#SinfulSunday oops! did i flashed the cops?

so yesterday was another hot one in france

i had company coming over and wanted to clean up the house a bit since my boys went back to my ex

my room was last on the list to organize and since it was so hot i decided to be naked and sweat as little as possible.. hard to do with the sun shining full blast into my bedroom window

i really do try to avoid flashing the neighbors as my room faces the road but i heard a noise outside hahah

seems a helicopter was circling the area and by the colors and flight pattern i could tell it was not one of the machines from the hospital.. so that left cops or military

either way i was standing at the window, completely nude and showing off my pale skin to any who happened to look my way


which i am pretty sure they did as they circled back a few times and angled so they could get a clear view but from a respectful distance


i found the whole situation extremely funny

then again my style of humor is often a bit naughty and i really can’t help but tease the poor french men who seem to have a serious affection for large breasts


so i’m off to check out who else is being naughty this lovely sinful sunday

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Sinful Sunday

Summer hammock #nsfw

so i am still not properly installed in the new rental house

but it is going well

i have land to take care of… interesting

the fun part is i decided that I NEED A HAMMOCK!

and i bought one

it is brazillian style, so made larger than normal designs and meant more for sitting but laying down is a lovely experience


last week was horridly hot where i am.. 38°C/100.4°F and a bit further up in the big town was 40°C/104°F

i went out to relax in the hammock and have been finding ways to rig it up to add a lil privacy.. a tent of sorts hahah

most of the garden is closed off but if anyone is in the house and one side attached to neighbors.. well that means i have to be careful in my nudity

but i made an attempt to see if i could


and i can

i’ve missed posting and when the net settles itself out, i will make an effort to start posting more (here but also twitter as i have been ignoring that as well)

i hope you enjoy my lil view of summer


French lesson #SinfulSunday

As always, Sinful Sunday is about the image but because today is the first Sunday of the month, there is a special prompt that helps to inspire us to create and post an image of a specific sort


This month the prompt is the letter A


I have not posted in a while, lacking inspiration but this was just what I needed… click on the lips and see who else is sharing their images… “like” comment, share

Sinful Sunday

so here goes…


being that I am an American living in France, I thought to spice things up with a language lesson


my A word being “Aise”


if I understand correctly “Aise” translates to pleasure, not just the normal sense of the word but more that sexual feeling you get that is a kin to feeling high


or when you apply a heat pack to a sore spot


or opening a beer at the end of a long hot day


the word “aise” is more in use with older generations


I asked TinMan to look at two images I wanted to post and see if he could help me choose an “A” word and write an example of it’s use


here is his poem:

Tu es là, divine, étendu sur ce lit,

La vue qui m’est offerte en dit long sur la suite,

Ces petits ronds là est-ce des bougies,

Cela insuffle en moi une passion, elle m’habite,

Le rythme de ma respiration s’accélère, mon cœur s’affole,

Je ne sais si ce soir je te prends en dièse ou en bémol,

Tu te tourne lentement vers moi,

Quelque chose me susurre “prépare-toi pour une bonne baise”,

Tout mes sens se mettent en émoi,

Ces seins lourds…mon dieu, je ne peux que soupirer d’AISE.

I love his words and I know the gift he offers to add to my blog, to not judge me and encourage that I keep posting


it has been fun working with him to give you a proper translation


he was concerned that a translation would loose the poetic sound of the words, the questions made when no question mark was added and the translation “sharp or flat” having to do with musical notes


but he did well on translating the poem he wrote, each time we speak his English improves


I hope you enjoy both the French lesson and the images


here is his translation:

You are here, divine, lying on this bed,

The view offered to me speaks a lot of what will happen,

These small rounds here is it candles,

This instills in me a passion, she lives in me,

The rhythm of my breathing go faster, my heart goes crazy,

I do not know if tonight I catch you in sharp or flat,

You turn you slowly towards me,

Something whispers “get ready for a good fuck”,

All my senses are in turmoil,

These heavy breasts … my god, I can only sigh of AISE.

IMG_6936 a

crawling down the bed to get comfortable

IMG_6964 a

seducing you with candles waiting to be lit

peep me while i sleep nude

seem sleeping with the window curtain raised just a lil bit while nude is a conversation piece

i woke up and looked out the window

a cute young man in a suit was looking me over while on the phone waiting for his elevator

i looked him in the eye and rolled over

my back was exposed to him

making it clear i was topless

i watched him through the reflection of my phone as i played candy crush

he went away

another young man showed up and went away

then the first guy in a suit came back

he would pace away but kept coming back to the window lol

london is fun


now in a robe, bed made and i keep walking semi nude past the window
another cute guy on the phone…
too fucking funny
naughty peeping toms
not that i’m innocent since i keep teasing the boys

bye bye sin…. #sinfulsunday

he stopped by

words were spoken

passions escalated

but time was not on our side

still he came

i wore it with pride

all across my breasts

down my chest

wiped by cloth


IMG_4411 a

a shower under hot water

bye bye sin

skin washed clean again

Sinful Sunday

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