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Nudity-Sin poem #sinfulsunday

Sinful Sunday is all about the image

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Feel free to skip my words, I have many that I needed to say

Sinful Sunday

I’m feeling rather nude and raw these days

Not in the fun sort of ways

I’d been doing really well with focusing on me, working on getting back my creativity and feeling more sexualI’d even started having a few fantasies again…

I haven’t had those in years

Not ones for me, my desires, my wants, only adding in specific people if it was my choice

Instead of people pleasing or story telling and creatingI was doing really well!!

Then I ended up being guilted into taking my 18 yr old son and his friend into my home for 2 weeks

I wasn’t ready

He didn’t have to be there normally, not his typically scheduled time but she had no where else to go due to the closing of student housing

I ended up sliding back into old habits of trauma, losing all the momentum and happiness…

and confidence…

I had worked hard to gainSo many panic attacks due to C-PTSD and I’m genuinely struggling

So I’ve been raw online

Screaming at the world to do better, be better and stay the fuck home

But also trying to reach out

For my sanity as much as others

I can easily strip my clothing and run around naked

Ok maybe not run…

I don’t do that running shit…

But you know what I mean

Being emotionally naked…

That’s more difficult for most but I practice it dailyI’m lonely…

More so than typicalI’m scared…

For reasons you probly wouldn’t anticipateI’m frustrated and angry…

So I’m exposing myself…

In many ways

And if someone needs to connect on an emotional level, I’m happy to help…

Because it helps me too

Edited with image at the bottom

Was too close to the coding for the lips at the top and caused problems

22 of 31 March photography challenge + #sinfulsunday

Time to mix things up

In more ways than one

Today’s challenge is “stripes”

I take no responsibility for you laughter or loss of Libido for the final picture in this collection 🤣


Sinful Sunday is all about the erotic, sensual, sexual, kinky and other sides of sin

So we will start with those kind of stripes

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Sinful Sunday

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Due to my health, insomnia and craptastic internet…

I don’t always lead by example and do apologise to my fellow bloggers ♥️

And now to ruin your sexual excitement 🤣

I had a bitch of a time coming up for “stripes” as a normal picture

I also had a moment of sleep deprivation stoopids and I did a number of silly shots before settling on something boring

like the strap of a bag

And teasing the vanilla people about my blog but giving no details haha

This is my favorite of the silly shots

It’s no real surprise I’m single 🤣

Tomorrow’s challenge is “rings”

Too bad I’ve got no cock to like and put a ring on it haha

13 of 31 March photography challenge

Today’s challenge is “prized possession”

It’s a bit complicated as I don’t really have a materialistic personality

Even though my house is full of things…

If I’m speaking from a sexual or erotic perspective…

I don’t often objectify people, so that’s out

I have a number of toys but nothing that really “does it for me”

Or I need a partner haha

My leather underbust corset was a favorite a few years ago but I’ve lost too much weight to wear it haha

If staying on a fetish thing…

Smell is intense for me

As a switch, I like having a partner that has a primal aspect to their personality and scent often triggers an impressive desire

There is a difference, for me, with primal vs alpha

With primal, for me, it’s about letting go and living in the moment…

Allowing your senses to be free, to breathing in the blissful scents that inspires instinctual actions

Putting human desires and social restraints on hold as you remember that we are technically animals

I love inspiring lust

Wearing a specific smell on my wrists, the top of my head…my neck

Mmmm… I miss the act of being intimately close, of having them breathe up or down the length of my body to find the scent they crave

My favorite is blueberry essential oil by Spiritual Sky

It’s an old bottle, I can’t find this flavor any more and as a materialistic sort of thing… I guess it could count

But I’m more for deeper meaning and yet I’m too sleepy to think of any

Tomorrow’s challenge is “breakfast”

yoga pants #SinfulSunday

yayay another sunday rolls around!

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Sinful Sunday
so less words this week, more pictures.. ya know since sinful sunday is all about the image
a while back i bought some yoga pants at the sports store
not those wannabe things that are more like tights and show every detail the wider your ass or the more you bend
i found soft ones that can be worn with less fear and more comfort
the fun part is i can flip up the grey area, that stays on the hips, to cover my breasts when not wearing a bra
IMG_0187 a
the down side of this is the fact that i have very large breasts and if i move too much my breasts try to escape!
IMG_0084 a
when this happens, if TinMan is near.. his hands always find their way to my nipples…
not that i’m complaining
IMG_0086 a
i hope your sunday is full of fun and pleasure
now that i have made an effort to post something
i am off to kill shit on Destiny!!
*happy dance/butt wiggle*

i love my curves #eroticphoto


the gentle curves which artists used to worship

now shamed by modern media

i love my curves

i love my old world classic beauty

i love that i don’t give a rats ass what media says *grin*

i hope you love your body too

no mater the differences

you are beautiful too


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