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Monday Requests #nipples #humor

so i was flirting with a friend

as one does

and i am feeling playful so i said i would take a request

he asked to see my my breasts

the warm weather being effective at raising his libido

i asked if he wanted me to write something so he would know they were new pictures

he said “suck my milk”

ok why not

that isnt too shameful or bothersome to me

i like the humor in it


so i took a bunch of pictures


and since i have a blog meant for sharing


you get to see as well


thus why i talk to people and flirt

i love being inspired to create something i can later share here

bringing #nipples into your day

a friend of mine on twitter is depressed

i am sure there are other folks out there that are in a funk and i figured i would try and help some of you get out of that winter depression

lets help bring back warm weather and the scantly clad ladies 😉


me, in the shower… the joys of soap 🙂




More pictures coming

written 2011

decided to play dress up again and this time did some makeup
prepped the bathroom as it had the best light and the mirror to help me pose better since these are all self portraits

hung a white drape over the shower curtain, another over a step ladder and the took 191 pictures and 3 videos… it is fun to see what i look like squirting

i know i am a squirter but i have never seen it, i guess dressing up and taking pictures excites me. last time i got a little wet after 30min (127 pictures) and then got dressed to go about my day

this time i got very excited and decided to play, cant have that built up frustration.

will go through the pics when i have a quiet moment and then alter them before posting. i hope to have them up no later than friday

when they do go up i will post again and i hope you will leave comments





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