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met a young lad and had him tell me a story…

written one month ago

note: no i still have not properly written anything for this young man but will do so soon

i am very good at meeting people from all over the world, from all walks of life and all sorts of kinks.

i met this one young lad of 22, it turns him on that i am older (by 10yrs!) and i am also safe… i dont judge people by their kinks, profession or any number of things…

i found out he likes to be humiliated, he has been pestering me to have him make me a personalized picture of something that will please me

being out and about in london i just have not had the time or the privacy to think up something that would be suitably humiliating for this boy

you know that if i do something i want to do it really fucking well! i also want the privacy to masturbate to what i have him send me

so i asked him to write me what he has done already, where he was left wanting and what more he would like to do. the better to understand him and gain some trust i can better use him

its all in the mind before it ever reaches the orgasm…

so these are the words of @kibble


Okay, so you’ve asked me to write about my experiences etc, and I think I’m about to get a bit too excited doing it!

So when I can’t get play in real time, I settle for the next best thing…online play! Although unfortunately it’s a horrible game to play, there are way too many fakes online, one being ‘Domme’s’ who think because they look good deserve everything they want – money being very high on that list – so when you find someone who’s genuinely into online play, it’s a great feeling.

Over my time of online searching, I’ve found a couple of genuine Domme’s as well as a close personal friend of mine who is now – unfortunately for me – engaged. I’ve been asked by a very beautiful and sexy woman to tell about my experiences and how it made me felt and for the chance to please her, I have willingly accepted.

My first experience with an online Domme was one afternoon, I was on yahoo messenger and I asked her if she would be interested in using a sub for her amusement, expecting the usual ‘no, fuck off’ answer I’d become accustomed to. Luckily, she came back and told me she wanted a picture of me stripped, on my knees with a sign saying “** bitch” visible – obviously her name isn’t **, but I’m not mentioning names here. Excited, I got straight to it. I stripped completely, feeling a rush of adrenaline, knowing that in a few minutes this Domme was going to have a picture of me like no one had ever seen before. As soon as I sent it, she told me I was a good boy and she didn’t think I’d follow through with it but as I’d been good, she’d reward me by putting it up on her website for all to see. If I’d been excited before, I was beaming now. Finally, someone had used me and I was going to be rewarded by being put up on a website…something I had never thought would happen.

I was so turned on by this that over the next few weeks and months, I kept begging her to give me more picture tasks, more pictures to go up on her website and eventually she got back to me with a request of –

Face pic
Body pic
Cock pic

and two more pictures, but to surprise her with them. There were 3 conditions –

Across my chest should be written “** ***** slut whore” and on each of my thighs should be written “pathetic” and “cumslut”
2 clothes pegs on my tongue, a clothes peg on each nipple
A shoelace tied around my cock and balls

So I got to it. More adrenaline. More excitement. I took all 5 pictures, sent all of them to her in a hurry so I couldn’t back out of it and while on my knees, still with every clothes peg on, looked in the mirror at how pathetic I looked and masturbated.

I’d finally realised just how much I loved humiliation, so it would be my mission from now on to find someone who’d want to humiliate me on a daily basis! Still haven’t found that someone though.

The last I heard from this Domme was when she told me she wanted me to be live on cam for her while she recorded it, she’d have me in a similar situation as before, except I’d beg to masturbate, cum on a plate and then beg to clean the plate with my tongue. The entire thought of this made my head spin, I was gagging for this to happen but I never heard back from her.

The next Domme was a one time thing, I’d spoken to her for a while on a fetish site and eventually she mentioned humiliation and if I was into it, so I told her about the Domme before her. She was impressed that I craved the humiliation, so told me to go out, buy a thong and take a picture of myself wearing it. This was too good of an opportunity to let pass, so I went out, bought the thong (feeling quite weird knowing it was for my own use) and came straight back home. As I stripped and put it on, I felt really shitty, thinking how pathetic I must have looked, but “whatever” I thought, “you’re fucking loving this you slut”.
Took the picture, sent it and never heard back from her again. Oh well, on to the next one!

This one was more of a personal thing, the best one yet, as I’d known this girl for nearly 3 years – although I’ve never met her.

I was chatting to her one day and it somehow came up about what I’d done and how I love it. She told me it sounded fun, so the logical thing to do was to ask her if she wanted to try it with me. Thankfully she didn’t think I was a weirdo and agreed to control me on cam. It started off tame – she made me masturbate on cam whilst asking if I could touch myself and cum. Over time though, I asked her if she could be a bit more evil – give me picture tasks etc, more humiliation on cam. I’d told her about the whole cum on a plate thing and she said that sounded so fun – next thing I knew I was naked, on cam with a plate infront of me. She told me I had to beg for everything – to touch myself, to pull my cock and eventually to cum. I didn’t know she had it in her, I was in heaven. This girl I’d known for a while, completely controlling me…knowing that if she wanted to, she could tell everyone I knew about this kink of mine…I was about to blow my load without even touching myself.

I was there, I was begging to cum, she said no. I begged again. And again. Over and over until I was screaming it. She let me. My warm load over the plate – and I had to lick every last drop up. It was the dream I’d been wanting for about 6 months…finally happening. I begged to lick it up, to swallow every last drop. She let me do that straight away, laughing at how much of a pathetic slut I looked. I didn’t care, I was in ecstasy.

Since then, she’s got a boyfriend, they’ve got engaged and I’ve only had one ‘event’ with her since. She had me take 5 pictures for her amusement, no requirements, just 5 pictures of my choice, as long as I felt humiliated she said, they’d do. Since then I’ve not found anybody else online, and it’s a bit of a shame since when done right, it can be quite fun


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