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dont fuck with me when i drive!

so wanted to use my car/momvan to reach ramming speeds and fuck up this creep tonight!

dickshit decided he just had to ride my ass so close i could see the whites of his eyes in the rear view, then at the round about goes from behind me (left lane) to cut off guy next to me (right lane) and take the circle nearly hitting me so he can drive a straight line on a curved area

i am used to buttmuches like this but he seriously had me torked off and heart was pounding and fuck i wanted to nail his side with the front of my car… cause i could have! RAMMING SPEEDS!!
had i been one of those other simpering wetnosed shits on the road it would have been simple to get confused and punch the accelerator instead of the break

i maneuvered fine, used to this shit by now, punched my horn loud, strong and long as i took the curve well and didnt fuck over anyone behind me

dickforbrains went on to play musical lanes before he finally turned out of sight

i was so pissed i was shaking

hope the shiny ass fuck gets a craving for bestiality and shags an armadillo

stop being stupid #rant #SendItToCalifornia #water

i wrote and posted this on facebook

i am so sick of people being stupid and happy in their misery instead of standing up and making the world better for everyone


rant (to those in california but also the rest of the world!)


dear people in california….

i keep seeing people i know or friends of friends on here or twitter of wherever who say “send it to california”

seriously? why?!!

ok you need water

what about the dessert countries do they need it any less?

do you think of them?

you may have less but you have it and its usually clean

what about kids/families that have no stable source of clean water

if you want water


why? cause you live next to a huge body of water!!

the caps are melting adding MORE water

there happen to be other lives doing that thing called living in the water..

purifying it might kinda be a good idea in general but more so if you want to keep doing that thing called eating them

the price of gas is high cause oil is omg running out and fuckers are greedy

you want water?

be mad fucking max and make water a high commodity

yes money can be made on investing in taking care of people and the planet!

making fresh, clean water means investing in other supporting technology which causes this thing called a chain reaction of jobs!

creating more jobs means a better quality of life!

and if you do it right, there is no reason it couldnt be implemented in other locations that have poisoned water due to stupid humans/businesses or natural disasters

and there is also that future point that if any of you fuckers want to leave earth for some other far flung world

it might be nice to have this type of technology perfected first

if you cant do it at home why the fuck do you think you could survive elsewhere!

as for people in flooding zones or high snow zones

well fuck, if we had better purification systems in place

maybe we could collect a portion of the run off and help avoid so many disasters that happen from over saturation

why leave huge mini mountains of snow to block people off

adding toxic chemicals or salt to the roads to keep the ice from forming

all of this causes over saturating an area from the water and other things that kill the flora and fauna and eat away at cars, roads and harming our health

if we could shovel it up, haul it off to a treatment plant, process and store it

well hell… maybe there would be less drought going on

and more jobs to help boost the economy

but ya know

all of this is a moot point if the majority of people keep focused on ….omg send it here or omg look at how big my/her tits look in this/that or omg this reality tv show is so worth all my time!!

not enough people are thinking

not enough people are doing something for the future

our priorities are fucked up (fuck “race”, religion, gender, stereotypes etc)

we are failing as HUMANS

we let petty bullshit get tagged onto situations and then they spiral out of control

we stop giving a damn about other people and what they go through

we pass blame without knowing all the details, can’t be bothered to learn the truth and refuse to do anything to make it all better

stop bitching

stop whining

stop doing the pity me song and dance

stop pointing fingers!!

all of you get off your ass and make a difference!

push this world to a better future instead of running it into the ground and being callous fucktards!

utopia is like perfection

something to strive for, the act of working for it makes everything better

but perfection and utopia are a myth

you cant have it but you can still make a difference and up the quality of life!

and that is the next best thing!

