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I’ve got my eye on you #sinfulsunday

I felt inspired tonight

A touch of magic

A hint of darkness

Sinful Sunday is all about the image

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Sinful Sunday

2nd day of x-mass #NSFW

sorry my lovelies

no turtle doves either

but more feathers!

i loved looking over my images and seeing one that reminded me of the way to describe a large breasted woman

“she had HUGE tracks of land”

living in the french country side can have some advantages

you see the world in various colors, tones, shades and textures

i love when you have a parcel of land with one sort of crop growing and in the next area over the earth has recently been tilled

or watching the sky cast shadows over an otherwise sunny field.. that one puffy cloud or collection of small clouds sweeping past

so i found it amusing that an image, taken from below, was able to capture this feeling…

i present to you

my “huge tracks of land”

IMG_6704 a

tread lightly for my breasts are tender these days

lacking hands to massage them and help me relax

1st day of x-mass #NSFW

SORRY no partridge in a pear tree

but we have feathers

that has to count for something

IMG_6686 a

follow me as i count down to the new year

following the 12 days of x-mass and continuing on through till new years

my goal is to forget how much i hate the holidays

add some smutt and fun to our lives

and keep myself posting

i hope you enjoy and find your own pleasures to keep you smiling as the 2015 year comes to an end

lots of love



day 2 the mask i wear

this is another image from the bunch i took the other night

i love how my skull seems elongated due to the angle

IMG_4423 a

i will take more pictures tomorrow

and see what other mischief i can come up with

can’t wait to see what you think as i ramp up to halloween

All Dressed up No place to go #Sinfulsunday

it is sunday again and that means the image is the key

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Sinful Sunday
today i am being sinful and posting a picture from earlier in the week
it seems that france is starting to have more halloween ideas
they want to play dress up too
so i bought a few things for the kids
and i saw a cute mask for me
to add to my collection of feathers and lace i bought years ago
i miss london
the madness and the people
soon i will be back
for the sexpo and to see some dear friends
hopefully some fun sales too
i want more sexy outfits
i want more occasions to wear them!!
my birthday is this week
but i am all dressed up and nowhere to go
not until november
i hate waiting
i am only posting one picture today
IMG_4496 a
i think i will pose for more
using different masks to create a new look
why not post one a day for the rest of october
enjoy some halloween fun

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