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reply to fetlife venting/statement … how “a certain body type is not a fetish”

People upset me

as I am often repeating this, I am sure you are aware of this fact and I know at some point I will feel forced to say it again…

tonight is another .. “oh look what fetlife has to share with me” sort of email situation

and unlike other times this has happened I will not be posting the entire message that has me in a snit

the reason for not posting it all is out of respect to the personal history stated in the “example” parts of the message/venting/rant/opinion?

While some parts are easy for me to agree with, other areas ruffle my feathers and though it may seem I am tailoring this blog to my opinions… ok well I am but I am not doing so to be “right”

my blog, my thoughts.. simple

you can agree, disagree or be neutral .. but that’s on you based off who you are and your experiences..

so here goes….

Loving a certain body type is not a fetish.

Definition of a fetish: a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc.

Men who like BBW are considered freaks. The hatred I have seen for these men has left me taken aback. They are treated as deviants. As women, we are treated lower than human. Fat shaming is one of the most social acceptable for of abuse.

Fat doesn’t equal evil. Fat doesn’t equal deviance. Fat isn’t a fetish. Fat isn’t abnormal. Fat isn’t an inanimate object. Fat doesn’t make a person good or bad. Fat doesn’t mean lazy. Fat doesn’t equal bad health.

Everyone eats. There is nothing wrong with enjoying eating if you are fat. Everyone needs a certain amount of calories each day.

My point of writing this is…just because a man is attracted to you it doesn’t mean it’s a fetish. I have thought that for a long time. I know there are other’s who think an athletic man or any man for that matter has to have something wrong with him in order to like a plus size woman. It’s not fair to them. It’s not fair to us. You are not a fetish and he doesn’t see you as a fetish. You are not abnormal. He is not abnormal. Don’t take on the warped ideas of modern society. It wasn’t only this way. Instead, undo the propaganda.

He sees a woman. That is all. You are a woman and that’s all that matters.

Ok so here is what I had to reply

the brain is wired to … x… = fetish

for me pony play gets me excited purely from a photography stand point

it does nothing fetish wise for me

some people like feet, others like smoking…

but yes there are people who want to feed/be fed or prefer larger sizes/fat in general…

for them it is a fetish

they are part of a feeder/fat fetish community

i recently met a guy in that community and i have met a lot of people over the years…

i know the intensity a fetish can bring out in someone and how to tell a genuine fetish vs liking something a lot…

fat was very much a fetish for him, to an extent with humiliation play but that was purely a side thing

i have met men with a fetish for shrinking or being shrunk

met two guys who wanted to be eaten (one in europe, other in the states)..

not 100% eaten but damn near

one of the guys wanted me to tie him up, treat him like a pig (literally) with an apple in his mouth and go through the motions of eating him with as much physical contact as possible and have the same meal on the plate so as to make it more real

one guy i know cant cum at all if he doesn’t hear the sound of a woman taking a piss

pyromania is often linked to masturbation/sexual feelings

but those things don’t fit in with the definition of fetish that is listed in this post

my problem with the definitions of “what is” or “is not” … they are written by humans who have yet to become omnipotent .. thus anything that was a certain idea 10, 15, 20 yrs ago may no longer apply now and will certainly change in the future

if you don’t believe me, just look at how music has branched off over the years or if you want to keep it strictly sexual look at alllllll the new fetishes/terms/groups that didn’t exist 20 years ago

how we look at people, how we treat them is often based on what society deems important at any given time..

take deodorant.. people started using it en mass because advertisement started and a shaming campaign was created that you were not part of the in crowd etc if you had (naturally occurring) b.o.

we all have to treat ourselves better and best way to do that is to stop the hate spread by media/marketing… shaming of any one/kind needs to stop

i learned at a young age… people (as a whole) suck, individuals are awesome

i also learned at a very young… there is nothing wrong with me/you for being different than the “norm”, you cant force people to wake up and see you for you… you can only offer your best and move on when they stay in the trap of what society thinks is important/beautiful and refusing to think for themselves

but this is my opinion

take it, leave it, ignore it…

many hugs


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