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Toes Water …lost in la la land

ok i wasnt really lost

but it is france so i can still get away with calling it la la land haha

i am still in pain

horrible migraine but it is fading

only 2.5 days

so i am trying to show off the beautiful area that my son showed me

he is often getting lost on his bike rides and later comes home

“omg i found this beautiful place to catch salamanders”


“there is this amazing cave and area where they used to wash laundry in the old days”

and many similar things

the weekend was lovely towards the end and i had enough energy

so we went for a walk

i was in the wrong shoes but who cares

we both had cameras and snapped many pictures

the turn around point was the cave and laundry stream

IMG_3009 a

i sat for a bit and splashed my toes in the water

IMG_2990 a

the air was warm

sun was golden through the trees

and the water was chilly but perfect

and then i had to dry my feet

IMG_3006 a

put on my shoes

and walk back to the car

so here are my pictures



IMG_3090 a

i love these trees

IMG_2961 a

the cave where the water comes from

IMG_2967 a

and the area where i sat to dip my toes in the water

the migraines stopped me from doing more this week

but hopefully i will see shooting stars tonight

3 yrs blogging #SinfulSunday

i haven’t been blogging much these days

so little motivation

so little energy to spare

stress from every angle

some pleasure

which always leads me to pain

tonight is a good example of this

i decided i was curious to try candle wax on sensitive skin

i know the concept

and i was cautioned on how different wax burns at different heats

tonight was only a photo-shoot

a test..

in the name of science!

…and photography

the pain i felt

when wax hit skin

was a sharper heat then physically expected

mentally i was sure i had the wrong style of candles

but for an image i am willing to try

had this been a night of sin and erotic pleasure

then the pain would have stopped me

it would have turned me off and the night would have ended

but as a test for images

i braved on and dealt with the pain

putting it to the side and ignoring it

no emotional attachment to the pain

the colors were cute

the pattern was playful

but when the wax came off

so did a bit of skin

red is left behind

there will be interesting marks for the vanillas to see

spring time sun will get interesting

wearing low cut tops

scaring the locals

you can’t seduce everyone you know

so take this warning if you (the general you of whomever is reading this) have yet to try wax

learn before hand the safety rules

the ways to protect your skin

how to chose your candles

sometimes the most obvious things are ignored

pleasure and pain

but make sure it is the good pain

….. so

here are my images

3 years blogging thanks to the birthday girl molly

IMG_2822 a

and an image of me on my knees

with wax on my right breast

the candle still lit

to show you a bit of light

IMG_2848 a

now off i go

into the darkness

i wish you a sweet good night

Sinful Sunday

see who else is being sinful this sunday

please have a look at the other lovely bloggers who participate in this #SinfulSunday meme

and give them positive compliments for their efforts of posting images today

remember that sinful sunday is all about the image

sadness, humor and dead smurfs

normally i try to participate in the Sinful Sunday meme run by Molly of Molly’s daily kiss

but this weekend has a challenge to the fun

a twist that i simply could not put to image

i had words galore of what i could say for the 5 senses

ideas that i could put to image if allowed a room full of models

or friends haha

but i have been too ill the last few days

and later this afternoon i was in a fit of rage

dealing with a teenager is never easy

often times he is my mirror and we both sound petty and selfish

trying to clean the house while angry

not easy

my other two boys are staying this week

the second half of vacation

so i try so damn hard to make this place easy for them

hard when i still need so many things

a couch, storage units of all sizes, proper curtains

i did buy material to block the cold but i dont have the right machine to sew the ends to hang them

everywhere i look there is some “thing” that reminds me how much i feel like i am failing

not easy to stay positive when you keep feeling attacked from every tiny thing

so by the time the boys were all here

i wanted a vacation

i was depressed, angry, tired

i took a quick break while the machine did the dishes it was supposed to do last night

