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If i can’t…

note: this was written about The Major, he has been and will always be one of my muses. Today (12/30/13) I recorded this to audio, I hope you enjoy 


If I can’t have you, I want him…

I know that I can’t have him either but I can press play and listen to his voice, so rich and deep, the volume up as loud as I can take and encasing me in his song.

Feeling loved, wanted and understood by someone even though he is singing for the world and not just me.

If I can’t make love to you, I want his voice seducing me…

I don’t care that more often than not his words bring me to tears from their country twang and sad note… but still I listen and sing along and love him without any real depth to it…

His words understand me, even if not written for me and they know my pain, my joy.

His voice knows just what I need to hear.

He doesn’t know me but makes me relax enough to bounce and move, swing and sway, dance to his sounds and tracing the notes with my hands in the air… so rare for me to show how much I love to dance to the music…

If I can’t have you, I want him

His kiss, his gentle touch and the passion I know we could have that will never touch me…

Then again, no matter how much I want you… I know your touch will never reach me either.

So if I can’t have you… well…

Putting on my headphones, sounds seducing my ears, I will take the love I want even if I can’t have the love I need

Your voice

written 1 month ago

What’s in a voice

Is it the words you chose to use that changes how you sound

Is it the accent from whatever area you hail from

Is it the tone, the vibration you hit just right to make my panties wet without much effort

I am very sensitive to sound, the way it caresses my ears with every deep throated purr, the rumble of each word you say as you talk of the most innocent things.

You can talk to me to sleep, not from boredom but from the way your voice makes love to me with every gentle note.

I would pay to have you read me stories, tell me what that evil villain has been plotting or the things the going on in the world or even something as simple as the times tables… it doesn’t matter what you say… just keep saying it

Laugh that soft gentle sound, just a bit of air but so much passion held on every sound that escapes your lips.

Tell me something naughty you have been dreaming up, tell me how excited you are, tell me you want me… just keep talking…

When you are far away, when you hold back your voice from my ears… I hunt for some other sound to fill the absence…

Listening to music, hearing songs I ache to have you sing to me… I don’t care if you can sing or not, feel confident to do it or not… I long for your voice

I love you for your voice

The things I hear you say without a single word being spoken, just the catch in your voice when you talk to me, the soft love and gentleness I know you would wrap around me… your voice gives you away even if every other part of you holds back

I love you for your voice and so much more


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