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Painted Toes #SinfulSunday

Sinful Sunday

Let him eat cake…

I have been thinking for months, what should I do for his birthday and what should I make him for a cake!!

My…dog… is on a serious workout program, heavy weights to strengthen his arms, back and chest

Oh and I know he does exercises for his legs but all I can think of is the …umm…haha EXERCISES that we do in bed or the shower or on the couch and how his legs seem weak after ….

Why yes, I am grinning evilly as I type this

Today, we decided, was a good day for me to go to his apartment and celebrate his birthday

Being the good woman that I am, I made two small cakes with ground oats, sesame seeds and two types of flax/lin seeds… why use flour when you can be healthy and creative!

There were other tasty fruits inside and I admit to failing on capturing an image of the cakes

But he was very touched… seems even at the age of 34, he has never had someone other than his mother make him a birthday cake

Seems I give this man a lot of first time experiences!!

As part of my Sinful Sunday… I acted up on his foot fetish  


The following was a lot of fun to take pictures of…

I know I have posted pictures of my new summer shoes but had not been able to wear them for him to see and the wait was priceless

At first he had eyes only for my face and pulled me to his arms but after a long cuddle, he got on his knees to remove my shoes

He almost lost his breath at the site of my toes through the heeled sandals

He begged to keep the shoes on my feet but agreed to let me change into my slip that I wear at his house


He could barely wait to get to satisfy his fetish

The heat has been rising and I loved that he was nude except for the black kitchen apron as he kissed and licked my toes through the shoes


It was hilarious how possessive he was about my feet, not wanting to let go but I want pretty toes!!!


Whimpering a bit… 


He let go and slowly took off my shoes


Everything had to be perfect, he can be a bit OCD about the details and that got me giggling hard

A red pillow on his lap as he tries to paint my toes… first time ever that he was allowed to paint a woman’s toes and oh how he was complaining how he was getting it wrong!! Haha


It was very cute

Then having to wait for the paint to dry was an evil torture

My sin for the day, seriously I should not be having sex, if done wrong I can overheat my brain and suffer dearly….


But how could I resist him, he was so excited after painting my toes


And of course I paid for my sin with a nearly flat tire that hubby had to come rescue me with his air compressor and help me find an air machine


I swear I looked!!!

Went to 4 locations, 2 had air machines but no fucking hoses!!! Ahhh!

Happily the 5th machine was my magic

So tomorrow I buy new tires


Share the magic and don’t forget to share your pictures in next week’s Sinful Sunday

Nothing better to do so posting bra pictures :)

Yeah I know… but it is late saturday night or early sunday depending on how technical you want to be and I am bored

Had a good week without the whole family around and plotting to see my lover tomorrow for a fun photo shoot for sinful sunday

….but for now… 









so….. whatcha think?

I had fun altering them



plotting to attend an SCA event

I am plotting…

This is nothing new for me as I tend to spend most of my time thinking of something

Preferably something that will end with people giggling madly, dancing like no one is watching and me getting lots of snuggles

Sure sex is nice and all but some days you just can’t have all you want so enjoy everything else and quit your bitching *evil grin*


So yes, I am plotting…

This will involve me dressed in some sort of wench outfit, hopefully serving drinks and getting my ass groped as I sashay my way through the crowd


Normal people with think Renn Fest or October Fest but no…. I have my brain set to higher standards of potential fun… the SCA…

It has been a while since I dressed up and took place in a LARP (live action role playing event), those being of the fantasy variety and not the reenactment of historical events which is the SCA… I would never suggest that the SCA was a larp’ing group

I might get flogged for that or worse and I don’t mean in the manner that I enjoy normally

(For the best way to understand just WHAT the SCA happens to be, visit www.sca.org)


When I was younger I went with a friend, his family and clan mates to a few small events and even got to enjoy Pennsic but this was all prior to the end of the sale of that really amazing chocolate milk (the only way I can reference history lol)

I have been presented at court, almost muffed that up since I didn’t understand that I had to walk with a male counterpart… yeah, I have never been good at balance and knowing what to do with men besides sex and dirty jokes *giggles*


