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Nudity in the garden #wankwednesday

Last week I was inspired to get my bum into the garden

Enjoying the sunshine and solitude

To take pictures of all the pretty things….

As well as to remember my own body could be one of the captured pretties

I’m still not comfortable in my skin

Partly from the dramatic weight loss over the last 3 years…

Meaning it’s harder to pose in a flattering or sexy way

But also because it’s been a long time since someone really brought out my creativity and acted as my muse

Helping me to genuinely feel attractive vs an object of someone’s quick wank during their bored and horny day

The point of my blog has always been a 3 part thing

Sharing who I am, focusing on my creative side and taking satisfaction in my beauty even if I’ve never fit the social ideal

Sharing body positivity and sex positivity… No matter what age, gender, race or body shape… You are beautiful, attractive, capable of being sexy! That sex should be a fun experience instead of some kind of shameful taboo

But also let’s face it… There will always be wankers 🤣

Having a blog to send the fuckboys to or the wanking friends, helps keep me emotionally distant from any of the negatives I’m not looking for

Let’s face it, I’m demisexual and it’s rare someone lights my fire let alone keeps it burning and equally rare to inspire me to want to take new photos let alone share them

I’ve been needing a muse and finally found one

So everyone wins, provided I remember to keep posting haha

Hope you’ve enjoyed my ramblings as much as my images

17 of 31 March photography challenge

Today’s challenge is “green”

I don’t really celebrate holidays and France is in lock down…

So Saint Patrick’s day did involve a lil whiskey but not much else haha

Though I did take some beautiful pictures in the garden, various plants, flowers and a mating couple of violet oil beetles…

Sadly the beetles are an iridescent blue instead of green but made me extremely excited

I’m Shalla Radiolady on Instagram if you want a peek at my “normal” world haha

Especially if you need something to help distract from the fear and emotional turmoil going on around the world

I’m not religious but I am spiritual and witchy

Since I haven’t been feeling well due to my sinus infection and it was too cold to be naked in the green outside

To wet as well!

And I have house guests, so I’m now limited to where and how I can take pictures

With France is in lockdown, they closed the student housing and my son’s friend had nowhere safe to be

How could I say no, it is literally the least I can do in this time of stress and panic

So I really didn’t have many options on what “green” I could show tonight

I decided to consult my tarot and oracle cards… I have many…

Honestly everything kept pointing me towards creativity, focusing on Me and showing something personal

Because I’m focusing on all aspects of who I am and trying to gain back all that I’ve lost or allowed to be taken from me…

I decided to show some of my favorite green stones

I have a large collection of rocks and minerals, they make me happy for many reasons

I sleep with a selection next to my pillow and it rotates depending on which call/feel right to me

I sometimes sleep with one or two in my hand or on my chest and I notice how my dreams change depending on which stones I sleep with

I try to be scientific about it

Being open minded and not letting assumptions or outside influences alter my intuition

Trying to step back from the social programing… Be it society in general or specific groups…

I try to be devoid of emotion and analyze the experience

I have noticed the largest stone in my hand, is the only one in my collection (out of stones I have experimented with) that chronically gives me nightmares or suspense and anxiety dreams

Which I find fascinating

I’ve noticed some stones help me sleep more deeply and it registers on my Fitbit… Which I wear to help keep an eye on my various health issues and prove my insomnia

I’ve met a lot of unbalanced, flaky people… I try my best to be balanced, objective and always curious…

The reason I choose my rocks, was because I had a dream with my crystals in it… Which is extremely rare for me… So, why not share a few

Tomorrow’s challenge is “something old”

For now I sleep, dream and hopefully travel somewhere in my dreams

10 of 31 March photography challenge

Today’s challenge is “the ground”

I have no energy…

I feel a sinus infection starting

Desperately need to be productive in the house but I just want to sleep

I don’t feel sexy…

I don’t want to do anything…

But I took a paddle and put it on the ground…

Tada! I win for “the ground” challenge

And there’s a pussy pic too…

Granted not the kind you’d typically associate with erotic photography but humor… hehe

The paddle is made of Corian, typically used for countertops in the states and can be molded to a number of forms

I bought it from a vendor at the LFF (London Fetish Fair) a number of years ago

I rarely use it for kink

More to scare off idiots trying to misbehave in my kitchen haha

Tomorrow’s challenge is “contentment”

Need cuddles for that

Will need more coffee too

The cats keep trying to steal mine

Day late, dollar short #nsfw

So I meant to post this for Sinful Sunday but got distracted by life

Over the past year and a half I’ve been working on bettering myself

In body, mind and spirit

It’s slow but moving forward and I’m feeling more “me” again

I’ve lost 22kilo or just under 50lbs

I’ve added temporary colors to my hair

I’ve done things simply for my own pleasure

I’ve stopped taking shit from others

I’m loving myself and practicing self care without the negative side of being selfish

I’m ranting and bitching at those who deserve it (punch all Nazis!)

Cutting out toxic humans from my life

Letting folks back in who have woken up and realized their mistakes

Moving forward for a better me so I can do small things to help make the world better


This blog is a part of me

I post to share the beauty and fun in sex and erotic photography

I post to inspire others to love themselves no matter what life throws at them

It’s fine if you get turned on by anything I say or images I post

But understand…

I deserve respect and am not really interested in knowing when you wank off to my pictures

Artistic feedback, inspirational feedback, comments on emotions you feel are all welcome

But I could give a rats ass if you get horny and expect me to play with you online or in person

I’m proud of my body, in general and the changes I’m going through but I post these images for me and others like me who need a reminder that we are all beautiful… No matter what age, weight, height, gender or skin color… Or any other “reason”

I hope to be posting more often now that the weather is getting cooler

I took these two the other day while doing laundry

The blankets drying on the line made a wonderful backdrop while hiding from prying eyes

Have a great weekend and I hope Monday is kind to you ❤

nude and the stairs #SinfulSunday #ScavengerHunt

a lot going on this month and last

dad was in the hospital for 21 days and i was calling every day to check on him and the doctors

not enough sleep, stress and then issues at home too

but i had made some time to go out on the 10th and took a bunch of pictures, including that last one of me at the old laundry spot on the river..old world feel

that day we toured around the area and found that there is a walking path up the hill

lots of rocks and trees

the stairs are hidden from the road down below and we risked a few pictures

IMG_3493 a

i am trying to have a normal life again and keep posting

but my dad died and i have been under so much stress to raise money

first for the autopsy and cremation

now to get me home to wisconsin to deal with his affairs and a wake

but life has to live and i need to feel like me right now

so posting this to help others with body image issues

my body isnt the shape i want but i am working on that

if there is money left over from all this pain, i will join an aquagym and tone/firm up

as you can see i have huge thighs..15yrs of roller skating and sport 😀

i have fat yes but i am very strong still

be well

love deeply

make your goodbyes before they are needed

IMG_3494 a


as with all sundays it is about the image

join the rest of us and see who is being sinful and having fun with the camera

Sinful Sunday


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