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how i naturally cope with sickness…. #CoconutOil

ok last weekend my 7yr old had a fever

just a slight one

he gets better and goes back to my ex


wednesday night TinMan gets ill plus horrid back pains

thursday he gets meds (doctors like him)

thursday night or after midnight friday morning… i start to get ill


…….. note to self :

when one is truly allergic to codeine.. don’t kiss someone taking codeine


right away i started having tingling and numbness in my lips

slight lung issue

by 7am friday morning i went home cause i was getting worse fast

i didn’t start hallucinating but reading on my kindle became way more vivid


saturday i am in and out of sleep, low fever, body aches, horrid hangover like migraines, swollen abdomen, lungs burnt like i smoked a pack of cigs in one go or ran a mile in the freezing air… dry mouth/throat/nose and more

normally a thing like this would knock me on my ass for a month and another month to mostly recover

the joys of having an undiagnosed autoimmune disorder


when i started taking coconut oil, on a regular basis, starting in april last year

 i started to heal faster overall, suffer less and stopped taking any meds unless it got too heavy for me to cope

even then i usually only take paracetamol

i hate meds, i suffer too many side effects or develop allergies to the meds

one medication made me lose feeling in my clit…. i took 3 low does pills and nearly 2 years later i still dont have full sensation!

so yeah, i try for more natural ways to get better


i know i need to drink plenty of fluids and eat, even though i am not really hungry

i made myself some chicken legs/thighs

they where frozen and i put them in a baking dish with warm water covering 2/3rds up the side of the chicken leg

added lots of parsley flakes and some Himalayan rose salt to the water

when it was mostly done baking, i added some garlic powder to the broth and on top of the skin which was crispy

i also baked up some carrots, mostly just reheating them as i bought them pre-vapor cooked

added the carrots, both and some chicken into a bowl

IMG_1026 a

my mom and i have been reading up on health benefits of various herbs and such for years

she sent me some green tea pills and red algae pills

IMG_1032 a

i hate pills but i figured if i opened the soft gels (you never know what they are made of or if they will cut the beneficial properties of what is inside) and mixed with hot water to dissolve the powder and make a sort of tea…

well i poured the tea like mix into my soup and it had a nice flavor


but before all that i made myself one of my hot coconut oil drinks

easier to drink something healthy while prepping and baking

IMG_1033 a

my drink consisted of a large Guinness mug, filled 1/3rd with hot milk

then i add coconut oil… i used a heaping tablespoonful of cold/solid oil (it is only liquid when warm)

then coffee and some passion fruit syrup

the oil in that amount is hard to drink

so slimy feeling but the milk and coffee thin it out and the syrup makes you feel special

pretty tasty


i drank half the mug and less than 20 min later i suddenly had a productive cough instead of dry cough

it started cleaning my system out as if i was way more into the cold/flu/thing

the neat part about coconut oil is that it is antibacterial like antibiotics but not harsh on the body unless you are one of the rare people allergic to coconut

the coconut oil is ALSO antiviral! it is a kick ass plant with a ton of health benefits

but many people are stupid and cry out “no no it’s fat it’s fat it’s SATURATED fat”

that just means it burns higher without changing chemical composition (thus going from good to toxic)…unlike all the other (non tropical/non medium chain fatty acids) oils we have been told are healthy for us (some are still very healthy, so long as you don’t heat them and they are not exposed to light or air)


on the side i have been drinking lots of tea with honey

mainly these two flavors

lavender, thyme and rosemary…. very sweet even without honey

the other tea is from the brand loyds, EXTREMELY flavorful, rosehips (high in vitamine c) and apple

IMG_1048 a

so if we say i started getting noticeably sick after midnight of friday morning and it is now early evening sunday

i am detoxing my system extremely fast whereas it would take me at least 2 weeks to get to the productive cough stage at my “normal”/messed up healing rate

it is helping me, the coconut oil and it augments the other healthy stuff i have been doing for most of my life


in the words of reading rainbow “but you don’t have to take my word for it”

“Let me put on my face”

Growing up I used to hear odd ways of speaking from many different people in my life…

including random strangers as the pass by


The ones that stick with me most are “let me put my eyes in”

for when someone has to put their contact lenses in to be able to see and function properly


Or there is this one “I just need to put my face on and then we can go”

Now that one really stuck with me


If you pay attention to my blog, twitter feed, facebook or any other social site I use…

Then you will know that I suffer from health issues… a lot of them


For the most part I look pretty normal



sure the past year I have almost exclusively walked with a cane to keep my balance and give me mobility that would be restricted if I over work my body to try and be as “normal” as everyone says I look..


Most people assume I am younger than my almost 35 years or they think I must not be in as bad of pain if I am not mentioning it every 5 seconds


I am a “trooper” .. I carry on and get through the day as best I can and try to keep doing things the way I used to, be who I used to be and each year that gets more difficult


The most visible problem that people point out… is my skin… my face to be exact

I do my best to hide my face… foundation, cover up… whatever you want to call it…


I just want to look “normal”


I don’t want to be some fashion model or photoshopped pretty face

I simply want to avoid having the neighbors kid freak out like I am some freak or ugly monster

…true story (of course being me I explained my health and situation and he freaks less, he doesnt do it to be mean, he is simply young and tactless lol)


I get something like adult acne…

cysts, boils, dunno what else… I don’t really care, I just want it gone


First thing everyone says (professional or not)…. “don’t pick your face”


