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Screwed in all the wrong ways 😭

Yay (sarcasm)

Was feeling all cute and cuddly

Ready to face the cold and wind so I could toss the ball around with Bruce

Was going to make a fun video and be cheerful with the cats and Bruce

Back inside with a panic attack

Was supposed to get a small shipment of cat food to hold me over till I get money in the bank after the 5th

Because tomorrow I’ll be out of cat food and I can’t guarantee local stores will have any and I’d have to walk 6+ km to the nearest store in a lockdown county

But plans fell through and earliest I could get help is Wednesday

This is why I give help but have been too traumatized to ask for help

This is why I get upset when people pull a surprise on me

This is why I need full details

This is why my ex husband traumatized me and has instilled this behavior into my boys, thus perpetuating the negativite pattern of miscommunication

And this is why folks try to say I’m paranoid and don’t genuinely need all the details

This is my constant

This is my daily, weekly, monthly for years

This is not new because of covid-19

This is because society at large…sucks and now I have bigger stress pilled on top

So I’m going back to bed to cry my frustrations because tomorrow I’ll have to be strong and find an alternative… As always

I’m seriously tired of chronically being strong

22 of 31 March photography challenge + #sinfulsunday

Time to mix things up

In more ways than one

Today’s challenge is “stripes”

I take no responsibility for you laughter or loss of Libido for the final picture in this collection 🤣


Sinful Sunday is all about the erotic, sensual, sexual, kinky and other sides of sin

So we will start with those kind of stripes

Click on the lips to see the other lovelies being sinful

Sinful Sunday

Please like, share and comment

Due to my health, insomnia and craptastic internet…

I don’t always lead by example and do apologise to my fellow bloggers ♥️

And now to ruin your sexual excitement 🤣

I had a bitch of a time coming up for “stripes” as a normal picture

I also had a moment of sleep deprivation stoopids and I did a number of silly shots before settling on something boring

like the strap of a bag

And teasing the vanilla people about my blog but giving no details haha

This is my favorite of the silly shots

It’s no real surprise I’m single 🤣

Tomorrow’s challenge is “rings”

Too bad I’ve got no cock to like and put a ring on it haha

Wolf in sheep’s onesie

I’ve recently become addicted to pettably soft onesies… It’s been very cold lately

While spending the night with a naughty group of friends, I decided to at least look innocent and we all know how that typically ends

I kept my panties and bra on but pranced around in my onesie

Very much feeling like a wolf in sheep’s clothing

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