Kitten takes a selfie

So I’m down to only 9 cats of various ages …was up to 17 last November

Hopper is a dopey kitten

He seems to love me most out of all the hoomans

Or maybe he just loves my boobs

I’m really not sure

not allowed out of my room by order of the kitten

i swear my life is odd and i couldnt make up half the shit that comes out of my mouth

the kitten has taken a sweater and is using it as a soft spot to sleep outside my door


seems paprika is on guard duty as she sleeps with one eye open


and when escape is possible

i find google guarding my 8 year old son

though it seems the floor is much too dangerous and my son’s feet are not allowed to touch the ground

possible boogieman siting though it is day light hours but what do i know


obviously he is an undercover agent of some sort as i found him poking his nose into my business earlier


i tell ya.. cats these days

crazy cats

kitten and boobs new pics, new kitten!

so my son picked out a kitten from a friend of a friend’s latest litter

i was gone a month due to my dads death, said he could pick her up when i got back but he got her  days early

this stressed me because i dint want google thinking i was gone and he was replaced

well they get on decently

but its my son’s kitten!

except she likes sleeping in my bed and going batshit crazy at play time, also in my bed

today i decided to get cute pics mixed with boob shots


as one does!

loved how in some she yawned


she seems to like tits and ass

she is now curled up along the curve of my ass

i am laying on my side as i surf the web

silly paprika

google the kitten

by request.. more pictures of my nut case kitten Google Starfire Kitten Kaboodle


he loves to attack my hands…


outside looking in… that window ledge is ground floor but there are days when he sits on the upper ledge and freaks everyone by the way he looks out at those who pass…or the flock of weird mixed birds in the neighbors garden


give a cat a box and he will sleep in it

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