peep me while i sleep nude

seem sleeping with the window curtain raised just a lil bit while nude is a conversation piece

i woke up and looked out the window

a cute young man in a suit was looking me over while on the phone waiting for his elevator

i looked him in the eye and rolled over

my back was exposed to him

making it clear i was topless

i watched him through the reflection of my phone as i played candy crush

he went away

another young man showed up and went away

then the first guy in a suit came back

he would pace away but kept coming back to the window lol

london is fun


now in a robe, bed made and i keep walking semi nude past the window
another cute guy on the phone…
too fucking funny
naughty peeping toms
not that i’m innocent since i keep teasing the boys

oh yeah #TittyTuesday forgot what day it is

with all the things going on in my life

and all the pictures in the various halloween masks

i forgot today was titty tuesday

IMG_4215 a

someone in one of the private groups i follow…reminded me

so here are some pics from the other day

with the mask

IMG_4179 a

and without

IMG_4325 a

i hope you enjoy them all

remember to look through my blog and see if there are other posts you like

i love comments

a gift from a friend #SinfulSunday

a friend of mine kept pestering me to give him my numbers

by that i mean my measurements

though he was innocent in his asking

wanting only my wrist

i know his love for gingers

for women with curves

and though he is very much the perfect gentleman

i know the desires he hides

so i gave him my size

picked my colors

allowed him to give me a piece of himself

and in return he asked nothing

but you know me

i love to give

so the best way i could return the lovely bracelet he crafted for me

is to show it off

but since he has a passion for me

why simply wear it on my wrist

a taste of nipple

IMG_4715 a

the cold metal

slowly dragging across hot skin

with this second picture i think of how his bracelet would look

if instead it was designed to pinch and hold my nipples

IMG_4677 a

the tweezer clamp being my preferred style

making me wonder how this lovely bit of twisted color would look

dangling from my large and delicate nipples

as with all sundays…

we try to be a bit sinful

myself and the others enjoying this meme

please take a moment to brows through the others participating

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Sinful Sunday

country graffiti #humor #nipples

you know it was funny

yesterday i was driving home and i saw something i meant to share

but i was distracted with posting pictures for sinful sunday


this fits with the last set of pictures i posted

the french have a fun sense of humor

in the country you have less walls to write graffiti

instead… post a sign!!!

it reads


i am used to the french having their “non” signs

no we dont want this or that!

say no to the new train or new something

well this one says “no to hairy nipples”

yeah…. gatta love the french hahah

Monday Requests #nipples #humor

so i was flirting with a friend

as one does

and i am feeling playful so i said i would take a request

he asked to see my my breasts

the warm weather being effective at raising his libido

i asked if he wanted me to write something so he would know they were new pictures

he said “suck my milk”

ok why not

that isnt too shameful or bothersome to me

i like the humor in it


so i took a bunch of pictures


and since i have a blog meant for sharing


you get to see as well


thus why i talk to people and flirt

i love being inspired to create something i can later share here

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