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Two way mirror #SinfulSunday

today is the first sunday of the month and that means that there is a theme to be followed, Molly has chosen “shallow depth of field” and i love this sort of challenge

as always sinful sunday is about the image but i am sorry to say i was inspired friday night and wrote a small bit of simple/soft erotica… by small i mean a word count of 1935 after editing a bit here and there… opps

but so fun, i hope you enjoy the image at the end of this post

i tried to fit the image to the theme of “shallow depth of field” and was happy to have TinMan as my model

click on the lips to see who else is sharing their sunday in sinful ways

Sinful Sunday
Two way mirror:

Alice went through the looking glass and saw many sights, some where horrors to be reckoned with and some of great delight but through it all, the dream of madness was not strong enough to hold her long.

In the real world we have our own looking glass, the normal mirror that shows only ourselves and the mirror of two ways that lets us see an aspect of ourselves through the actions of others… to watch as they watch themselves.

I want to watch you, to have you know that at any point I am on the other side of the mirror but to have you question if I have stayed at all…

To see you perform for me, a set of instructions given before I take my seat behind the glass…

Telling you to act as if the mirror is just that, your reflection.. I want you to pretend that all you see is a normal room, a normal you becoming my lovely performer.

I want you to walk in and get ready for sleep.

To sit before the mirror and run your hands over your face, your fingers through your hair to brush off the stress of the day.

Remove your watch and empty your pockets into the tray in front of the mirror, empty yourself of the outside world that is now behind you.

Fiddle with the radio, play something that will relax you and melt away the tension from work.

Stand and unbutton your shirt, placing it on the back of the chair, remove your shoes and socks that have walked your feet tired.

Take off your pants and hang them over the arm of the chair but leave your sex covered…

Fall back onto the bed, mostly naked, an arm behind your head and breathe a heavy sigh of relaxation as you sink down in comfort.

Reach your hand to your groin, massage yourself through the material and relax deeper.

Always angling towards the mirror but trying not to watch, keep it visible from the corner of your eye, you know I want to see your cock becoming harder and your nipples reacting to the chill in the room.

You know I want you to be excited but in a lazy way, to think over your day… the pretty girl at lunch, bending over to grab her drink from the machine or maybe the handsome lad that was flung into you as the train shifted along the tracks and pressed tight against you while the rest of the crowd found their balance.

Think of the walk to my special hotel, the sweet smile and knowing eyes of the woman at the front desk, her tight professional skirt, her white blouse that showed her small but beautiful curves as she leans forward to give you the key to your room.

Touch yourself and try to forget that I am there on the other side of the glass, watching you…

Slip yourself out of the last of your clothing and masturbate for me…

Slow, keep it slow, I want it to last and you know this… my instructions were clear about my desires.

Crawl to the other side of the bed and get the lube, apply it to your hands and feel how smooth it makes your strokes feel… up and down, up and down.

Lazy strokes…

Dry your hand on the small towel and reach for the timer, set it for five minutes, apply more lube to your hands and lay back down.

This time you know to stroke faster but not to cum, you know I want you to behave but I want you to stay on the edge… when the timer sounds you force yourself to stop, no matter how good it feels.

You know your task is to lay there, breathe, calm, hands off your cock while it throbs and soon you will start again.

A knock at the door surprises you “room service” calls a gentle voice…

You know the rules of this hotel, you are here for sexual experiences but in general the hotel is designed to be nudist friendly…

Feeling a bit nervous, awkward but excited, you wrap a towel around your hips, trying to keep your cock under control and open the door.

She comes in with a tray and brushes past you, close enough to make you need to get a better grip on the towel as her ass presses your thigh while fitting past you through the door frame.

Setting the tray down in front of the mirror and turning back to you as you are waiting, the still slightly open door.

She stalks up to you with an air of confidence that is exciting and strains the towel.

Her hands are cool as she runs them down your chest to rest on the hand holding your towel in place.

She come closer and you smell her perfume, faint with a touch of musk and red fruits.

Looking up with mock disapproval “this is where you give me a tip but you don’t seem to have any pockets” she says while reaching round to firmly grip your ass.

