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Topless in the Key shop for @curvaceousdee

So a friend of mine has a blog where she inspires others to be a bit artistic and playful with going nude or partially nude in public (you can follow her on twitter @curvaceousdee )

Obviously goal is not to get caught but to have the potential for it

I have submitted a few entries but not nearly as many as I want and am hoping for some motivation from you lot..

If you could go through the list and help pick out one or two that might be fun… It would help

I have already done the following:

Aeroplane, Bar/Pub, Bus, Castle, Construction site, Field, Hotel/Motel/Inn/Hostel, Public toilet, Train tracks and Woods/Bush

But i want more, it is fun!!





Now this picture was taken December 2012

It has taken me a while to post it as I went through a lot of bad times just after this picture was taken… a very long story that I wont go into on this blog

But, this picture was filmed by a very dear friend who happens to be a Daddy Dom and we had stopped off for him to make a key

When around the Daddy Dom types, I tend to let a part of my inner child out and giggle more, laugh and just relax… never enough though, I have been serious for far too long

This night, we were in the parking lot and I was practically dancing at the idea… “oooooh maybe, just maybe the man in the key shop..”

So after taking care of business, I asked the gentleman if I could have my picture taken and he was very excited over the idea

I promised to have the picture up as soon as possible but got distracted by so many events and never posted all the pictures or stories from that trip

The man was very sweet in his excitement, I think he is secretly a kinkster and a bit submissive… so much potential for fun!!

I hope he sees this post and enjoys being a part of the adventure


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