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Don’t worry Be happy #SundayResolution

post 2 for my sunday resolutions!!

why wait for next week!

i will post as many as inspire me but only on sundays hahah


so! Don’t Worry!



yay for friends with a foot fetish!!

having fun with markers!


who says you have to grow up and stop being playful with colors!

i love drawing on my skin like when i was a kid

its fun!


why deny yourself a simple pleasure!

go draw on yourself too! 😉

angry with #JamieDornan insulting #bdsmCommunity

friend of mine is livid over the insulting comments and disrespect given by actor Jamie Dornan about the bdsm/kink community

my friend is so offended by his bigoted behavior that she refuses to watch any more of his work

i can’t say i blame her

what bothers me is that he considers himself an actor…

real actors/performers are more than a pretty face that can read lines convincingly…

the real actors/actresses are the ones that do take the time to really understand what they are getting into, find the right mentors and give respect to the thing they are trying to represent in their role….

he fits perfectly for a book that is an insult to the bdsm/kink community…

a clueless “frat boy” personality who is happy in his ignorance and feels he can open his mouth without being punished for the hurt he lets out…

he doesnt seem aware of the potential damage…

to others, to the community….

to the newbies who are curious but fear joining because they could meet the wrong people…

or those people like his character in 50 shades of grey, the wrong people, who think that making someone a victim in the name/guise of bdsm/kink is acceptable

This song has been running through my head #NSFW #SinfulSunday

As always, this Sinful Sunday blog is all about the pictures…

check out the link and see who else has been sinful today/night

Sinful Sunday

His words have been singing through my head as I go about my life…

music playing to keep me company as I drive…

the thing that keeps me up at night…

knowing how true the words are…

as the song goes…

Days like these lead to…”


(it started off with just a kiss, then another and then more, noticing his erection…

he asked if i would use the toy on him and finish what i started

this lovely pussy sleeve is absolutely the best for spicing up a blowjob

i swallowed most of him but he came harder and faster that i expected)

Nights like this lead to”


(i took the camera back to the bedroom with me

after first taking the previous picture

i wanted to cum too

i started by using my mini wand on my clit as he kissed my lips and played with my tits

3 orgasms later and he was hard again

which is how this picture happened *blush*)

Love like ours.”


(he knows how i love my hair pulled

i know how he gets excited when filming what we do together

a win -win situation)

You light the spark in my bonfire heart.”


(you can just see my mini wand off to the right in this picture

don’t let the size fool you

the buzz is very intense and recharges easily

this picture was taken after we both had cum for one last time)

People like us—we don’t
Need that much, just some-
One that starts,
Starts the spark in our bonfire hearts”

 this right here is very true for me

but with slight modifications

anyone can light my fire

only someone special can keep it burning

if only JAMES BLUNT knew how I have twisted the beauty of his song evil grin

full lyrics can be found here


No sin for me today #SinfulSunday

Sinful Sunday

Yet again Sunday has sped past my attention and already the sun is trying to set

I sit here in my summer dress

Toes painted green to match the season


There is no sin today

No sin from yesterday

Friday there was only pain without any pleasure


Husband causing problems

Dog no longer mine

No sin for me today….

Three more for the #ScavengerHunt

Note: these pictures are from November 2012 while I was in London enjoying myself and the freedom to just act out


I remember it well

Sitting outside

Waiting for the shuttle bus to take me to the airport and fly me away from London

To take me back home to France and all the things which bind me there

It was early in the morning

I had not slept much the night before

I had spent a lot of the night out with the Gentleman

Drinking more than I should have but enjoying his company

Feeling adventurous I took the typical picture in the bathroom


Once outside I admit to being even more adventurous

Had I been on my own I would never have done so but well…

Some things really just have to be done

There was an electrical van with two out of three workers

They were putting in some kind of cables I think and the third guy was out of luck

Underground and missing the fun

The main man did not take me seriously and then I dropped my top


After that everyone was smiling and posing


Of course altering their faces

Really sleep is for the weak or those that don’t travel at the crack of dawn

The shuttle bus arrives and the rain has fogged up the glass next to my seat

Why draw a funny face when you can salute the lovely Curvaceous Dee and her Scavenger Hunt http://curvaceousdee.com/scavenger-hunt/


It really is hard to get the angle right on a self-portrait while the bus is moving

It was the small kind

There were few people in front of me but there had been a young woman in the same isle as me

She was only two seats away from me


I would love to have been able to take a picture in the airport but that is when I need a helping hand and not taking solo shots

Being on the plane and trying to angle the camera so no one sees what I am doing

While still showing that … yes!! I am on a plane


Somehow I made it all work and have these lovely pictures to show for it


I hope you have enjoyed my scavenger hunt


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