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another one blocked

Another one gets the block
Another one gets the block
And another one gone, and another one gone
Another one gets the block
Hey, I’m gonna get you, too
Another one gets the block
i really should have blocked this guy on skype a year ago but i just couldnt be bothered
so the last few months i have been analyzing what he says, how it makes me feel and why
and tonight i finally told him the truth, that i was analyzing him like a bug under a lens… which seemed to hurt and offend him
but honestly, if i am telling the truth about who i am, why i am and that i have absolutely no interest but he continues and sends a very boring cock in shorts hard on, when i have only just said a few minutes before that i am not sexually excited and rarely get that way for years now… yeah douche nozzle
i like to flirt, i love finding people i am comfortable with because that helps stimulate my mind and then i find inspiration and THEN i write… i can write beautifully.. but i need a muse
and if the average guy is making me go.. meh, i think i would rather get an enema using rusty surgical equipment covered in poisonous jelly fish… well i just wont find my stimulation for my writing lol
if you know me, if you really read what i say and pay attention
my words are full of something… always something
if they sound flat and robot like… that is what i am feeling
if i am bouncing and *giggling like mad* .. that is what i am doing and feeling
if i am venting and swearing a lot.. welcome to pirate mode
i am extremely expressive if you pay attention
and i try really hard not to bitch or cause fights with people and often go out of my way to explain this
but many dont bother to learn this
they read what they want, think what they want… but it isnt ME
i guess i need to do more videos so people hear my voice, see who i am… but there will still be many like mr blocked who can’t see past the end of their nose
for me they serve a purpose … they help me avoid further people i just don’t want or need in my life at any price
i am brutally honest, i dont do flattery and i dont talk just to hear myself talk
not many are like this
and the older i get, the less tolerance i have for the behavior of others
which ties in with a number of previous blogs i have posted about the behavior of men and how they treat women
it is very frustrating
i want a better world… i try to raise my boys to be good men, they give me shit but thats natural in the mother/child equation.. how they behave with others of all gender, culture and all the rest, is what matters to me right now… i know it will get better when it is mother/adult child relationship
i always wanted a daughter but in many ways i am glad that didnt happen, this isnt a world i want for my lil girl…
i am fine with men lusting over the words i write … but they are often only words… empty of who i am…. pulled from the universe and shaped onto paper
i am fine with men lusting over my pictures … but they are just pictures… yes OF me but not who i am
i am fine selling my body for money… but i refuse to be used for free

HEY STUPID!! no i wont fuck you

if you have been following my blog

you know two things about me

1…. i have no problem posting pics of my breasts, talking about sex and writing erotically


2…. i am intelligent

those two things are very dangerous


because i will fucking bitch slap your ego back to when you were 5 and just discovering what you can do with your dick while you take a bubble bath

why do i say this

cause 90% of the guys contacting me are fucking retarded

i have multiple profiles on sites like okcupid, adoptunmec, alt, fetlife, seeking arrangements, on va sortir, rent a friend, adultwork, and have been on other “dating sites” … in each profile i explain who i am, what i want and what i need from other people

sure the dating sites are for dating…

i like going out on dates, doesn’t mean your cock is gonna end up in my mouth and sure as hell aint ending up in my pussy just cause you promise to give me an awesome orgasm

promises don’t mean shit

why am i on dating sites if i only want friendship?

duh stupid

one day i might find the perfect guy for me… he sure as fuck better be a friend

everything starts as friendship

i have so few friends in this country and i want more!

dating sites seem to be my only choice to make friends and instead i find fuck nuts thinking they can change my mind

‘srisly i dont fucking think so

i would love to meet more women

i would love to explore women and gain experience and change some of what i write so i focus on sex and not sex with men only

but women are even harder to meet here

gahhhh i want to smack the stupid out of people

if i am on a kink site i expect more people trying to meet for sex and kink

thats a given…

but again

i am fucking clear as all hell with what i want and the type of respect i demand from others contact me

want to be added to my friends list, send me a god damn message first you twatwaffle droopy dick

what to seduce me?

yeah saying you want to smell my farts may not be the best opening message

ok you are submissive… you sure as hell aint MY sub

fine be respectful but be a real fucking person!

i have no time to spend looking through each diminutive statement to find the hidden personality that will tell me if you are even worth my time in the first place

should i like your voice but you cant follow a simple request…

you then blow up my phone with stupidity that you later say is “miscommunication”

when i asked in the first place “do you understand what i want from you” and you say yes


youz retahded!!

if i am on an adult site to escort.. no i will not fuck you for less than the amount posted

why? cause you don’t fucking merit my body, mind or time to get a fucking freebe or discount

sex is an art if done correctly

and artists of any kind should not learn to create their art, become proficient at their art, spend huge amounts of time maintaining their skill level and then give free shit just cause someone “asked nicely”

fuck you

work is work

pay ya lazy craptastic fucktard

if i am on a sugar daddy site.. what do i want… something special

i dont want to be a princess but i sure as hell want to be treated as i deserve

and that means i want money to better my life and i will make your life richer for making your bank just a tad bit less full

i am not greedy but i am a sure thing and worth every cent

if someone asked me to be theirs exclusively, i would… but it has to be worth it

no one has made it worth it

…. i am smart, funny, expressive, intuitive, empathetic, i am genuine…. i am awake! i am evolved!!