Tugging on the towel, she tries to remove it from your grip and you look into the mirror and then back to her.

Your hesitation gives her the time for the towel to hit the floor and your cock springs to attention as she inspects you.

“Ah now this is a tip I would enjoy” before you can think she has closed the door by pressing you against it and lowers herself to her knees with your cock in her hands.

Her mouth is warm as she takes you in, a hand slips to your balls to control how deep she sucks.

A moan escapes your throat and once again you are on the edge but this, to your knowledge, is not in the script and you look back to the mirror for a sign but all you see is your reflection as your hand wraps through her hair while she bobs up and down on your cock… up and down.

Getting more excited for reasons beyond receiving a blow job, each lick of her tongue up your shaft or tug on your balls has you closer to the edge.

She can tell when it is time to stop and she tightens her grip on your sack while teasing the tip but she pulls back and stands, leaving you more frustrated than before.

Her fingers reach out and grip your chin, she brings you close for a long kiss, her body pressed tight to yours, her hand still massaging your balls.

Breaking the kiss and whispering into your lips “you have never met Her have you..” half question, half statement but kisses you again before you could think to respond.

Moving her hand to your cock she whispers again, “she will enjoy you, maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow and she will drink every drop of passion you have to give”, massaging your shaft with skill, you moan again from the attention and her words.

“Take my advice and don’t cum while you are staying in this room, wait till you are at work tomorrow. I know the words say to cum before the mirror but hold back, the reward will be worth it.”

In a louder voice she tells you to sit on the bed and you do as you are told, it is not that you are normally submissive but this is prat of the experience you have been told to explore.

Quivering with anticipation and confusion, you watch her and try to ignore your reflection in the mirror.

She kicks off her shoes and tells you to fully face the mirror, you adjust your position as she walks in front of you.

She lifts up her skirt, little by little to tease you and show off the tops of her thigh high stockings, the tails of the garter belt holding them in place… higher and you see the short hairs of her sex but no panties to block the view.

Your cock is wet with precum and she takes the towel that you used earlier to drape over your cock to make a very nice tent between your legs.

Climbing onto the bed, one of her legs on either side of your thighs, she lowers herself and dances her hips slowly over the towel… she is close enough to move the towel over your cock in slow, small movements.

Rocking to the music on the radio, she slides down your lap so that your cock is barely covered and she is sitting on your thighs, the clips from her garter belt slightly scratching your skin.

Looking in your eyes, she asks if you want your cock inside of her, you nod and she reaches into her bra to pull out a condom, sliding back to sit on your knees and uses both her hands to slip it over you.

Letting the towel fall to the floor, climbing higher to dance over your cock again, then teasing down so your tip enters between her lips, slowly going down further and further.

You let her set the pace and try to hold back, looking once at the mirror but the smack of her hand across your face shocks you back to your senses and focus on her eyes again… excited but reminded why you are there.

Keeping the sexual tension high, her thrusts slow but deep, it isn’t long before she stops, your cock inside of her as she holds still and keeps her eyes on yours.

Starting again but going faster and faster… then stopping again.

Just when you are ready to take control and say fuck the rules, the phone rings and she pushes you back so you are laying on the bed while she straddles you and climbs up your chest so her wet pussy is over your face.

Taking the initiative, you pull her down over your mouth to lick and suck while she answers the phone, your mind lost in the feel of her sex on your face, enjoying that she is rocking back and forth over your mouth as she talks.

Ending the call with a “Yes Ma’am” grinding down as she hangs up the phone, fucking your face, giving instructions to insert a finger in her pussy while you lick her clit.

Rocking faster until an orgasm rips through her and covers your face in her cum, after a moment she climbs off your face and tells you lower her skirt and make her look presentable.

She walks to the door and you follow behind but before you can be a gentleman and reach for the handle, she tells you to face the door with your hands on the wood and your ass out towards her.

“Spread your legs more” she says and as you comply, expecting to be spanked, she surprises you by reaching between your legs and grabbing your sack.

