#SinfulSunday January 6th 2013

Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday January 6th 2013…

Dear diary, it is now official, my life as a housewife is complete…

I have just received my first order of Tupperware and will begin the long journey of making tasty good things as is custom of those suffering from “housewife’itus” …

I never signed up for this kind of thing

I was never meant to be a housewife

Hell I don’t even know if I was meant to stay married this long considering how things have turned out in my marriage… I still have yet to have the official wedding with the dress and all that crap we associate with marriage

I have been with him almost 12yrs (this April) and married 10yrs but the last two years have been open and with good reason… I want out and can’t have it…

(so you make the best with what you CAN have 🙂

Owning Tupperware and having to mingle with the neighbors like a good lil wife just deepens the desire to say “fuck off” and leave but I am trapped till my health is in order and a proper job is squared away

Till then I act the part of a proper wife… that is I cook well, bitch often and don’t get much sex… *grin* or is that some other job, I forget

My Sinful Sunday is that I am actualizing the role of princess by day slut by night but I have taken that and added a twist…

Normal house wife at home… Mistress and lover to my dog when out of the house…

Since I no longer have my monthly visits to London, I have to keep up my dual natured life and my dog helps me with that… missing him today as I behave well and spend time with the family on the last day of vacation before school and work starts

Home life:

fresh baked banana bread 🙂


and tupperware O.o


Vs life with my beautiful dog:


An Accident In Space And Time

Just your average, friendly Vulcan

Charlie In The Pool

Sometimes there are boobs.

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