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How to feed a man

written 3 months ago

a friend tempted me so i teased back and wrote this, i love it when i am inspired:

how about you buy the fixings and i cook the food
i sit naked in your lap and feed it to you
and just think…
you would be sitting there
your hands tied to the arms of the chair.

pushing myself between your legs
undressing in front of you…
just the top to start.

i pull out your cock from your pants
bending down and put your tip in my mouth as i slide off my skirt and panties.

i get you wet and climb onto your cock
then slip you in and feed you tasty bits.

put something tasty on my breast and help you lick it off…

to do that i have to lift myself up and off your cock just a bit then slide you back in to grab something else to feed you…

doing this all through the meal

Sexual thought of the day

written 3 months ago

friend wanted me to be naughty with him, he is very sexual, very strong and not the type to submit but he is also the type that if he is really wound up he wont noticed he is being topped

so i wrote this to help him cum:

i want to restrain you, tie your wrists behind you, have you sitting in a strong chair just at the edge
your cock hard for me
straddle your thighs and tease your cock against my pussy, your tip hitting my clit and exciting me
getting me wet all over you
hold your neck to one side, nibble and lick across your skin
grab your shoulders
slowly pull your cock into my tight pussy
slide down you
inch by inch
use your arms and your shoulders to help hold me in place and ride you
slowly, teasingly
making you ache for it
get faster, tease more
untie you and feel your arms wrap around me tight and force me to go faster, harder
make you cum and get me gushing over your cock, screaming as i orgasm


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