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Have a Quickie! update time

just a lil change here and there trying to do that …ooooo look at me…thing and get my blog looking pretty

(i fucking hate the green! i want black and purple but noooooo i has to pay..f that)

so revamping my blog so it is “user friendly”

be gentle, i am NOT a geek and i am doing this with no help ok i lied…

the whiskey is helping 😀

petshop boys too, great fun watching my 17yr old try to load the app to tell him who it is he is listening to lol

My day #SFW #venting

note: earlier in feb i was in a car accident cause this russian twattwaffle decided to double me, going easily 15 over the speed limit just to get fast enough up to my position then dodge through me and the guy in front of him

if there had been room i would have just been pissy and honked his ass out but instead he forced me to swerve to avoid sudden stop and car behind me from crashing my ass

so i went up on the median/island and bent my rim in two places, sent hubcap flying and fuck i bitched his ass out! but ya know, since he didnt hit me and i didnt hit him, cops don’t give a fuck

double note: i like russians, dont think that me calling this dick/driver names or doing the too gay for putin blog/video (i am all for LGBT rights) means that i have something against the country or it’s people… i have some lovely russian friends and yummy ex’s … but damn they have been coming out of the wood work this year!! 



so it is 02:22 right no..wait 02:23
fucking long day
in late last night (lots of wine) out early this morning
get to the garage/dealership…after having to go up around over, spin and double back cause it is one of those…no you are not going to pull in this parking lot in a normal fashion..

so i drop off my car just before 10 (but i have been up since 8)
the i walk my bum over to the cafe/restaurant and wait
and wait
i kept myself busy of course
but fuckin’hell
almost all jobs close from noon – 14hr (2pm) for their lunch
so around 14:25 i start walking back
haha guy was just dialing my number when he sees me
get car back, THEY WASHED IT!! sweeet!!!
all checked out, not as bad as other car shop said (they want my money more), wheels aligned and ordered new glass for windshield
under 100€ and the other place was thinking over 200!
will have copay of 50 for new glass but easier than the 6 or 700 it would be

then to get the 6 (almost 7!!) and 12yr old
which takes HOURS cause we had to get stuff packed, organized, redone
thankfully Ze Ex FINALLY had their bags packed but it was the other stuff that we needed hah

then lots of cooking
kids being kids
16yr old being disrespectful and man i gave him a new one
he is getting better at listening

then i get on here and see message from guy being desirepectful
fuck it

2:30… bed sounds lovely!


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