a gift from a friend #SinfulSunday

a friend of mine kept pestering me to give him my numbers

by that i mean my measurements

though he was innocent in his asking

wanting only my wrist

i know his love for gingers

for women with curves

and though he is very much the perfect gentleman

i know the desires he hides

so i gave him my size

picked my colors

allowed him to give me a piece of himself

and in return he asked nothing

but you know me

i love to give

so the best way i could return the lovely bracelet he crafted for me

is to show it off

but since he has a passion for me

why simply wear it on my wrist

a taste of nipple

IMG_4715 a

the cold metal

slowly dragging across hot skin

with this second picture i think of how his bracelet would look

if instead it was designed to pinch and hold my nipples

IMG_4677 a

the tweezer clamp being my preferred style

making me wonder how this lovely bit of twisted color would look

dangling from my large and delicate nipples

as with all sundays…

we try to be a bit sinful

myself and the others enjoying this meme

please take a moment to brows through the others participating

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