so get smarter

stop doubting yourself and make a difference

even something small helps

i hate this time of year ..mini rant

i hate this time of year
i have a house that is still a mess because i dont have enough storage units to store shit
virtually no furniture
probly not going to afford much for the kids for the holidays
probly wont get paid for the food they eat while the stay with me the first half of the holidays
right now, all i really want is the house to be warm, clean and some simple decorations to bring back the magic they havent been getting in the 6yrs we have been here
i hate this time of year
i am over budget on everything
i wash my dishes by hand because i dont have a machine..i spend hours at the sink and it is depressing
i have no washing machine and spend about 50€ a month doing laundry at the laundry box nearby… more hours of my life gone
i bought material to make curtains so i can keep the heat out but i still have to finish the edging and buy things to hang them
i have to fix my car… god only knows what they will tell me, might end up needing 800 or more in repairs if they get looking for reasons to take my money
i need the cd player deblocked and the driverside chair deblocked..hope i dont need new tires AGAIN.. i have to get it checked for that thing you do.. cant remember the name in english or french but that thing for making it road legal cause that is coming up next month
it is sluggish..does that mean new spark plugs or something? i dont know cars
my cat and the neighbors cat are trying to piss in my plants… inside plants…
neighbor was a drunk fuck, he smashed up his car on the new road hump that was installed with all the other lovely changes to the little town i live in… he fucked up a lot of shit and each airbag deployed and front window has long cracks and there was oil allll over… same neighbor that has no problem trying to molest me or tries to get too close to the other two female neighbors (one younger than me, one older)… seems karma is going to be one cruel bitch to him
hope he leaves us alone, i dont need his bs
unemployment people look at me and say “but you dont look sick” and want me working 35 hours a week
i havent worked in 6.5 years and the year before that i was either pregnant or on maternity leave… so make it i havent worked part time or full time in at least 7.5 years
there is no way i can cope with that many hours, my health is way better but …i need more sleep than most, i need a fucking dishwasher and washing machine or i cant work..yay catch 22
doesnt help that they want me working as a secretary..in the uk or the states i could but no fucking way in france! just no way… it is too complicated!
and it doesnt help that my son goes to school 35 min north of where i live, the unemployment people want me visiting their location or working near them which is 25-30 min east of where i live and over an hour from my son… he has issues too and i cant be that far from him!
no one is listening to me
they hear what they want and do what they think i need
i dont get the right paperwork! i am made to look like some crazy fool that is overly paranoid! even my paranoia is justified when they keep fucking me over!
the people who are empathetic to my situation cant help
the ones who can help dont give a fuck and fail to see why i am so upset
i am fighting so many small battles and big wars
i dont want a shrink..
i want fun
i want a life
i want the small things
the simple things
i want friends that are closer to me than (min 35 min and i have to drive cause they dont) over 2hours away
i want a girls night out..whatever that means…i wouldnt know cause i dont do that
i want to go to the movies
i want the normal small shit that people take forgranted
i want the OPTION to do my nails and pamper myself…i just want that option
i want to stop “coping” ..stop existing..i want to live and have a life
i want to give that to my kids
i dont understand why everything has always been so damn complicated
yes, i know, there are others who have it worse
but i am not them
my pain and fears and frustrations are valid!
i hate this time of year
it reminds me how worthless i feel every day and try to for get that
i know it is bs..part of the damage applied to me, the traumas of being a victim vs getting past all that bs and being a survivor ..aka trying to be/look normal
fuck i hate this time of year
and too much to do …so cant keep whining…have to go bitch at people for being retarded…again!

no cheese in france, letter to @SUBWAY ( @SubwayFrance )

on a funnier note… to deal with my frustration over life, the universe and food… i sent a ‘save me’ message to subway subs… cause… france doesnt have shit for cheese haha

dear subway subs…
i am an american living in france and for all the “lovely” cheese they have here…. they lack what i need from your chain…

please make france move their butt and make the restaurants more authentic with provolone (i need this for meatball sub!!) and all the other flavors… they only have plastic white and some kind of shredded orange and white…

i am highly disappointed that the newest location in (name edited) looks like it was really meant to be a starbucks… nice design but where is the old school print of subway maps!

i can forgive that if they get the good cheese!

in france there is no “monterey” anything, jack or pepper jack or colby!
sometimes feta and mozzarella…sometimes
the cheddar here is from the uk…not the same at all!!!
and as i stated there is no provolone!

swiss! they have swiss! france seems to think that is the only cheese which should be sold shredded… *twitch*

please… save me

and if you don’t believe the differences you should see how they mutilated pizza hut and dominos!…. TUNA pizza? *whimper*

please save me

i can’t leave… (in the process of divorce and i wont leave without my kids and he will never let them leave france)

i will happily be a minion …

lots of love


ps…for all the humor, yes this is a serious problem..help

needing some help

so… i am feeling frustrated and not trying to let it get to me or make me panic…not easy but i am getting better at it…

i have eaten through all the money i have … or damn close (either help from my mom or inheritance from one of my grandmothers)

the government help is slowly kicking in, as usual.. and i am still finding out (little by little) what i qualify for, though this is a bitch because i dont know the french system and it isnt like they keep a list of what people need and hen offer the list to the public

i have a social worker helping me but that too is slow and doesnt do much for me because of the language issue and the cultural differences

there is also a decision of some kind that should be happening in november and it is involving my divorce but i have no idea what that means because my lawyer speaks the dreaded LAWYER language, as if normal technical french wasnt enough of an issue

no idea if it is about my kids or the house or what… *le sigh*

so… because of catch 22s i cant set up a “go fund me” account (or similar) until after the divorce or he will try to claim part of the money and i just don’t need that type of bs

i know a lot of you cant help because you are far away and that is fine

WHAT I AM ASKING help for…and please pay attention because i tend to get bitchy when people try to focus on other bits and then they get bitchy when i dont use their advice which had nothing to do with what i needed in the first place…

so what i need

is a job

either online shit i can do from home with no SERIOUS qualifications
or something i can do in the uk, where i can use ryanair to fly up for a few days when i dont have the kids

so…. yeah… help would be nice

i am more qualified for retail (10yrs exp plus management) and waitressing

i can legally work in europe or the uk/similar areas

i have handicap worker status but that also means i cant work all the time…then again with trying to gain custody of my kids and having my 17yr old live with me…i cant work full time away from home

i am willing to start escorting but that would only be in the uk where the language problems are less and i have good people to keep me safe and healthy

i am willing to be a cam girl again or similar ideas but i need better sites to join or advice on payment methods and such

i will do just about anything to keep myself above water and regain control of my life, gain custody of my kids and offer them a better life…. they are my priority

and i seriously hate the fact that my “husband” has driven me to the point where i have to do this, be this… any of it

he made promises and he broke them and now i have to fight to survive and it is tiring and scary

so yeah… this is me

this is my life

let me know if you can help

but please pay attention to what i have said

i realllly dont want to have to bitch at someone for telling me something i already know and cant do as stated above


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