Three more for the #ScavengerHunt

Note: these pictures are from November 2012 while I was in London enjoying myself and the freedom to just act out


I remember it well

Sitting outside

Waiting for the shuttle bus to take me to the airport and fly me away from London

To take me back home to France and all the things which bind me there

It was early in the morning

I had not slept much the night before

I had spent a lot of the night out with the Gentleman

Drinking more than I should have but enjoying his company

Feeling adventurous I took the typical picture in the bathroom


Once outside I admit to being even more adventurous

Had I been on my own I would never have done so but well…

Some things really just have to be done

There was an electrical van with two out of three workers

They were putting in some kind of cables I think and the third guy was out of luck

Underground and missing the fun

The main man did not take me seriously and then I dropped my top


After that everyone was smiling and posing


Of course altering their faces

Really sleep is for the weak or those that don’t travel at the crack of dawn

The shuttle bus arrives and the rain has fogged up the glass next to my seat

Why draw a funny face when you can salute the lovely Curvaceous Dee and her Scavenger Hunt


It really is hard to get the angle right on a self-portrait while the bus is moving

It was the small kind

There were few people in front of me but there had been a young woman in the same isle as me

She was only two seats away from me


I would love to have been able to take a picture in the airport but that is when I need a helping hand and not taking solo shots

Being on the plane and trying to angle the camera so no one sees what I am doing

While still showing that … yes!! I am on a plane


Somehow I made it all work and have these lovely pictures to show for it


I hope you have enjoyed my scavenger hunt

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