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Saturday night goodbies

Saturday night, before I left London, I went out to the under 35 weekend drinks munch, hosted by two very sweet people and giving kinksters a fun place to meet and socialize once a month

I am not planning on being back in the UK till November and figured I should make every opportunity to see the people I adore before jetting off home for summer fun and watching the kids… really… it will be fun… I am sure… (kill me now! So fucking bored!!!)

I swear by the time November comes along I will be feeming for kink

Seeing the usual faces I have come to know over the past year and a half, as well as new people on the scene and those visiting for vacation…

It struck me just how much I have come to rely on these events, how much they mean to me and my mental health

Having good people in your life, be they kinky naughty lil fucks, snuggle buddies or coffee friends… it is very important to have people that have meaning for you

Being able to have a group of people that get me… understand that I am not the simple thing that the normal world would peg me as… the fact that I can be wild even in small ways and be excepted… it has been very good for me

These next few months, no matter how short and how quickly they will pass… will seem to drag on for me

So Saturday was a night of “goodbyes”, “see you later” and “let’s get to know each other better once I get back”… the best ones being “nooOOooOOooo what do you mean I won’t see you till then!”

When I go out to these events I am social… highly social, mad as a hatter and bouncing social! Yet generally sober and never on drugs… high off the energy around me

I talk to nearly everyone and I engage them and I try very hard to entertain while being entertained

Why lead off with a “how did the Queen’s Jubilee put you out last week” or “that heat spell knock you on your ass like it did me” or “you get made redundant too? I keep hearing that” or other boring topics

Let’s have fun! Let’s be outrageous, let’s play!

We are here because we all enjoy kink in one way or another

Some like impact play while others like it softer and some just like to dress up

Kink comes in many flavors and so do the different people around me

My favorite grasshopper, aptly named, as he… like me… bounces from group to group checking up on people and being a sweet and cheeky chatterbox

His girlfriend with the perfect breasts, he still can’t get over me on first seeing her saying “she’s got great boobs!”

He really should know better by now, really he ought to and even he admits that

The tall naughty one from wales that said I should confiscate someone’s camera and take a picture of my ass… still sporting a very faint hand print from the spanking 2 weeks earlier

Well actually what he FIRST suggested was taking my pants down right there and showing him and the others at the table!

As if anyone would really notice or care

The group we were with had seen worse and the guys that where up in our area, not part of our group, were watching sports on the tv and were WAY too busy with the football to have even seen what would have happened

But really, honest, I am shy

I also would never do anything to get the event canceled at that or any location, I have way too much respect for the people running the u35 munch and other group events as well

I know how hard they work to make things fun for us

So I dragged off my friend to the bathroom and politely pulled my pants down for a picture, sadly it really will need a lil bit of photoshop to help pick up the mark, my ass is just too white with a flash but a lil bit of upped contrast will show the fingers that had touched my skin

Later another lovely lady said that it was a shame I had a bra on, as she groped me through my shirt, so what else was there to do but take it off then and there!

I was only wearing a strapless bra so very easy to remove without too much fuss or notice

She was much more content with the grope through my shirt after removing my bra

I was very content when I put a single cup of my bra on her head and she could wear it as a hat *evil grin* the joys of being a 38E (bordering on F but only on one side)

Later I had another friend wear my bra as a hat and we did take a picture together

I will have to white/censor out her face as she has no problem with her boobs on display but not that lovely mug she has… understandable but such a shame

Such a wonderful night of chatting, drinking and being silly

I was warm but sober when I left

The night was lovely and I knew by that point my only way home to where I was staying was a night bus

But why… the cool air, no rain and so many people out!

Something told me it would be an epic night and I decided to listen, walking from Chinatown to Marble Arch before getting too sore to walk any further

I could have done more but earlier in the day I had walked from Tottenham tube all the way down to Queensway, then the library near there and was not doing that again in the same day 

That day the Central/Red line had been out for a good portion due to signal failure, no fun but happens

My path that night was full of many stories and many people

The first being walking through the gay faces that crowd Soho, now when I say that I mean gay as sexual as well as the gay that means happy… when in Soho everyone is merry with the joy of the night

Trying to see if any friends where about, for one last hug and goodbye… but no luck

Though the thought of telling the bar staff how much I love watching them change from the upstairs window of a friend that lives in the area (I love having multiple friends living in Soho) did strike me as a fun idea but I wasn’t wearing the dress that shows off my busty figure, why torment when you can’t tease as well