Confused as to what will happen next, you try to relax and that is when you feel her hand hit your ass, the sound exciting you as much as the pain.

She lets go and stands, reaching for the door knob she turns you and kisses your lips, whispering “remember, don’t cum, masturbate long and enjoy but… don’t… cum…”

Louder she tells you “eat, drink” waving back to the mirror and the tray “and remember, tomorrow is another day.”

With that she leaves and you are alone with your thoughts as you look at the mirror.



The strapon

written 1 month ago

note: i visited my male friend, he had bought some fun toys and i got to use some of them on him, he is not gay or bi but really loves his ass being played with

Your eyes are beautiful, your smile is what I crave and you are the sweetest friend I have…

Feels so relaxing to snuggle up in your arms, hold you tight as you sleep, to be the one that watches over you…

There is something in you that calls out for me to be gentle, to take care of you and love you even if just for one night.

But that ass…

You have this beautiful ass that makes me want to use and abuse it.

Just feels so good to run my hands over you jeans when in public, pinch and pat when on the tube.

Get you home and strip you down, turn you on and get out the toys…

The first time I saw what you had bought I was shy but excited, I had always wanted to try a strapon.

After a while I just had to try it, put the straps up over my thighs.

Tighten up each one and adjust how the cock hangs between my legs.

I feel so naughty standing there, excited and knowing I have something new to try

I know to use lube, to use lots of it and go slow.

You know I am a gentle lover, I will make sure you are ok, that everything feels good and doesn’t hurt in ways it shouldn’t…

Turning on that lil bullet, feeling the vibration and then slowly sliding into you

I was so wet, so excited, taking control and fucking your ass… such a high

But next time I want to use my toy, I just bought it and mine has something to please me instead of just teasing me…

Up and gone

written 3 months ago

The day starts like any other, time passes, things happen and all along the way you know that something is missing.

Really you cant explain what that something is but you feel it like a void and try to ignore the emptiness as the day drags on.

Wake up, keep those eyes open long enough to register that the alarms have stopped going off and the numbers on the clock tell you that you have slept past the time you needed to get up by.

Oh, if only you could give it another 5 minutes but that would pass to 10 and then before you know it hours would go by and then you will have missed the day and all that needed to get done in it.

So you lay there a second, eyes trying to focus on staying open, body aching from badly sleeping in the night and you give in to the need to get up and start the day. You don’t want to but some days its just what needs to be done.

The water is steaming hot as it falls over your head, down your shoulders and back. Waking you bit by bit, stealing away the sleep from your eyes and giving a false sense of energy… just enough to help get you dry and dressed.

Coffee, the tool you need to really take off the last bits of sleep hanging around your body and your mind.

Laying naked on your bed I watch you as you slip away from me and take your shower. I make the bed and wrap myself in my satin robe and lay back down on top of the sheets, it is you that has to rush off so I wait for you to be done so I stay out of your way.

My robe is short, exposing my ass and legs. You walk in naked and dry, sexy, strong, I have been wet for you all night and would give so much to pause the clocks, to stop time and have you slip into me as I lay there on your bed.

You touch my legs, just a simple run up them with the tips of your fingers and I can feel my excitement rising but I know you cannot stay with me.

I lay there watching you and that tingle gets worse but there is nothing I can do, I cannot grab you and tie you down.

I cannot stop you from walking out on me when all I want is to drag you back to bed, have sex with you till we both pass out and sleep the day away… but you have your priorities and I understand so I make no move to stop you.

Dressed you walk out, I hear the door close and lock behind you… no time even for that coffee you so desperately need.

Rolling over onto my back, robe sliding open and exposing my wet fanny and full breasts…

I ache for you but let the cool air calm my skin and wick away the wetness. I don’t see the point of playing without you.

Instead I take a shower, knowing that same steaming hot water that ran over your body was now touching mine and dry myself with the same thick towel you used.

Holding it tight around me wishing it was you.

If you are going to do someone…

written 3 months ago

If you are going to do someone…something…I mean something…yes

If you are going to do something, then you need to give it all you’ve got and do it right the first time.