when done i still had energy to burn

a need to “kill” something

smash bash and crash things

so i beat the crap out of some eggs haha

made more pancakes

i yelled up the stairs to the boys saying


turns out smurf blood is blue but as it oxidizes it turns green

ok maybe not but that is the story i am sticking to as to why my blue dye turned the pancakes green

was either that or i tell the boys i saved a sample of hulk sperm

hahah which i could have done easily with the water i removed from the rice

i added too much (as usual) and i have a habit of draining it out while still hot and using it later for other cooking

as it cools it solidifies into this discussing jelly like mess

i might just need to try coloring that haha

yeah brain is a bit tired

i would like to say i need a vacation but it isnt that

i need strength

i need courage

i need a brain

i have far too much heart but more is good

humor helps

anyway here is the last of the smurf blood

IMG_1487 a

day 25 #FebPhotoFest2015

i have no idea which picture to post

it is 11pm

i have many i COULD post

but for the moment i will talk about my day and see what randomly inspires me

it has worked before

i stayed up all night yesterday

been doing that too often lately

slept the morning away and chatted with my son for hours this afternoon

flirted with guys on okcupid

young ones at that

some can be such charmers!

flirting with older ones on facebook

flirting helps my self worth

haha though some do not approve knowing that i flirt

a 20 year old male inspired me tonight


if you were with a younger guy, like me *cough*, would you be more dom or sub?


…i am open to young and old alike
they just have to be good people

so most likely with you i would have deep discussions on your secrets, your taboos and i would probly want to do this in public where you run the risk of being heard… i would learn to control your body by learning your mind


I am not going to lie that bit at the end got me really aroused


if i want to seduce you
words are my best tool
if inspired
i would wrap them around you
tie you down with thoughts
make you submit to my desires

always fun to find someone that can get my brain flowing

it can be difficult living in a different country with a different language

i was listening to the radio and heard the dj’s talking about things they hate in women

one of the french males said accents

poking fun at ukranian, belgium and canadian accents when speaking french

i made an audio recording of my voice in french but i have yet to upload it

i do want to challenge them and post it on their facebook page

…. hmm what else

in a cuddly mood

need more music

being random tonight

will show an example of the pics i was altering last night for sale to help me get to the two weddings this spring


and this one


plus a few more..

ok will go with a wednesday blast from the past

a day trip to a hotel with a gentlement i met at one of the kink events and a D/s couple from back in 2011

the Dom from the couple had a few toys and i forget which gentleman it was but one of them took a cane to my ass

…. i am not doing that again

i love some types of pain

i LOVE being spanked

but the feeling .. the TYPE of pain that the cane offered made me feel ill

though i loved my marks

IMG_7901 a

i did enjoy the marks to my breasts

cane to the breasts and rope marks

IMG_7895 a

hope you like


ohzzz mah gawd COOKIES!! #SFWpics

holy shit my son made cookies!


he is 17years old… wow 18 less than 6 months!

he is an artist, a dreamer and highly social

he loves tasty food but doesnt know how to cook much

the microwave he can use easily

stove top not too bad

but the oven worries him

he is eager to learn but gets distracted

for valentines day weekend he wanted to make cookies for his girlfriend after seeing a video on youtube

Rainbow Heart Cookies “Eugenie Cookies” – Eugenie Kitchen

but he got sick

i still bought the supplies

he just noticed them the other day and got excited

last night i stayed up late

wasnt feeling well

working on images to sell

finally got to sleep around 7:30 this morning

he randomly comes in to ask me a question while i am sleeping

later i wake up

go potty and hear him stalking me outside the door haha!

he was all excited like a happy puppy

it was adorable

i got all teary eyed

so proud of my boy!

i dont do cookies

i end up burning them to the point that hazmat should come collect the toxic waste

it is amazing to watch him surpass me

to see where we differ and how we get to the same results

he conquered his fears

so damn cool and gives me motivation to keep fighting my fears

we all feel like we arent good enough in life

simple things help make the difference


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