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Cooking with a redhead

People have been floating around the picture of breakfast cupcakes… slices of ham in a cupcake wrapper with an egg cooked inside, sunny side up

I have tried this before, never bothering with a recipe but I am sure I could have found one on the net if I had the interest… I didn’t

Instead I tried it, using reasoning and logic… as well as a touch of mad scientist for adding in things I would find tasty

They were ok

I should have put tinfoil or something to cover as the cooked

The eggs looked perfect but in reality they had a feel and thickness as if someone had gone mad in a latex company… not how I want my eggs but great for taking pictures


Yesterday the lovely lady of “Geeky Redheads, and their Supporters/Admirers” page on Facebook, posted the picture again of the breakfast cupcakes and I decided to cook my version tonight

They do not look the same as I went for a more quiche like effect but they taste amazing and ingredience can be varied…



I chopped a bunch of onions (more than I needed for the meal so I set some aside for later), sautéed them in butter (but you could use oil), a lil salt and near the very end added in some beef flavoring in powdered form (you could add the veggy version instead)

Set that all aside…

In a grinder I added the following herbs and spices:

Basil, garlic, parsley, paprika, chives, shallots, white/black pepper, salt and a very slight amount of chili pepper

Set that all aside…

Took 16 eggs, added some shredded swiss (I would rather use cheddar or mozzarella but they don’t sell that shredded in france) and 3 table spoons of mustard… buzzed that up together and then added the herb/spice mix

I used 2 muffin tins designed for making extra-large muffins

Lined each section with a sheet of tin foil first to fit the shape and then a sheet of baking paper to keep help the cooked version slide out easily (yay less clean up)

Then took two slices of salami, added spoon and a half of the sautéed onions, more shredded cheese and poured in some of the egg mix (stirring each time prior to pouring the egg mix)

Because my oven is small, I folded up the tips of the baking paper, snipped them off and folded the long parts of the tinfoil over the top which also helps regulate the cooking

I baked the two muffin trays at 200° for 30 minutes on the setting that has a fan (I use that for damn near all my cooking)

They were not fully done (checked by inserting fork and the tips came out slightly wet) so I rotated the trays from top to bottom and also turned them around to help balance the baking

Not the prettiest things on earth but paired with a salad or cooked veggies or a nice soup… would be lovely

They were very tasty and filling, it equals about 2 eggs per “muffin”

I could have used a bit more mustard (always spicy mustard in this house) and I think if I would have used a tomato sauce instead of mustard then I would have used a layer of mozzarella

I am sure I could come up with another version of this, already thinking about possibly using bbq sauce or curry or maybe one with crab meat or salmon… hmmm…

Dammit! I can’t stop thinking!!

So yes… that was what I made for dinner



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