grin*


Here I am, sharing MILF day with you 🙂


#1 me on top, hiding the blowjob as he takes my pic 😉 Image


#2 i love when he plays with my nipples…but harder please! Image


#3 mmmm reverse cowgirl for a good spanking and photo op Image


#4 being respectful and keeping him somewhat hidden 😉 Image


#5 … so… would you fuck this mother? Image

Humor & Disappointment #SinfulSunday

I haven’t been in the mood to write lately

I haven’t even celebrated the 2yr anniversary of when

I started my blog but I have started to participate more often in the Sinful Sunday Meme by Molly

Sinful Sunday


This Sunday is one of the ever changing Themes

It is always about the picture, the image but this time the image has to do with

“All about the men. Men, male, masculine…. show me what those words mean to you”

I don’t know what it means to me

I want to think of so many positives, so many dreams and wishes of what I think a man is…

Be they born that gender, feeling that gender or learning and growing into what it is like to be

“a real man” or “a man’s man”

Whatever those mean..


….. (mmmm the scent of a man) Image


Tonight I am feeling humor and disappointment

I love that I was able to excite TinMan enough today that we had sex 3 times

It was fun and there was passion and some was even naughty

but I am greedy and it is never enough


So here comes the disappointment…

He has a great day of sex and laughs and happiness…


All I wanted were some chips… Image


Not many..

Just a few!

I have been GOOOOOD dammit!

Eating healthy for soooooo long!!

(yes he does cook..about half the time) Image


I have been eating 3 meals a day while the kids have been with us and I feel full

I don’t want REAL food

I just want something to nibble before bed

I want FLAVOR!!!!!!


He half chases me around the house and wont let me have them

Finally I settle on having soup Image


but it’s not what I wannnnnnnnt!!!

I am doing the “I have to pee” dance as I type this!!

He is not my Dom..

Why am I obeying him?!!

Partly because it is funny…


but seeing the post by Bawdy Bloke “Sinful Sunday: A good man” …

I realize that I have my ideas on what “Men, male, masculine” means to me Image

(I saw this in the store months ago and i could not stop laughing! Look I can buy my perfect man! I was in hysterics over it, long story and joke for another blog)


but no… i have soup and no chips and a toy haha Image


Dreams and things I wont have in this lifetime

So… me and my toy are gonna cuddle and dream cause he seems more of a real man to me and I know He wont care if I eat a few chips!

Not sure he can bring me to orgasm but very few man can anyway so not really an issue haha


I love my TinMan

He is a good man…


but I am a real pain in the ass to please


Erotic Selfie of the silly kind #SinfulSunday #SinfullyTriptych

As with every Sinful Sunday event/meme…

the idea is to keep the blog entry about the image and to enjoy “reading” what the others have to post a well

Sinful Sunday

for me it is more about keeping my hand in the game, life has taken control of my sex life and left me bored..or in “mom” mode


so this week is different, still about the picture but there is a theme… Sinfully Triptych

i decided to get playful and draw a picture of myself in stick figure form… not the first time i have done this but it made me giggle a lot at the idea of an erotic selfie


Pancakes and sex #SinfulSunday

as always, sinful sunday is about the picture 😀

check out what others are up to this sunday by clicking on the badge

Sinful Sunday

but for now! 

my sunday fun!


i made amazing pancakes this morning!

light and fluffy with just a hint of sweetness!



then came the bubble bath with TinMan

we used chocolate and caremel soap for the the silky feel and good flavor

a bath is a good place to have a heart to heart talk

which led to kissing

and that went on to me on all fours *blush*



seems the best way to a mans heart is through his stomach haha



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