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day 9 #FebPhotoFest2015 fruit punch style grog

so i was seriously in bad shape yesterday

it was like i was doing things in reverse

seriously ill, hangover like symptoms

then i start to feel better but totally drunk feeling

then i made a cocktail …because i couldnt find a grog recipe i liked

after that i started to feel tipsy

by the time i was done with my huge drink

i was sober


some days i feel i am NOT normal


today i made a strong tea

then added that to chopped and sliced fruit to make a sort of mulled wine

but without the wine

which is why i am saying a fruit punch grog


in the pot i have

sliced oranges


golden raisins


a date

few goji berries

few coconut flakes

almond powder

IMG_1071 a

in a seperate mug i let sit in hot water

a mix of






dried lemon grace

few golden raisins

IMG_1081 a

i dumped out/trashed the solid bits in the strainer

added the liquid and the tea to the fruit in the pot


tested some of the liquid in a mug with rum and honey

found out i dont like the rum and honey with all this

added pineapple juice to the pot

heated again

strained the liquid into my mug

added honey and a mix of vodka with pink grapefruit alcohol

very tasty!

also added a lil coconut oil to get an extra healing effect

(don’t do that if you are allergic to coconut!!)

and here is proof of me enjoy my hot fruit punch grog in style!

IMG_1160 a1b

hope you are having a good february

follow along to see who else is posting a pic every day this month



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