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    May 2021
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day 20 #FebPhotoFest

more and more i find myself lost in dreams

waiting for spring

wanting the sun

wearing summer dresses

laying in bed

daydreaming of adventures to come

exploring the forest

walking through fields

picnics by the lake

coffee licked off your lips

a hand slipped up my thigh

higher and higher

my dress fluttering in the breeze

lost in my dreams

in reality i lay on my bed

wishing for the warmth

to watch that warmth color your cheeks

your eyes on my chest

seeing me pull loose the strings at my chest

IMG_1338 a

ah how i day dream

of kisses

your hands on me

sensual spring

IMG_1348 a

till then i have my bed

my dress

my dreams


make love to me in the smallest of ways

right now i would love to sit in your lap
my dress high around my thighs
your cock pulled out of your pants and sliding into me
my back to your chest
your arms around me
your face in my hair
and me gently rocking my hips to seduce you
slowly making love to you
getting you harder as you feel me get wetter
reaching down and caressing your balls

i want you to make love to me
taking your time
not because you love me
not because you need me
just because we can do this
because we can enjoy it
because we are here and now

no hard fast fuck before someone sees us
no dirty little slut play
no forgetting that i have needs too


time for a shower #SinfulSunday

Sinful Sunday

From where I sit, the clock has rolled over and it is now 3am

For some of you in the world, it has been Saint Patrick ’s Day for hours and for others of my friends, you still have a long way to go before Saturday turns into Sunday

The night has always been a comfort to me

Seducing my body with the comforting shadows

Offering a chance for my dreams to become reality

To interest me in a fantasy

Tonight is no different

Bringing my left hand to my face, I still smell my cum on my fingers and I wish you were here to wash them clean

First with your tongue and later in the shower

Sadly you are not here and I am alone… like always

Come Monday morning that will change… at least for a few hours

I have ordered you to be ready for me



I want the door left slightly open so you can hear my heels click as I walk up the path

I want you on your knees like the good dog you are

Waiting to wrap yourself around my feet and show how you have missed me

I am seeing it in my mind, remembering past days together… and nights

Having you slip off my heeled boots

Help strip me naked and head to the shower

I love the feel of your body under the water

I find it funny that you are so gentle when you apply soap to my skin

As if I was a gentle flower

This time I am planning something different

I know you have this stool for the shower and this time I will use it

I want to sit you down under the water

Climb in your lap and slowly frustrate you

You are so much fun to tease and seduce

Your breathing becomes fast like the dog you pretend to be

Your body out of your control as I excite you

Taking in the pleasure I give you like it was a drug

I love that you are addicted to me

I am going to love sitting on your lap

Wet from the water

Wet from you

Taking my time to soap your body, at least the parts I can reach…

I might have to turn around to clean your legs

So many possibilities

Mmm what a pleasant thought to have before falling asleep

Monday can’t come soon enough


Another night in an empty bed

note: just wistfully thinking of my Major, tormenting myself with what i know i cant have, it isnt that i am obsessed but more that i really am a hopeless romantic 

i wish your arms were wrapped around me
that your kiss had been left softly down my skin

i wish it was your breath blowing across my neck
your words whispered with care across my cheek

i wish it was your fingers entwined in mine
keeping me that much closer to you

i wish it was your chest i rest against
your heart beating hard on my naked back

i wish it was your warmth that soothed my body
your love that warmed my soul

i wish it was you tonight
instead of this pillow that i hold

Empty bed

written one month ago

note: read this one on stage at the Erotic Meet (eroticmeet.net) Soho Social, i was so nervous, will blog about that later lol

It’s just a bed.

Wooden frame holding in place a firm mattress, pillows and the covers left in a tangle from last night’s dreaming.

The sheets are cold, the mattress doesn’t have the imprint of your form and no where can I find your scent.

Slowly, climbing into the bed, I savor the sweet twinge of pain that my bed has never known you…

Fluffing up the pillows, smoothing out the sheets and I pull them slowly over my naked body.

Enjoying the harshness of the cold as it slides over my skin, holding in the tears, knowing it is another night alone.

Once again the sun has set, darkness has come to greet me and laying there even the sandman avoids my eyes.

Getting up to put some music on, I realize how cold the air around me is, shivering I return to my spot in the bed.

Music, my only company, I climb back into bed and wrap the covers up to my chin, searching for any warmth but knowing you have never left any.

Dragging pillows from every corner of the bed and making a nest around me, trying to fool myself into feeling you next to me.

The music washes over me, caressing my mind in ways I wish your voice would seduce my ears.

Slowly the bed warms from the heat of my body, with you here I know it would warm all the faster.

Thinking of the many ways we could heat the bed, I feel a spark of passion and wetness steals over me.

Last night I thought of you…

What it would be like in your strong arms, my head on your chest, running my fingers along your shoulder and down your arm as I hold you.

Last night I thought of how you would wake in the morning and kiss me tenderly, running your large hands over my face and teasing away the sleep from my body.

Last night I thought of you slowly, nervously testing my body, unsure of what you are allowed to do with me.

Last night I thought of taking your hands in mine and teaching you my body, how to cup my breasts and pinch my nipples in such a way that I arch my back and whimper for more.

Thinking of guiding your hands over my thighs, cupping my ass and pulling my body closer to you and feeling you getting excited with every touch…

Wanting to half climb over you and run my tongue along your lips, my hand on your face and watching you as you hold still for me.

Watching you waiting to know what to do, what will come next, not sure to take control and if so will I let you keep it…

Sliding my tongue into your mouth and kissing you tenderly, slowly, teasing and closing my eyes.

Drifting off to sleep, the music playing and the feel of the pillow I hold, as I dream of you.

The night rolls on, like the tears that roll down my cheeks, knowing I will never have you…


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