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something old & something blue #Sinfulsunday

as with all sinful sunday posts… it’s about the image
this weekend is also carrying along the theme of “from below”

click on the lips to see what the other lovelies have been doing

Sinful Sunday

it’s been a while since i joined in the fun for sinful sunday

the move to the new house took up a lot of my time, helping my old neighbors move, having the kids for the summer and the god awful heat…well it has been a bit hard to be inspired or have the time to post

but i liked the idea of today’s challenge and decided to do a mix of pictures

for something old, i have some pictures i took in november 2010

IMG_1182 asm

i’d been in london and came back with my cute goth tutu skirt, i wanted pictures to show it off… along with my new rock shoes

IMG_1203 asm

at that time i was still married and very high on my sex drive but no outlet… part of why the divorce..

IMG_1244 asm

i like looking at these pictures and remembering who i was in that moment.. i want my sex drive back, i want the fun i found in london and i want to feel sexy

IMG_1198 asm

but lately i have been lacking in libido and longing for comfort, affection and cheesy as it is to say it.. love but not just any love.. something magical

so to turn the camera to that end.. we have the blue


i bought a special light a while back, it changes colors via a remote and adds a lil something special to my moods

i hope to be around more in the future and maybe explore the forest near my house


French lesson #SinfulSunday

As always, Sinful Sunday is about the image but because today is the first Sunday of the month, there is a special prompt that helps to inspire us to create and post an image of a specific sort


This month the prompt is the letter A


I have not posted in a while, lacking inspiration but this was just what I needed… click on the lips and see who else is sharing their images… “like” comment, share

Sinful Sunday

so here goes…


being that I am an American living in France, I thought to spice things up with a language lesson


my A word being “Aise”


if I understand correctly “Aise” translates to pleasure, not just the normal sense of the word but more that sexual feeling you get that is a kin to feeling high


or when you apply a heat pack to a sore spot


or opening a beer at the end of a long hot day


the word “aise” is more in use with older generations


I asked TinMan to look at two images I wanted to post and see if he could help me choose an “A” word and write an example of it’s use


here is his poem:

Tu es là, divine, étendu sur ce lit,

La vue qui m’est offerte en dit long sur la suite,

Ces petits ronds là est-ce des bougies,

Cela insuffle en moi une passion, elle m’habite,

Le rythme de ma respiration s’accélère, mon cœur s’affole,

Je ne sais si ce soir je te prends en dièse ou en bémol,

Tu te tourne lentement vers moi,

Quelque chose me susurre “prépare-toi pour une bonne baise”,

Tout mes sens se mettent en émoi,

Ces seins lourds…mon dieu, je ne peux que soupirer d’AISE.

I love his words and I know the gift he offers to add to my blog, to not judge me and encourage that I keep posting


it has been fun working with him to give you a proper translation


he was concerned that a translation would loose the poetic sound of the words, the questions made when no question mark was added and the translation “sharp or flat” having to do with musical notes


but he did well on translating the poem he wrote, each time we speak his English improves


I hope you enjoy both the French lesson and the images


here is his translation:

You are here, divine, lying on this bed,

The view offered to me speaks a lot of what will happen,

These small rounds here is it candles,

This instills in me a passion, she lives in me,

The rhythm of my breathing go faster, my heart goes crazy,

I do not know if tonight I catch you in sharp or flat,

You turn you slowly towards me,

Something whispers “get ready for a good fuck”,

All my senses are in turmoil,

These heavy breasts … my god, I can only sigh of AISE.

IMG_6936 a

crawling down the bed to get comfortable

IMG_6964 a

seducing you with candles waiting to be lit

stars and stripes… innocently erotic

so i bought some cute socks while i was in the states


i have been obsessed with wearing them

i would love more of the cute socks

i don’t like normal and boring

and the other day i saw cute panties

nothing fancy

nothing sexy

but cute

they work with my socks

nothing ever works with my bra so i will ignore that haha

so tonight i am showing my stars and stripes

powder blue and white socks


slightly darker blue panties with white stars


i know this is innocent

but i like to tease


i like to be playful


some days i am cute an innocent

though many would cry bullshit

one friend did that earlier on facebook haha

i’m off to bed

hope your night is sweet and full of good dreams

book time #SinfulSunday

i like the cold better

it is easier to warm up and relax

tonight i was cold but after getting comfy in my robe and fuzzy socks


i discovered the blankets were too much

slowly stripping as i read my chapters


more than one person this week had requested i tease the camera

hint but not show

i almost always show my top

but rarely my bottom


hope your sunday has had some sin

that your monday start on the right side of the bed

remember to check out who else is being sinful

leave comments and retweet

Sinful Sunday

too emo to post on #SinfulSunday :(

just been too emotional

too depressed

not sad, i stop myself from feeling that as much as possible

mostly feeling overwhelmed

no safe zone

in need of aftercare without any of the bdsm pleasure

feeling very much like the universe is using me for hardcore sm challenge

i want the fun, the pleasure, the normal struggles in life

just too overwhelmed

got to spend time with TinMan yesterday

that helped and that hurt

so easy to slip into the past and hate my ex husband for stealing my life

each day i have to fight the depression that says i should be in a partnership

that my bed shouldnt be half empty

that my house shouldnt be so caotic

that my life shouldnt be so stressed

that my eldest shouldnt yell at me, saying he isnt my boyfriend… there by meaning he feels he shouldnt have so many responsibilities

i want less stress and more cooperation

more fun, less mental abuse

my son is now 18

i have been treating him like an adult for the last year

trying to train him what the real world is like

he sees me as a petty tyrant

is incapable of helping

i am his maid, his slave… cinderella with no dress, no ball, no prince charming and no fairy godmother

but i am the problem (in his eyes)

people tell me i need a vacation

that wont help

i need control over my life

but i cant seem to get that

every time i come close something comes along and cuts me down

i’m tired of being strong

i’m tired of getting abuse when trying to do my job as a mom

i’m tired of the fighting

i’m tired of being alone… as in having a wealth of friends i never to rarely see, who live their lives without me

i am tired of reminding myself not to be jealous of the happiness of others

i’m tired of people saying i need a shrink when what i NEED is a job, steady income, improved health, less stress, more friends nearby, normalcy and better language skills to cope with living in a different country

tired of not being me

i want to laugh, go to parties, host parties, go camping, go to the movies, go out for drinks, go to music events

i want a garden with beautiful plants and to have people over for a bbq

so tired of having no interest in anything because i cant afford to spend energy on wishing for what i want and knowing i wont have it

i dont want to be strong any more

i want someone to help take the weight of the world off my shoulders because i keep trying to put it down, the stuff i shouldnt be carrying but it seems magnetized and flies right back at me

feeling so lost

ok i have cried

i have vented my soul

time to go back and be strong

be what everyone seems to think i am

so here

a pic for you to oo and ah over

forgetting my words and emo crap


cant go wrong with toes, sole, nipple and rounded nipples

hope your monday is less emotionally charged than mine


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