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    June 2021
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too emo to post on #SinfulSunday :(

just been too emotional

too depressed

not sad, i stop myself from feeling that as much as possible

mostly feeling overwhelmed

no safe zone

in need of aftercare without any of the bdsm pleasure

feeling very much like the universe is using me for hardcore sm challenge

i want the fun, the pleasure, the normal struggles in life

just too overwhelmed

got to spend time with TinMan yesterday

that helped and that hurt

so easy to slip into the past and hate my ex husband for stealing my life

each day i have to fight the depression that says i should be in a partnership

that my bed shouldnt be half empty

that my house shouldnt be so caotic

that my life shouldnt be so stressed

that my eldest shouldnt yell at me, saying he isnt my boyfriend… there by meaning he feels he shouldnt have so many responsibilities

i want less stress and more cooperation

more fun, less mental abuse

my son is now 18

i have been treating him like an adult for the last year

trying to train him what the real world is like

he sees me as a petty tyrant

is incapable of helping

i am his maid, his slave… cinderella with no dress, no ball, no prince charming and no fairy godmother

but i am the problem (in his eyes)

people tell me i need a vacation

that wont help

i need control over my life

but i cant seem to get that

every time i come close something comes along and cuts me down

i’m tired of being strong

i’m tired of getting abuse when trying to do my job as a mom

i’m tired of the fighting

i’m tired of being alone… as in having a wealth of friends i never to rarely see, who live their lives without me

i am tired of reminding myself not to be jealous of the happiness of others

i’m tired of people saying i need a shrink when what i NEED is a job, steady income, improved health, less stress, more friends nearby, normalcy and better language skills to cope with living in a different country

tired of not being me

i want to laugh, go to parties, host parties, go camping, go to the movies, go out for drinks, go to music events

i want a garden with beautiful plants and to have people over for a bbq

so tired of having no interest in anything because i cant afford to spend energy on wishing for what i want and knowing i wont have it

i dont want to be strong any more

i want someone to help take the weight of the world off my shoulders because i keep trying to put it down, the stuff i shouldnt be carrying but it seems magnetized and flies right back at me

feeling so lost

ok i have cried

i have vented my soul

time to go back and be strong

be what everyone seems to think i am

so here

a pic for you to oo and ah over

forgetting my words and emo crap


cant go wrong with toes, sole, nipple and rounded nipples

hope your monday is less emotionally charged than mine

lost in time #selfie

played with my new camera while in maryland

enjoying the mirrors in my hotel room to take various selfies

this one turned out well but the lighting was all wrong

so i put it through a number of alterations

the end result makes me feel i was born in the wrong era

IMG_1316 b

off to sleep… picture says it all

as i am highly irritated with people and have nothing nice to say

i will go to bed and hope tomorrow is better

to offer sweet dreams i give this selfie i took in maryland

the hotel room had a mirror on the wall across from the bed

i took advantage of this and used my new camera

IMG_1629 a

kitten and boobs new pics, new kitten!

so my son picked out a kitten from a friend of a friend’s latest litter

i was gone a month due to my dads death, said he could pick her up when i got back but he got her  days early

this stressed me because i dint want google thinking i was gone and he was replaced

well they get on decently

but its my son’s kitten!

except she likes sleeping in my bed and going batshit crazy at play time, also in my bed

today i decided to get cute pics mixed with boob shots


as one does!

loved how in some she yawned


she seems to like tits and ass

she is now curled up along the curve of my ass

i am laying on my side as i surf the web

silly paprika

black bra and a smile

just a random selfie to show i am feeling a lil more me today

11 days of migraines and i am still able to smile

clouds moved the last of the pressure out or in which ever


but either way my head hurts less

now to dream of the one i love

IMG_3364 a


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