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      February 2018
      M T W T F S S
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    Don’t worry Be happy #SundayResolution

    post 2 for my sunday resolutions!!

    why wait for next week!

    i will post as many as inspire me but only on sundays hahah


    so! Don’t Worry!

    BE HAPPY!!


    yay for friends with a foot fetish!!

    having fun with markers!


    who says you have to grow up and stop being playful with colors!

    i love drawing on my skin like when i was a kid

    its fun!


    why deny yourself a simple pleasure!

    go draw on yourself too! 😉

    Bound to Happen #SinfulSunday

    as with all my sundays (posted or not) it is time to give a look at molly and the others participating in Sinful Sunday

    the time when it is all about the image

    click on the lips and see who else is enjoying sunday.. and leave comments!

    Sinful Sunday

    this holiday time has been very dark and painful

    but new years is just around the corner.. twice if you count chinese new year (and i do)

    fun is coming back into my life

    along with it


    IMG_0297 a

    a nice weekend

    relaxing in pleasure

    IMG_0259 a

    i hope this sort of thing keeps getting better in 2015

    see you next year 😉


    Goodbye 2013

    Goodbye 2013

    I would like to say it was nice knowing you

    We have had some lovely times, some heart warming times and even a number of naughty times

    But for all that said…

    I can’t wait for you to fuck off

    You have broken my heart, tried to crush my spirit and denied me so much

    There have been far too many times when I was scared shitless, my life in danger, my loved ones scared, damaged or dead

    I know that we puny humans have the habit of only seeing the dark side of the situation and forgetting all the wonderful moments and in part that is why I write

    To remember

    After looking over all I have said this year on facebook, all the pain I have vented and frustrations I have felt….

    2013 you can fuck off and die, I am sick of your presence in my life and the lives of those I know, love and even the ones I don’t know

    Never again will you hurt me or rip out my heart or leave my soul lost and bleeding

    I look to the new year

    A new start

    2014 I welcome you with open arms, a warm heart and an unconditional love that you better not abuse

    I beg that you are kinder, far more gentle than your brother, that you grant me the joy I have been struggling so hard to find, create and maintain

    Love me 2014

    Be kind to me 2014

    Be gentle but strong and grace my life, the lives of my family and friends, the lives of those I have never met and may never meet… 2014 grace us all with happier times

    E.B. Starpointer

    erotic author and sex-positive male commentator

    An Accident In Space And Time

    Just your average, friendly Vulcan

    Exposed Loving

    Be Love. Bring Love. LOVE.

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