Walking past a woman and two men as they talked, I noticed one of the men had this giant pendant on and I couldn’t make out if it was metal or some other material

Being nosy I dramatically paid attention to it and was noticed right away

I said a few words and the woman said something half under her breath, I was not sure if it was an insult or not… the look on her face said it could have been *grin*

“oh.. is that French you just spoke?!!” I said with a cheerful grin, she confirmed and then I started rattling on in French to the pair

They both perked up a lot and simply loved how I had an accent that didn’t butcher their language, I knew a few slang terms and warmed their hearts

By the end the guy was laughing and in English said I was cool, I shouldn’t change ever

I am not the typical American, the French seem to love me *giggles madly*

After that I walked off to the Green Carnation, one of my stomping grounds for this past year, so many events there hosted by Erotic Meet, including me on stage twice!

Each time for different reasons

Once getting my ass auctioned off for a proper over the knee spanking and the second time for reading my blogs… amazingly enough the spanking was much easier to be on stage for, really I am shy!!!

Walking up I saw the manager, very attractive gent and I gave him a hug, my goodbyes and asked he pass those on to the staff

For me they have become like family over this last year, they may not see it the same way but it’s funny the connections you make with events that mean something to you, how you rationalize their importance

Next on my list was a very attractive woman that passed in the most amazing tights/pants I had seen in a long time

Looking like muscles, as if the skin had been stripped away and of course I just had to comment

Honestly if someone makes the effort to dress up they should get the appropriate POSITIVE comment

She told me they came from a company called Black Milk, made sure I would remember it and low and behold the girl with the brain of a colander (yes that is me when it comes to names) I did remember

Here are the leggings I saw but sadly not the girl,


After that I walked into Soho Square, walking in the darkness, so warm and comfortable

I saw the most beautiful sight, two very attractive gay men against the fence kissing, it was romantic, beautiful, breath taking

I love passion and they had it but also subtly

The kiss ended and they were just looking at each other as I was walking closer… again I had to open my mouth

I walked up and said “don’t Ever, let Anyone, Ever, say Anything bad about gay men kissing, it’s Beautiful!”

And I walked off

They loved it and thanked me, real appreciation in their voice

What can I say… I call it like I see it

After that I made it onto the main road and practically skipped home as I was so happy, it had been a great night but to my hearts delight it wasn’t over yet

I started walking past two young attractive men passing out fliers for some music club or event and they tried to give me a flier

I was wearing black pants, black poet’s shirt and my brown woven cape/poncho, I looked a bit frumpy by some standards or hippy’ish by others

Telling the one guy, “do I honestly look like someone that would fit in at this event”

To his credit he said they don’t judge as lots of people like to party and I look like someone that knows how to party…

Yeah… heh…

I COULD have held my tongue… I could have but I didn’t

Without even thinking twice I opened my mouth and said “no I look like someone that knows how to give blow jobs and that’s a different sort of party” as I continued to walk off

Oh the noise the guys made! Hooting and howling with laughter…

I was smirking and feeling pretty good about my lack of “giving a damn” about what I say, after all you only live once so do it well

After a few feet, maybe 10 and I decided… fuck that they seem like the type that would enjoy this blog… so turn around I did

Walked back up to them, still laughing and the one tells me this is the best night ever, I gave him the link to this blog and…hey boys! Hope you are reading this *wink*

Both were cute but the one… mmm *bites lip* too bad I am a good girl and don’t play with everyone that inspires me to bite my lip

After that I was feeling pretty feisty

Not too much farther down I spotted a rickshaw driver, you see many in central London on a nice night, I avoided the one in Soho that the undercover cop was yelling at… the drunk guy was doing way too much for me to feel the need to say anything… amazing I CAN control myself *grin*

So this rickshaw driver was attractive, didn’t seem too creepy and I was curious

I started up a conversation with him that basically boiled down to… so driving this thing, has it firmed up your ass and thighs nicely?