i am not better than others, i am different…

but dammit i am sapiosexual

if you are too stupid to stimulate my brain… i dont want you in my bed

if i want a guy just to fuck and not think, i can go find exactly what i want…but that doesnt interest me

i want brains!

i am like a zombie… STARVING HERE!!!

where the fuck are the brains!!!

i mean srsly! dude! what the fuck!

him: “hey want to meet me”

me: why? be honest

me: you read my profile?
him: “yes”

me: you understand i dont want sex? you think you can change my mind?
him: “yes”

me: ok you have one chance, good luck
him: “i promise to give you an amazing orgasm”

me: yeah but no! you have to convince me to meet you in the first place, not give me a reason to want to meet you a second time

people are stupid

this day has been stupid

i mean, how many stupid people does it take to convince me to fuck them?
i honestly dont know but they keep trying and i had 5 in the last 10 minutes

My day #SFW #venting

note: earlier in feb i was in a car accident cause this russian twattwaffle decided to double me, going easily 15 over the speed limit just to get fast enough up to my position then dodge through me and the guy in front of him

if there had been room i would have just been pissy and honked his ass out but instead he forced me to swerve to avoid sudden stop and car behind me from crashing my ass

so i went up on the median/island and bent my rim in two places, sent hubcap flying and fuck i bitched his ass out! but ya know, since he didnt hit me and i didnt hit him, cops don’t give a fuck

double note: i like russians, dont think that me calling this dick/driver names or doing the too gay for putin blog/video (i am all for LGBT rights) means that i have something against the country or it’s people… i have some lovely russian friends and yummy ex’s … but damn they have been coming out of the wood work this year!! 



so it is 02:22 right no..wait 02:23
fucking long day
in late last night (lots of wine) out early this morning
get to the garage/dealership…after having to go up around over, spin and double back cause it is one of those…no you are not going to pull in this parking lot in a normal fashion..

so i drop off my car just before 10 (but i have been up since 8)
the i walk my bum over to the cafe/restaurant and wait
and wait
i kept myself busy of course
but fuckin’hell
almost all jobs close from noon – 14hr (2pm) for their lunch
so around 14:25 i start walking back
haha guy was just dialing my number when he sees me
get car back, THEY WASHED IT!! sweeet!!!
all checked out, not as bad as other car shop said (they want my money more), wheels aligned and ordered new glass for windshield
under 100€ and the other place was thinking over 200!
will have copay of 50 for new glass but easier than the 6 or 700 it would be

then to get the 6 (almost 7!!) and 12yr old
which takes HOURS cause we had to get stuff packed, organized, redone
thankfully Ze Ex FINALLY had their bags packed but it was the other stuff that we needed hah

then lots of cooking
kids being kids
16yr old being disrespectful and man i gave him a new one
he is getting better at listening

then i get on here and see message from guy being desirepectful
fuck it

2:30… bed sounds lovely!

“suck out the inside of an egg with a strapon” humorous rant about hubby

Note: for those of you who do NOT follow me on facebook and thus may have NO FUCKING IDEA bout what is going on my life… i am in the process of divorcing my husband of 11 years married but 13 in total, he is the biological father of my 6yr old and the adopted father of my other two boys (12 & 16)…

as with any divorce there are issues aplenty and this is no exception!

i am trying VERY FUCKING HARD to stay neutral and objective so that the children have the least problems with the most benefit from the situation… while my husband is acting a bit more … well.. manipulative and giving me many reasons to NEED to vent

so i hope you can see the humor in my frustrations haha and help me laugh away these frustrations 😀


– – –


i would like to take this opportunity to say that 
i love my boyfriend 
for the simple reason…

that he doesnt make me feel like i am trying to suck out the inside of an egg with a strapon…

now, if you can understand how impossible that task would be without some sort of SERIOUS modifications… you now understand what a cunt i am dealing with in regards to Ze Ex IT (Ze Ex In Training) …(written with a Ze instead of The because he is french)

though i do admit TinMan is awesome for other reasons as well haha

Pissed at 2nd debate

I have never been more pissed off that the people around me

Those in places of power and those that need to be protected, need a helping hand, need the their way of life to be better, need health care, need to not be ignored and they are undecided

How can you be blind to the fact that yes, Obama may not be who you want in the White House but at least he is TRYING NOT to screw us over

Every time the republicans (over my entire 32years of life) have been in power, they have done the “ME FIRST” attitude, lining pockets and caring only for the rich or the poor when it suited their needs but that again lines their pocket

I would love to have a republican party that actually gives a damn, fights to make real changes and tries to work with the democratic party… instead they bicker, start fights or point fingers at anyone but them

I have some WONDERFUL friends and family that are republicans, they are wonderful because they are human and remember that fact but the ones in power, the ones that have the say to make changes seem to have a god complex!

Work together

Fix things

I walk through the stores and I am embarrassed to see what is being sold, what people are buying and what is being shoved down our throat as top quality.

When such crap is being forced upon us for purchase to make the economy better… no wonder people are not buying much and we are suffering from it

It’s not JUST that people don’t have much money to spend; they don’t want the crap that is there!

With how we care for our people… how can you ignore the poor, the people that choose to be here over their home country, the ignorant ones that still think race is an issue… when are you going to make us happier and healthier and better people as AMERICANS!


Here is my take on the second debate tonight:





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