This time around, a good friend in Europe is attending an event and asked me to be her nurse…. Ah how I love the idea of some of my friends doing the wolf call and yelling “hellooooooooooo nurse” like in the annimaniacs cartoons *evil grin*


ANYWAY… she has a few health issues (don’t we all? lol) and I have no problem sticking to her sexy hip *wink wink* and making sure she doesn’t over work herself, eats right, rests often and giggles enough to seem drunk when completely sober… I have that talent *wink*

I like the idea of being a wench, nurse, bodyguard kind of persona… reminds me of the woman watching over Maid Marion in the Mel Brooks film, Robin Hood men in tights…

Though I do hope to lose some weight between now and June, the idea of being even more of an evil tease than usual makes me grin for all the potential fun

I know so many people in the SCA from various parts of the world and this doesn’t make me an expert but really helps clue me in on just how…interesting and non-normal or alternatively normal, the groups and people can be

I love the idea of having the lovely Rose, from her blog Sex With Rose ( http://sexwithrose.wordpress.com/author/sexwithrose/ ) , to join in on the fun and it has been so cute in the private conversations … she doesn’t have experience with the people in the SCA and I keep grinning at how kitten like she is… so innocent *giggles madly*

As if she can corrupt them … *giggles more*

I know better, you don’t corrupt them, you join in on the frolicking and mayhem *wink*


So yes, I am thinking of going to an event this summer and dressing up in fashionable and appropriate garb…

This will require funds and that means finally working on the coffee table book of pictures and erotic writing… I have so many pictures that even fetlife hasn’t seen and I have 272 pictures there as of this posting!

I was also thinking of selling audio clips that are personalized *evil grin* of course I COULD sell stockings/socks and panties I have used for personal pleasure… I DO have a vacuum seal unit to lock in freshness *giggles madly*

Ah the things I will do for fun, kink and cash *wink*


Ok rambling done for the night xxx





One month and a fetlife question answered

Note: One gentleman on fetlife asked the following question and I not only replied there but felt the need to post it on my blog.

He asks: What’s the most romantic thing someone has ever done for you?



I have been with my sub/dog for a month as of yesterday…

He tells me last week that he has a surprise for this weekend and wants to know how long I can stay

I HATE surprises, too many times disappointed and hurt badly by ex’s and husband, only so many years of that kind of mental abuse to were you have ptsd of getting a gift and feeling worthless

But I can tell this means so much to him, I tell him why I hate surprises and don’t do well with gifts but allowing him to try this one time

I get there late Friday night (leaving hubby with the kids) and because it snowed over the weekend I ended up staying till this (Monday) morning

The fridge was full of tasty but health treats that lasted the weekend, he planned well just in case

but his gift was that he went out and bought new sheets, cover for the duvet/blanket (one fits over the duvet like a large pillow case, not something I am used to in the states and changed how the whole bed looks no matter what covers you use) and pillow cases

The pillow cases in beautiful deep red of some sort of material I don’t know the name of in English and the bedding in black ribbed satin… I don’t know what it cost for everything but I found a way to sneak a peek at the pillow case container (he was showing me material and tying to translate) through the blacked out price I saw that one pillow case was 17€

It was a simple gift, nothing flash/big but very elegant and made me feel special

I don’t get gifts, I get excuses, disappointment and trash

I don’t have high standards to meet, I have been beaten down so many times by lovers/bf’s/whatever for the last 19yrs and longer if you count family and friends

Because of all of that I am no longer selfish

So his gift is partly what I have told you but the other part is him helping to repair myself worth… I KNOW how wonderful I am and how great I treat others and lives I have saved and changed for the better blah blah blah… but I still feel the abuse long after it stops and keeps me awake crying at night

So yeah… really it wasn’t the stuff he gave me… it was him… he is my gift


i took this picture of my dog, on the new sheets, drugged on lust… passion…affection… something that will never be manufactured in a lab or sold from a shelf



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