Never slip in half assed or give it less than your best, people will remember and you will be end up disappointing and being disappointed.

When doing something I give all that I am and make sure I do it well.

I know I made a slip of the tongue at the start of this and I might as well keep my naughty thoughts rolling on in that direction.

When you give a blowjob, put your passion into it.

I know I am not the best, I do not have a list of people saying how good I have made them feel, how hard they have cum or the things I like to do with my hands…but I love trying to get a man to cum.

The feeling of him getting excited, his cock out of his control as I manipulate it with my hands and mouths, lips tongue and for some a lil bit of teeth… again that is only for some.

I was so excited, I don’t know why but you do something to me and there isn’t a moment when I don’t want to do something sexual with you… even as simple as touching you.

We couldn’t have sex, there were others in the house but damn I had to have you…somehow

With you sitting there at the kitchen counter, the chair brought you to just the right height for me to play with you.

You told me no one had made you cum that way before and I didn’t care, I just wanted you in my mouth, wanted to please you and feel good myself.

I start unbuckling your belt, unbuttoning your pants and slipping you out of your pants.

I know we could get caught but I keep going and you don’t stop me…

Sliding in just the tip for my tongue to play with and wrapping my hand around your cock, going faster and sucking harder, feeling you get harder.

I can feel your body tensing up, making me wonder if you are gripping the edge of the chair, is it the fear of getting caught that excites you?

The surprise in your voice, the pleasure as you feel yourself getting ready to cum, hearing you moan and your voice getting deeper as you tell me you are going to cum.

I would have stripped you down then in the kitchen and slid you into me just to feel you tense up and shoot your load into me. I was so excited from playing with you, knowing how close you were that I would have cum if you had gone inside of me.

I know I cant, I know you wont, I know we need to use protection but dammit I want you and hate that I cant have you right then…

So I keep playing with you, not letting you off the edge of your chair, sucking more, running my tongue all over your head while you are in my mouth and timing my hand up and down with my sucking.

I want you to cum, I want you to keep talking, I want to keep hearing you moan… oh how I just want you.

Closer, just a lil closer, sitting on that edge and I do love the surprise I hear in your breathing and your voice as I get you so close to cumming in my mouth.
You tense up and I keep going, harder, faster, making every effort to please you and you reward me by slipping over that edge.

Warmth, flavor, slipping down my throat as I swallow all that you give me and suck just a lil more to clean you all off before you put yourself away.

More, I want so much more but I know I cant and I am ok with this… but damn my panties are wet.

Now I have the pleasure of being your first to make you cum from oral, you wont forget me, you may have better but I will always be your first and I find that a very special thing.

So if you do something, if you do someone, don’t be half assed, give it all that you can and make the effort.

Dont be nervous with me

written 3 months ago

i wont let you get nervous

we will get back to your place
you will reach for the whisky and i will take it from you and put it away
as you protest i will put my hands on your chest, wrap my fists into your shirt
i will half push half walk you to the door and push you against it
reach up with one hand and run my fingers through the back of your hair
push my body against yours so you wont escape my touch
let go of your shirt and run my hand down your cheek

i dont want you to be nervous

i run my hand down your chest and put just the fingers into your pants at the waist
bring my other hand down and walk with you in tow behind me to the bedroom
grabbing my purse as we go

i have you stand at the foot of the bed and start to undress you
taking of your shirt, running my hands over your skin
stepping in close and wrapping your hands around me
holding you close and resting my face against your chest
listening to your heart
just holding you

breathing in your smell, rubbing my cheek over your skin
finding a nipple and bringing it into my mouth
gently sucking, nibbling, enjoying your reaction

letting go of you and stepping out of your arms
i take your pants off and strip you till your are naked
again i step into your arms and hold you

i have you climb onto the bed and lay down on your back
from my bag i get my oils and set them near you
i have you watch me as i undress

climbing onto the bed i slink along your body, not touching
just teasing
straddle your hips so my sex is near yours but not touching

i have you turn over while i am above you and then sit slightly on you
my pussy, soft, naked of hair resting on your ass

time for a massage
you need to relax with me


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