day 27 #FebPhotoFest2015 teasing the geeks.. unzip this…

last night i was given a great idea

i had put on my robe

one that i bought in london

the only oddity with this robe is that it zips closed

it zips from bottom to top

not the easiest to walk in

but sexy as hell to take off

IMG_1482 a

as proving my point

i wore this robe tonight

he suggested that i tease the geeks

since i did foot fetish yesterday

i should show off to the geeks

help them to unzip

IMG_1484 a

next geeks i chase after will be my lovely gamers

sweet dreams

i am off to bed


SinfulSunday the Devil’s Panties

The Devil’s Panties webcomic ( inspired me to let out so many of the naughty ideas I had stuck in my head, the Shoulder Devil really is my persona and if you can understand her you will understand me

The reason I chose this comic for Sinful Sunday is because I have such a deep love for all things geeky and yet I am such a naughty girl

Proof not all geeks are guys nor are they innocent or virginal *evil grin*

all nippleage has been removed


The humor of the image is that the Shoulder Devil is using a hard surface leaf blower to lift up the dress of Shoulder Angel, predictably Angel is upset by this saying “inappropriate use of lawn equipment”, to which Devil replies “can’t hear you”

The reason why this is funny… in real life Jennie attends DragonCon where she holds an event called Kilt Blowing, she literally uses a hard surface leaf blower to tease and audience of …on average 200 screaming fans…usually woman…  with what COULD happen and IS under the kilt *evil grin*

The men ham it up of course

You can see video on youtube under kilt blowing, Jennie Breeden, DragonCon

You can also find more pictures on flickr

If you have never been to DragonCon… that in itself is a sin, it is like a condensed geek Vegas… in Atlanta Georgia, USA

The year I attended DragonCon, I cosplayed the Shoulder Devil, I took flyers from Jennie for her event and went around the convention, running up to men in kilts…sideling up to them and when I have their full attention asking… “So… you gonna get blown tonight?” only one guy got offended and 80% of the guys I asked new what I was talking about so everyone had a good laugh as I pimped out Jennie’s event.

Here is a picture of me haming it up with two aliens from sesame street, loved it when one said.. “no no badddd touch”

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