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Up and gone

written 3 months ago

The day starts like any other, time passes, things happen and all along the way you know that something is missing.

Really you cant explain what that something is but you feel it like a void and try to ignore the emptiness as the day drags on.

Wake up, keep those eyes open long enough to register that the alarms have stopped going off and the numbers on the clock tell you that you have slept past the time you needed to get up by.

Oh, if only you could give it another 5 minutes but that would pass to 10 and then before you know it hours would go by and then you will have missed the day and all that needed to get done in it.

So you lay there a second, eyes trying to focus on staying open, body aching from badly sleeping in the night and you give in to the need to get up and start the day. You don’t want to but some days its just what needs to be done.

The water is steaming hot as it falls over your head, down your shoulders and back. Waking you bit by bit, stealing away the sleep from your eyes and giving a false sense of energy… just enough to help get you dry and dressed.

Coffee, the tool you need to really take off the last bits of sleep hanging around your body and your mind.

Laying naked on your bed I watch you as you slip away from me and take your shower. I make the bed and wrap myself in my satin robe and lay back down on top of the sheets, it is you that has to rush off so I wait for you to be done so I stay out of your way.

My robe is short, exposing my ass and legs. You walk in naked and dry, sexy, strong, I have been wet for you all night and would give so much to pause the clocks, to stop time and have you slip into me as I lay there on your bed.

You touch my legs, just a simple run up them with the tips of your fingers and I can feel my excitement rising but I know you cannot stay with me.

I lay there watching you and that tingle gets worse but there is nothing I can do, I cannot grab you and tie you down.

I cannot stop you from walking out on me when all I want is to drag you back to bed, have sex with you till we both pass out and sleep the day away… but you have your priorities and I understand so I make no move to stop you.

Dressed you walk out, I hear the door close and lock behind you… no time even for that coffee you so desperately need.

Rolling over onto my back, robe sliding open and exposing my wet fanny and full breasts…

I ache for you but let the cool air calm my skin and wick away the wetness. I don’t see the point of playing without you.

Instead I take a shower, knowing that same steaming hot water that ran over your body was now touching mine and dry myself with the same thick towel you used.

Holding it tight around me wishing it was you.


written 4 months ago

again, posted on alt but putting it here as well

thinking back to the past and realizing i can make connections with anyone, that i can love and care for anyone, give all that i am and heal the world one person at a time

i can give heart and soul, show others to learn how to give the same but no matter how much i touch a persons life or help them walk down their path

at the end of the day i still carry the weight of the world on my shoulders and have no one equal in strength or stronger to take up my burden for just a few minutes so i can breathe

Give a compliment

written 5 months ago

i dont ever want to hear you look x for x
dont put limits on your compliments

i was just told by some random 24yr old guy You look great for your age.

wth!!!??? for my age?
what? do i turn into a pumpkin at midnight? will someone hit me with the ugly stick in the next 30 seconds

i want a compliment for the sake of getting one!

if i am attractive or funny or what ever! tell me but dont put a limit on it

you are attractive..for a redhead or for a short person or for a scorpio
or what ever…

why limit it!

if that young pup is gonna play the age card i will too and put him over my knee and use a flogger on his ignorant ass and he wont enjoy it!

Looking for my Dom

written 6 months ago

wrote this on alt, figured i would share here as well

mine… not someone elses that wants to share or fool around or add some extra fun to a scene

My Dom! someone i belong to, someone i CAN submit to and inspires me to want to give all that i am.. body, mind and soul

i am such a strong picky personality, i cant just go with someone for play and submit for a one off. whats the point!

i am scorpio! intensity, sexuality, ALL OR NOTHING

i am a true switch by nature! i want to submit not because i think its hot to be told what to do or it fills some need
i want to submit so i can learn more about myself, understand that side of me and when i am done i will go learn to be a Domme

i am a switch, the only way i can be a better me is to strengthen that which makes me ME. i need both sides of my sword like personality to be tempered, honed and fired.

but sadly i keep finding people that are users, losers, one guy freaks the crap out of me as i dont think he is very stable

everyone just wants to get their kicks and kinks off and think i can be their lil sub slut and please them… fuck that!

i will only please/submit to one person, the rest of the world i will be my strong, snarky and passionate self with

but where the fuck is he! i dont want to wait! i want him now!

and i dont want a potential dom that i could submit too but has too many things in his life to keep me from being his focus

i dont HAVE to be the center of his world but i need a big enough piece of it!

i will not settle for someone that thinks its ok to wonder off for days on end and ignore me! sure tell me you have meetings all this week and wont be able to talk to me online but will be checking your messages from me and sending a quick reply at least 2x during the week.. i can deal with that… but just nothing! fuck off!
i deserve better! i want better!



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