I don’t…


I perform minor surgery on my face

I have read enough about the pain I feel to understand (book wise vs simply using common sense) that what I am dealing with NEEDS surgery


The pain I live with isn’t normal

but no one listens to me…

25 years with “acne” and still no one listens to me or takes me seriously


So I have mentioned before to many different people, about my face but I rarely post any pictures to really explain beyond the words

I hide and it sucks and it restricts me in many ways

but I do it so I wont be judged by fools with hurtful tongues and empty minds


so… the following is me going from freshly washed face to all dolled up and ready to seduce a lover or few 😉


to be fair my skin isn’t TOO bad today

no sores that refuse to heal fast enough

nothing that wont stay closed

nothing that was overly hard to hide

nothing that was too painful to touch in any way


so here goes


#1 … side A



#2…. side B



#3… now for my “war paint”



#4…. halfway to “normal”



#5… about as “normal” as i get



So… this is me..

There are people out there with worse situations than mine and I try to keep that in mind


I know some people can relate to me for many different reasons

I also know that too many people put value in the wrong places


I am just me.. nothing more and nothing less








Back home and the brain has been scanned

Note: I have many blogs to post on my health, back logged and only just transcribed them from print to text… being in the hospital with nothing but time to kill and no Facebook gets you working quickly


Now to get up to date

Once again I am in the hospital

Today I have FINALLY had the magical, mystical machine which does the amazing thing, called the MRI …oooo…ahhh… bow down in awe

Really it is an awesome adventure

The different sounds and music remind me of the binary beat videos I watch on YouTube to help me relax

The only problem I saw with it …

Being short the pillow they use under your legs to help you rest well, just too big for me and they didn’t have anything smaller

It was a bit hot as well

I noticed a few times my heart started racing out of my control, as if a panic attack was being remotely triggered but I took control and calmed my breathing

I was very sad I didn’t have my camera with me

I think I could have talked the tech guy into taking a picture for the scavenger hunt

He seemed kind of disappointed when I mentioned being married

Probly due to the fact that I told him why I wish I had my camera and that I write a sex blog

Men are far too easy

Seems that the women in France, in general are far too timid when it comes to talking about sex or other things that I find easy and want to explore

It is almost time for lunch

They are going to feed me, give me the paperwork and send me on my way

I am excited

I hope this is the last of the tests I need to do

I hope I will have answers

I feel ok

I have had my body scanned for years with nothing as a result

There is only so much the body can tell you

It all starts in the brain

And I had been begging to have my brain scanned for decades

Now I have reached my goal

I can stop fighting so hard now

I still have to push to get the results and then a treatment plan but…

The hardest part is done


Highly functional, back to the hospital

Note: this is the last blog for today, I am heading off to the hospital soon and will not have internet connection but I will take my laptop and create more blogs to post

I know I still have to finish the 30 Days of Kink and there was a Meme that Innocent Loverboy included me in… I know I have been bad 😦 lol

hahahah almost wrote title as Highly Fucktional *mad giggle*


I was on Facebook last night and it crossed my mind…
I know that a lot of you out there in Internet-Land like my writing and who I am and all kinds of other things about me…

But if you have been following my health updates…

My brain isn’t functioning at full power (low oxygen/blood flow in a few areas)

A very good example of how it affects me, is that I can’t do math anymore (simple addition only off the top of my head, slightly more complex on paper) and I used to be in advanced math and science classes during high school and that was even while I was suffering from 3 years of horrible health issues

…so… just think what I will be like when I am not in as much pain and using more of my brain


I really can’t wait for the neurologist to read through my blogs (granted I will give him the more “tame” versions) and help him understand who I am vs what I should or could be

I know that I seem normal, that I am highly functional and I am betting that most of his patients are coming in and they are not as highly functional as I am…

I want my life back


So off I go to the hospital tonight, the MRI tomorrow and hopefully an answer

My guess, for years is Lupus SLE focusing on the central nervous system… we shall see


Love ya all, keep following

Better health and a toothbrush

The past few weeks have been hard for me, lots of pain in my head and then on the 29th I had been planning to seduce my dog with the heels he likes…

Instead I end up in the hospital due to massive amounts of pain in my head

Since then, nearly a week and a half, I have been in and out of the hospital and not able to see my dog… not a happy shalla

Today I go back to the hospital, stay overnight and Monday I will have the MRI scan of my brain

I know that I have low blood flow/low oxygen to areas of the brain and that has been affecting my life for years

Sex has been difficult because if I get too active my head pounds and I have been scared to exercise due to the same effect…scared to have a stroke or aneurism…

Soon I will have answers and can better my life… more sex is a high treat *grin*

Last night I called my dog, he was upset and I agreed to see him before going to the hospital today… on a condition

I wanted him to take a picture for me, to show how sweet he has been trying to take care of me

You see, I am not really the “Mistress” type, I am a switch and don’t want total control… that means I forget to give him tasks and due to my past I have a hard time asking for things

The last time I saw him, as I was leaving, I went to brush my teeth and he stopped me

The toothbrush I had been leaving in his apartment was ever so slightly used on one side and he surprised me with a new toothbrush

I know it is a silly thing, something that could be taken for granted but it was the way he presented the toothbrush and he reminded me so much of a real dog trying to satisfy

It really touched me, that simple thing and the fact that my health in all areas matters so much to him

This is the picture I asked him to take (then I altered it) … I am not a fan of pink but I love the toothbrush…



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