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flash from the past …. day 5

ok it is 1am but i havent slept yet so it still counts

lets play peek-a-boo

IMG_6048 a

for my voyeuristic friends out there

IMG_6065 a

shhh… you never saw anything

IMG_6071 a



i’m off to dreamland

flash from the past …. day 4

so my week is almost at an end

the question becomes

should i make it a 5 day week or extend it to 7

i guess that depends on how busy i become over the next few hours

but here is one from a sample of pictures taken with my webcam

sadly the camera on my laptop is crap

but as i refuse to let anything stay this way

magic can be worked if time is spent

and here is this one

it is now a bit more dream like

SHALLA webcam2

an underwater sort of fluidity

or maybe a bit more like how i see the world when my glasses are removed and i am ready for sleep

like right now

i am tired, cold and my bed is just out of reach

flash from the past … day 3

late to post as a certain someone had to use all the wifi to update his ps3 games

but no worries

pics altered and ready to post

from an older set in 2014 celebrating the anniversary of my blogging

IMG_9766 a

the gentle side of the candle

IMG_9783 a

no burns with this set

but no pleasure either

though i did enjoy posing 😉

flash from the past… day 2

ok so by me it is 2am or so

thus i am posting more pics 😀

not a bad way to spend the week

sharing pics from other photo shoots

the following are from when i got dolled up and decided to bake tasty things

showing how fun flour can be

IMG_4150 a

the slinky dress on my not so slinky body haha

IMG_4139 a

curves are fun

IMG_4163 a

not to forget a shot using the sliding glass doors as a mirror

never an easy catch

but fun


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