#sinfulsunday morning surprise

My trip to Ireland was fun…

Though none of what I had hoped to achieve panned out

I’m a tad bitter about this but I made the most of it, even if I did not get up to very much mischief of the naughty sort

TinMan was naughty for me

While I was off galavanting through towns and a castle…

He decided to tease me with an erotic picture for the day’s I was away from him

Each morning was a wonderful surprise

Tonight he picked me up from the airport and treated me to many wonderful things…

Starting with a shower

I do love when he scrubs every inch of me

Sex is always on the menu

And speaking of menu…

Dinner was home cooked and too filling for dessert!

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Sinful Sunday

dark humor “sacrificial lamb” cake

i was out and about last week

doing the shopping before my boys would spend the weekend with me

all the stores were packed with easter candy

the standard chocolate bunnies and eggs

even the rare chocolate dinosaur!!

but what really got me was the cake i found

it was shaped like a lamb

i nearly lost it at the store

i was repressing so much laughter

knowing the others around me would not understand my humor

i had to have one!

there must be a sacrifice!! hehe

i really wanted to have a barbie doll with a toy knife but well no such luck and wasnt buying one… thought about mr potato head… hehe

also saw a toy boat in my boys room

thought of laying down a protective cover and adding a lil bit of alcohol on the lamb cake

set that on fire and fake a viking pyre haha

my 14 year old was laughing hard at all my ideas

he loves my dark humor

so none of the outlandish stuff…

K.I.S.S. .. as in Keep It Shit Simple or Keep It Simple Stupid

so i sliced into the neck of the cake enough to make a gap

added some strawberries

took some of the strawberry sauce with fig and violet jam to thicken it up to look like blood

and drizzled into the cut for it to pour down

worked great

loved taking the pics and it was very tasty

so i hope you enjoy my dark humor as much as i do

sacrificial lamb cake a.jpg

ohzzz mah gawd COOKIES!! #SFWpics

holy shit my son made cookies!


he is 17years old… wow 18 less than 6 months!

he is an artist, a dreamer and highly social

he loves tasty food but doesnt know how to cook much

the microwave he can use easily

stove top not too bad

but the oven worries him

he is eager to learn but gets distracted

for valentines day weekend he wanted to make cookies for his girlfriend after seeing a video on youtube

Rainbow Heart Cookies “Eugenie Cookies” – Eugenie Kitchen

but he got sick

i still bought the supplies

he just noticed them the other day and got excited

last night i stayed up late

wasnt feeling well

working on images to sell

finally got to sleep around 7:30 this morning

he randomly comes in to ask me a question while i am sleeping

later i wake up

go potty and hear him stalking me outside the door haha!

he was all excited like a happy puppy

it was adorable

i got all teary eyed

so proud of my boy!

i dont do cookies

i end up burning them to the point that hazmat should come collect the toxic waste

it is amazing to watch him surpass me

to see where we differ and how we get to the same results

he conquered his fears

so damn cool and gives me motivation to keep fighting my fears

we all feel like we arent good enough in life

simple things help make the difference

no cheese in france, letter to @SUBWAY ( @SubwayFrance )

on a funnier note… to deal with my frustration over life, the universe and food… i sent a ‘save me’ message to subway subs… cause… france doesnt have shit for cheese haha

dear subway subs…
i am an american living in france and for all the “lovely” cheese they have here…. they lack what i need from your chain…

please make france move their butt and make the restaurants more authentic with provolone (i need this for meatball sub!!) and all the other flavors… they only have plastic white and some kind of shredded orange and white…

i am highly disappointed that the newest location in (name edited) looks like it was really meant to be a starbucks… nice design but where is the old school print of subway maps!

i can forgive that if they get the good cheese!

in france there is no “monterey” anything, jack or pepper jack or colby!
sometimes feta and mozzarella…sometimes
the cheddar here is from the uk…not the same at all!!!
and as i stated there is no provolone!

swiss! they have swiss! france seems to think that is the only cheese which should be sold shredded… *twitch*

please… save me

and if you don’t believe the differences you should see how they mutilated pizza hut and dominos!…. TUNA pizza? *whimper*

please save me

i can’t leave… (in the process of divorce and i wont leave without my kids and he will never let them leave france)

i will happily be a minion …

lots of love


ps…for all the humor, yes this is a serious problem..help

Cooking with a redhead

People have been floating around the picture of breakfast cupcakes… slices of ham in a cupcake wrapper with an egg cooked inside, sunny side up

I have tried this before, never bothering with a recipe but I am sure I could have found one on the net if I had the interest… I didn’t

Instead I tried it, using reasoning and logic… as well as a touch of mad scientist for adding in things I would find tasty

They were ok

I should have put tinfoil or something to cover as the cooked

The eggs looked perfect but in reality they had a feel and thickness as if someone had gone mad in a latex company… not how I want my eggs but great for taking pictures


Yesterday the lovely lady of “Geeky Redheads, and their Supporters/Admirers” page on Facebook, posted the picture again of the breakfast cupcakes and I decided to cook my version tonight

They do not look the same as I went for a more quiche like effect but they taste amazing and ingredience can be varied…



I chopped a bunch of onions (more than I needed for the meal so I set some aside for later), sautéed them in butter (but you could use oil), a lil salt and near the very end added in some beef flavoring in powdered form (you could add the veggy version instead)

Set that all aside…

In a grinder I added the following herbs and spices:

Basil, garlic, parsley, paprika, chives, shallots, white/black pepper, salt and a very slight amount of chili pepper

Set that all aside…

Took 16 eggs, added some shredded swiss (I would rather use cheddar or mozzarella but they don’t sell that shredded in france) and 3 table spoons of mustard… buzzed that up together and then added the herb/spice mix

I used 2 muffin tins designed for making extra-large muffins

Lined each section with a sheet of tin foil first to fit the shape and then a sheet of baking paper to keep help the cooked version slide out easily (yay less clean up)

Then took two slices of salami, added spoon and a half of the sautéed onions, more shredded cheese and poured in some of the egg mix (stirring each time prior to pouring the egg mix)

Because my oven is small, I folded up the tips of the baking paper, snipped them off and folded the long parts of the tinfoil over the top which also helps regulate the cooking

I baked the two muffin trays at 200° for 30 minutes on the setting that has a fan (I use that for damn near all my cooking)

They were not fully done (checked by inserting fork and the tips came out slightly wet) so I rotated the trays from top to bottom and also turned them around to help balance the baking

Not the prettiest things on earth but paired with a salad or cooked veggies or a nice soup… would be lovely

They were very tasty and filling, it equals about 2 eggs per “muffin”

I could have used a bit more mustard (always spicy mustard in this house) and I think if I would have used a tomato sauce instead of mustard then I would have used a layer of mozzarella

I am sure I could come up with another version of this, already thinking about possibly using bbq sauce or curry or maybe one with crab meat or salmon… hmmm…

Dammit! I can’t stop thinking!!

So yes… that was what I made for dinner


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