test the results …hair treatment #sinfulsunday

as always, Sinful sunday is all about the image…and the fun, the sensual or erotic…the smutt.. whatever you like..but it NEEDS an image, or two…or more!

check out the others who are being sinful..including the gentleclown, newest of the members to join our fun… please read the blogs and make comments of the positive kind (and yes that ass is fun to handle if any of you ladies are curious to test him)

Sinful Sunday


my sunday is pretty boring

tons of back pain and staying in bed with TinMan, hopefully i can one day talk him into starting a blog of his sinful side…

watching games of throne from the beginning.. i admit i had never seen it but for the love of any god…who could watch it when dubbed in french!!!

i thought i had never read the books..turns out i had, funny how the mind works..

and the last of my sunday was spent doing imitations of american comedians to explain the humor i like… seems i am scary when i do a  lewis black impression 😀 hahaha


so what did i do that was sinful? i “dyed” my hair

i used a mixture of coconut oil, black cumin/nigella oil, red palm oil (high in beta carotene, thus red coloring), honey and coconut milk..turned that into a hair treatment and pranced around the house, naked as a jay bird 😀

we will see tomorrow if there is any change to my colors, hoping for a deeper red and more soft curls


and yes, amazingly i have no makeup in this picture but smiling anyway! the black cumin/nigella oil is helping a lot with my skin

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