To which he practically flew off the seat and posed so I could grope his ass and thighs *giggles madly*

More good conversation followed and I walked off

Yeah he had a nice ass and legs, it inspired me to stick with my idea of getting a bike now that I am in France and to get my ass in shape

I was very hungry, didn’t want much and nothing was really open anyway… it was about 1am and as active as London is there just isn’t much open on the main roads where most of the stores are shopping

I hadn’t eaten since 2 in the afternoon and decided that I was going to rough it, face the evils and eat at McDonalds

Can’t stand their food as it tends to make me ill but I didn’t have much choice and I knew they would have a restroom I could use

Getting there I found that it was a long narrow entry way, counters an upstairs and to the right a hidden area with seating and the doors to the restroom

The seating area was filled with at least 8 cops eating their meal, after using the rest room I smiled politely at them as I walked past

Ordered my meal and left

Nothing TOOO unusual

And then as I am walking down the streets, the entrance to McDonalds not that far behind me I walk past two more cops

I couldn’t help it, with burger in hand (I had removed the box and wrapped the burger in a napkin) I told the cops as I passed them “if you are looking for your mates they are in there” as I shrugged towards McDonalds

They laughed hard at that one

For me it was like the large group of cops had been hiding and these two had been sent to look for them lol

I have an odd way of seeing the world after reading so many comics

Not too much happened after that, I got tired of walking and took the night bus to where I was staying

It was a lovely night, I got hit on a few times and enjoyed it



Poly speed dating event




But never a few…

Have you ever thought about the idea of having more than one lover, at the same time and everyone knowing about it… everyone being ok with it and everyone joining in…

I am not talking about a threesome or an orgy, those are different words with different meanings.

What I am talking about is polyamore, the act of loving and enjoying more than one person at a time.

I have long known that I was never meant to love just one person.

Yes I dream of that special love and passion I will feel for just one person but as I haven’t met them yet, I just don’t see why I should limit who or how many I love.

I like the idea of being part of a group, loving and being close in so many ways to a couple or more than just two. I like the idea of belonging to people that all care intensely for me and I for them.

So being open to this concept and having long ago realized how easily I am able to loving others, I attended a polyamore speed dating event.

I have never been to a speed dating event of any kind and had no idea what to expect.

Excited and trying to look my best I showed up slightly early so I would have plenty of time to get lost, I am very good at finding things…generally after a bit of a meander.

Headphones over my ears and a bounce in my step, I headed off over the bridge at blackfriars to the chosen pub. Once there it was somewhat obvious to tell who outside was loitering around and trying to figure out what floor the event was being held on.

As I am horribly shy, I asked if they knew where we all were going and when no one knew I scampered off inside to the bar and asked… where exactly that…event… was being held.

In a pub full of “normal” people, one cant simply ask… where is the kink event or the erotic event or the poly meet or even something as simple as the speed dating event.

You have to be subtle so as to keep the average customers in the dark of our interesting life style that they are not yet ready to embrace.

So simply mentioning the …event… to the lovely lady at the bar gained me the information I was searching for… go up to the second floor bar… I really must remember that the floor I was on was the basement or ground floor and that everyone counts the floor above as the first floor.

So confusing…


Grabbing the stragglers, we made our way up and up and into the room reserved for us.

Getting our numbers, papers and learning the plan for the night and figuring out how the whole program worked.

I spoke with many wonderful people, some I would really love to stay friends with but I have to admit none there really sparked my interest.

Then again I am extremely picky and looking for something… just right

The event itself was very fun, though I admit I was amazed at how few kinky people where there!

I was actually having to hold back my personality and think of vanilla things to talk about… have you met me? Do you have any idea how hard that is for me?!!

They had a very neat list of ideas to talk about and I panicked when I didn’t see anything overtly sexual or kinky … was hilarious

I really would like to go to another one


note: this was a few months back, an event i spotted on fetlife and was highly curious about

Gamers munch

written 2011

tonight was a gaming night/munch at a place called the stinging nettle pub (london)

i think i was the first to arrive and ordered a crabbies (ginger beer yes the alcohol kind, which i only found out existed a few weeks ago) and waited for people to arrive.

some very good people showed up and there where some great games being had, i enjoyed playing poker (read that as one good hand other wise lost all) using different colored tic tacs….mmm tasty bits

was funny seeing the faces when i started comparing yummy tasty bits to crunchy tasty bits, like bacon…some did not believe me when i said bacon is great with chocolate and chili peppers… to each their own lol

got into a bit of a mild war with the bar tender, he didnt believe me when i said the order of tequila but HA this link proves it [http://www.tequila.net/faqs/tequila/types-of-tequil…]
jose cuervo is a mixto, not a real tequila :p

i cant drink the gold, it is too harsh but the silver and the different rested tequilas are really nice

hate it when i cant remember enough information even though i know i am right

but its ok i got him in the end!

subject as the group was leaving turned to bar wenches, i would make a great bar wench, already been one with pics to prove it…

he was curious about that…
dont think he knew about fetlife before but told him to join and look up my pictures
ha! should be interesting, lil innocent me in his bar till he sees the pics and my …true… nature lol


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