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make love to me in the smallest of ways

right now i would love to sit in your lap
my dress high around my thighs
your cock pulled out of your pants and sliding into me
my back to your chest
your arms around me
your face in my hair
and me gently rocking my hips to seduce you
slowly making love to you
getting you harder as you feel me get wetter
reaching down and caressing your balls

i want you to make love to me
taking your time
not because you love me
not because you need me
just because we can do this
because we can enjoy it
because we are here and now

no hard fast fuck before someone sees us
no dirty little slut play
no forgetting that i have needs too


Happy MILF Day #SinfulSunday

Note: As with all Sundays… I dedicate (when I remember to participate) my blog posts to the Sinful Sunday meme run by Molly as much as I love to tell a story, sinful sunday is all about the image click the badge and see who else is sharing their photos, posting their sin *naughty grin*

Sinful Sunday

Mother’s day is something special and wonderful, or so it should be but as with all holidays…

it has become more about buying items

The major problem for me is that, I don’t live in the states and that means mother’s day is never the same date as I expect it to be So.. in honor of French version (today!) I am changing it to MILF day… that way my boyfriend can .. well… give me something special to celebrate *evil grin*


Here I am, sharing MILF day with you 🙂


#1 me on top, hiding the blowjob as he takes my pic 😉 Image


#2 i love when he plays with my nipples…but harder please! Image


#3 mmmm reverse cowgirl for a good spanking and photo op Image


#4 being respectful and keeping him somewhat hidden 😉 Image


#5 … so… would you fuck this mother? Image

Pancakes and sex #SinfulSunday

as always, sinful sunday is about the picture 😀

check out what others are up to this sunday by clicking on the badge

Sinful Sunday

but for now! 

my sunday fun!


i made amazing pancakes this morning!

light and fluffy with just a hint of sweetness!



then came the bubble bath with TinMan

we used chocolate and caremel soap for the the silky feel and good flavor

a bath is a good place to have a heart to heart talk

which led to kissing

and that went on to me on all fours *blush*



seems the best way to a mans heart is through his stomach haha


INNOCENT #strapon #selfie for #SinfulSunday

Sinful Sunday

really the picture is rather innocent

even though i am topless and that is a strapon being molested but the flexible tripod

starting out with a shirt and seeing how the position is for the camera and the strapon


now topless and making sure to tease by NOT showing nipple 😉


sadly this pretty little toy has yet to be used…

after two years of owning it… maybe more now

so many willing victims have said “pick me pick me” but i never had the time, privacy or i was taken and off the market

sad times i tell you 😉

Taken in the kitchen #SinfulSunday

it’s all about the image, go see what others are doing for sinful sunday!

Sinful Sunday

In the kitchen

No pants of any kind

Still have my shirt and bra

I put on some heels

Typing as he tries not to cum yet

Playing with my clit

Kissing my shoulder

So hard to focus on typing

Moaning as he touches me

I love when he is behind me

His breath across my ear

I want to cum

I love when he moans

Teasing me

No longer in me

Tip just outside

Sliding over me

The wet sounds

His moan

Oh yes

Inside me


Why do you stop

If you cum now

Then we go to the bed top finish me

Mmm a spank!

I love when he speaks french to me


Massaging my breast

Mmm spanking

I don’t want to go slow

It feels good

Can’t keep quiet

Cum for me


Cum for me


Now to bed to take care of my needs

Time for me to cum

With music in my ears

My eyes closed

Toys to stimulate

His passion playing behind my closed eyes

Desires in my mind



wow… i have a big ass hahaha


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