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7 of 31 March photography challenge

Today’s challenge is “luck”

As is expected with a subject like luck…

I posted a number of 4 leaf clovers on Instagram

Mainly because I have so many!

I find them so easily

And since I was forced to go out into public again…

Eww of the highest eww rating…

I had to put in real clothing and make up but I felt more Me today 😁

While I am highly social and can typically make those around me smile because…

Ok I hate being in public, but I’m an ambivert…so no one really knows I hate being in public 🤣

I’m so bright, bubbly, easy going and friendly

I made the checkout lady’s day

She was lovely and dealing with the ewwwwpeople!!!!

So I just had to turn on the charm and be a bright moment in her day

My random act of kindness

I never force it

But it drains me and when I got home…

All I wanted was to crawl into bed and have someone to affectionately cuddle with

Their head on my chest so I could play with their hair

But no such “luck”

So I used that for today’s photo

Anyone who wants to have their head on my chest and cuddle

Would have to be pretty lucky as I rarely invite people into my space

I need that to change

So I’m working on it

Slowly but my luck will change

Tomorrow’s challenge is “the sky”

I’m genuinely excited about this and dreading it at the same time

Calling for more rain and while I’m fine, the area I went through today was impressively flooded

you call that rain? i call that tsunami in training!

holy ass fuck!
rain? no we didnt have rain in town…
no we had a mini fucking tsunami that decided to leave flooding all over the fucking place and not JUST on the lower level bits

drove through a few high patches, no choice… got to one area.. no fucking way, just not passable, saw one smaller car deep in, water had to have been 6″ under where the window starts

double back.. have to get to my son and get him from work
at 23hr in pouring rain when city has been turned into giant water trap

one road down hill was so bad that several of the manholes had blown their tops and lid was on the street, other manholes were propped open/up and a geyser of water shooting up 4′ above the road… trash bags everywhere cause of course it just happened to be trash night

cant go through the old part of the city as 90% is one way roads that double back to nowhere or you end up at points where you need a pass key to continue forward as it is normally closed to traffic

so.. tried the normal way.. lets go up and around and down and out… what? wtf you mean the high ground has a flooded area!
what you mean all the cars are doubling back…

no fucking choice, have to get to my son, have to get home
onward we go, straight line, no sudden movements, keep it constant and dont fucking stop

make it through… momvan..

get up, get upper, go back down, go around, go up again, wait… there he is, topless, in his work hat and soaked

seems he tried to walk on the sidewalk but didnt see the section that dips down for buses and he ended up balls deep in water…

so… we are home, safe…i’m having a beer
feeling like i danced with the devil tonight



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